Tracking Down the Woman Behind Dying Daughter Hoax

Part 2: Hope Jackson might have continued her ruse if law enforcement hadn't gotten involved.
4:47 | 11/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tracking Down the Woman Behind Dying Daughter Hoax
Douglas, wyoming, hometown of the jackalope, a jack rabbit with antlers. In reality there is no such thing. This quiet western town is home to a fictitious creature, an internet hoaxer, pedaling a phony sob story about an 8-year-old daughter dying from cancer. She fooled brad, and kim paisley and celebrities. Hope jackson had gotten away with it for years. It wasn't lickke I want to hurt people. It's hard to believe but true. May have kept going. If not for an intervention. That's kevin lovewell, the law man who tracked her done to a specific addressen douglas. Right where the gps markers on the digital images said she would be. Hotel le bobby. This is where she was staying? Tracked her to here? Tracked to her here. Upstairs in room 205. When he confronted she didn't deny it. Easiest confession I probably ever got. This is an audio tape of one of her first interviews with police. I had no idea he was going to follow me. I never asked. Though it is fraud. It can be ditch cult to prosecute fom one for misrepresenting themselves on line. In hope jackson any case she made one crucial mistake. She did take something of monetary value. Brad pays low's sopaisley's song. Amazing grace. The performance has value. Because the it was brad paisley singing amazing grace, turns out it was worth a lot. 5,000 or more the a felony. Pled guilty to theft of service and served jail time. Al capone caught on tax evasion. Reporter: Now she is out on probati probation. I am horribly sorry for all of the people that I hurt. Hope jackson told us for her money was never the object. What did you get out of it. Just that moment of being special. And that's all it was. A voice on the otherened end of the phone. At that moment you feel like nothing else matters. It does seem like depression is a big part of her life. Reporter: We asked psychiatrist dr. Mark feldman to watch her enterview. Hope jackson is not his patient. But he has seen this type of behavior many times before. In fact he was the first to die diagnosis, munchausen by internet. What are symptoms? Refers to any bed who goes on line, feigns or xaj rated some kind of medical or psychological illness because they're after sympathy. Reporter: To hear hope

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Part 2: Hope Jackson might have continued her ruse if law enforcement hadn't gotten involved.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"20811910","title":"Tracking Down the Woman Behind Dying Daughter Hoax","url":"/Nightline/video/tracking-woman-dying-daughter-hoax-20811910"}