Tracking China's Rare Golden Snub-Nose Monkey

ABC's Gloria Riviera goes on the hunt for these elusive marsupials, seldom seen in the wild.
3:00 | 06/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tracking China's Rare Golden Snub-Nose Monkey
Monkey see monkey do but in this case monkey definitely has no nose look into the faces of China's golden snub nosed monkeys. -- may be surprised to find one prominent feature completely -- saying. The species is one of China's best kept secrets in the elusive primates have such limited contact with humans that they I'm even afraid of our correspondent. Tonight ABC's Gloria Riviera takes -- high into the treetops to meet -- -- It's just -- Allen in sun Yung-Jan and bass milk milk Blair needs yours you know -- mountains in China. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're clicking through one of China's most extraordinary. And rare animals we know it's not the panda. This one may just be eating shooter and at the same time a little stranger. Filmed by National Geographic for the series why -- China. Tacoma extend nosed -- -- only founding China and seldom seen that strange missing nose and possibly you know. Pollution -- retreat to survive passed by. I'm extinction and he'd been given a unique opportunity to trying to meet a monkey eats. For example the united and I says it may be our lucky day he spots -- in the treetops. The Chinese Government -- -- protected but these animals. Payments when his nineteen. Could almost not only been -- outside China and tourists can't come here. These monkeys are still elusive the world just doesn't know a lot about them not even how many there really aren't. Think students every ruining his honestly it's a hard time for the monkeys but. -- -- -- -- It will all be worth -- if we get even at the Ritz. But just when I realized I lost the guy. It's -- powerful crystal real. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These guys can get. Angry and defensive. Hungary is not going to -- the intrusion. Suddenly he sees me. -- and Eric's. The -- sixteen to speak. -- -- -- -- -- City saying -- Haven't seen you -- here app. -- -- Sure enough space is would be resettled sheet are taking these people -- important. -- -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- and but just you're really starting to make -- connection -- over. I guess he's just not that into me. Let me and it didn't work as soon -- it'll definitely. Yeah yeah. Break down to the latest outrageously. Adorable addition. Females only have one -- every two to three years. This that close Obama for at least a year it's. Like. They are curious. -- painful -- a little bit. Not -- I appeal is afraid of humans these guys you know treat them like me. At times exactly like any -- -- -- -- -- -- -- their home -- like you -- but it's still protected and something just in time. Massive deforestation. In China forced them into higher altitudes where freezing temperatures killed many. They were also hunted for their bones believed in Chinese medicine to ward off rheumatism. The Chinese Government -- hurting them in nineteen him time -- reserves like this what safeguard against it. -- protestors say more needs to be done it. For now here right this is a little bit -- just getting ready to take some advice snaps when -- -- his tree for my -- As if to say hey. I still want to play. This -- -- when you get it. And it's sad to say for Nightline Gloria Riviera in -- young Jack. Monkeying around. Wild China airs this Sunday June 30 on Nat geo wild.

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{"id":19490178,"title":"Tracking China's Rare Golden Snub-Nose Monkey","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Gloria Riviera goes on the hunt for these elusive marsupials, seldom seen in the wild.","url":"/Nightline/video/tracking-chinas-rare-golden-snub-nose-monkey-19490178","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}