Trapped Cruise Ship Blinded by Blizzard in Antarctic

Stranded crew members and passengers are waiting to be freed by icebreaker ships.
3:00 | 12/27/13

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Transcript for Trapped Cruise Ship Blinded by Blizzard in Antarctic
If you're in this sort of thing that trip to Antarctica retracing that trail and early twentieth century explorer would -- -- -- thrilling and -- adventure. That wasn't supposed to be this -- -- or this thrilling. 74 modern day explorers now want to ship facing the sort of perils haven't changed much with time caught in a deep freeze literally. ABC's you -- need as has the story of the real time rescue effort. It's not everyone's idea of -- winter cruise 74 people stranded in the Antarctic ice on a ship waiting for days to be rescued. But that's. Hasn't benefited also take decades that was arrived at by sea ice we just -- in a group. But with ice breaking ship like this one rushing through frozen -- to reach them. This group of explorers and tourists seem to be relishing every moment of their crews turned misadventure. -- -- First tourney is leading the expedition that set off on December rate just -- I just. Eight from the southern tip of New Zealand sailing through some of the world's roughest waters. To a frozen continent. We have wind speeds -- average of fifty kilometers. Reaching -- excess of seventy kilometers an hour. Their mission is to retrace the route of early twentieth century explored Douglas -- Who charted this part of Antarctica a hundred years ago it said the lowest. Focus -- it exploded -- to say odds. How we've just got -- an aggressive -- five days into the trip. -- -- Resentments by the defense team and not getting -- that's funny yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. The voyage was going according to plan. We really struck a sea ice we asked to head south about sixty -- -- This. Ramshackle hut is left over from Olson's time British Canadian and small since her son -- nearing containment. The cold has preserve the artifacts from a century ago. He's remained living community. The goal of the new expedition was to re -- many of Boston's original experiment to measure how the climate has changed over the past century. Still -- yeah. -- -- -- -- Food preparation -- at first tourney -- his shipmates were blessed by unusually good weather. In one of the -- -- places on earth they made it off the Antarctic coast and into commonwealth day. But on Christmas Eve conditions turned ugly. -- -- -- -- This shouldn't have found himself trapped in the ice. -- joining us on Skype from that weather nightmare you are battling really unpredictable weather conditions are betting odds -- it is a misconception having him that -- -- -- plays -- price -- but look at that whoever -- -- And they -- it was all by Davis that precious is that just slot and then suddenly about Santa that libraries is we certainly -- strong easterly winds and and to -- it. -- decision a -- is a great -- we needed it said -- now let's do that helped get us out again. And and -- and. The team has been chronicling the journey on social media. Capturing those dramatic -- seventy kilometers an hour. For members of this expedition it was a Christmas Day like no other. But they were determined not to let a little for a lot of ice and wind -- in the holiday spirit assault was wonderful. Pictures of that Christmas tree and in a true winter wonderland. Yeah and Jason it is -- idea just -- gets other good -- -- think -- a professor attorney is keeping morale high but he knows that when these extreme troops go bad. They don't always and will. It constantly -- keeping an eye on that big name products of conditions and saying -- -- -- in just. Read -- to ship bite redistribute some that they fueled a bulletin about us. Just to make -- -- level. I can change any amendments they've put it faced initial bout of friends and buddies while -- in -- -- -- it was -- footage is getting -- -- not once again I'd. In 2007. Canadian cruise ship explorer struck ice and sank off the coast of Antarctica. A 154. Passengers and crew were left stranded in lifeboats. Until they could be rescued by a passing cruise ship. The passengers aboard the Australian Antarctic expedition had no illusions about this being a tropical cruise but. Ads in just spoke to -- -- straight to -- so we astronaut. And I sounds like it IBM makes itself did it already big but a culprit 24 -- daylight had. There's a Chinese -- following up very shortly behind doubts about gold studded jacket bad wheels administrative that's still below -- stars which is voted -- sold about a -- not sent except it's amazing it's -- effort to -- -- -- helping to get us out. Meanwhile extreme weather could make any rescue effort lengthy and difficult -- -- strong -- and prison time conditions. Say that's something we're very have to wait and saints who learns lessons of Iraq it helps that the passengers all know there is ample food on board seven weeks worth. And enormous ice breaking ships are getting closer by the hour. Just a short while ago we had on the -- from the giant needs an icebreaker vessels down jacket and lives. But the fact is it's a sea ice -- about twenty -- -- -- -- -- now. No way the -- -- -- -- in the sea ice. And they know they will have one great adventure story waiting to be told when they make it back home. For Nightline I'm GO Benitez in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Stranded crew members and passengers are waiting to be freed by icebreaker ships.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"21344915","title":"Trapped Cruise Ship Blinded by Blizzard in Antarctic","url":"/Nightline/video/trapped-cruise-ship-blinded-blizzard-antarctic-21344915"}