Trucker Calls Cops to Bust Underage Prostitution

Part 4 of 2008 "Primetime": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into prostitution.
5:50 | 05/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trucker Calls Cops to Bust Underage Prostitution
78 had back. After that and in a truck stop Michigan's busy interstate 94. The truck driver notices what appears to be to underage prostitutes at work. Instead of driving -- 911. Three. Right -- -- -- -- came around 3 in the morning. Soon -- of Daniel -- officers are on the scene. That's. Not uncommon. Public -- here before. They come up from the Toledo area. Police approached the truck -- Kimberly in the older prostitute regarding her Kashmir. Hold up its China hide me a little bit. And then when they found. Her and then Kelly so -- -- And thank you to -- -- -- who -- when. -- -- -- had identification the truck driver and one of the females. Who was an adult billet who didn't have identification. Gave. A false identity false name in. Date of -- -- lies to the police because she's terrified about what her pimp lurking nearby -- might do to her or her cousin if she tells the truth. And remember he's drilled -- to give. -- information. They're not going to tell you their juvenile obstacle to give you fake names I -- you try to put yourself in the situation say I'm desperate I wanna get out the first thing I would do is say you know. I'm really fourteen. Help me they know the consequences. And they are scared to death. And -- you know. Look like I was scared me because terrified I kept -- -- -- and south -- and it really look at them for anything -- -- -- -- -- -- -- could you know. Police are able to get Kimberly -- they realized something is terribly wrong. So -- like while you're free to go home. -- that that attack. And I kept me. Once they blow up. She told us that she was much younger and gave us her real name which we ran. Through the computer and found out. That she was missing out of Toledo Ohio. Had been rescued. Police rushed -- to the nearest hospital. But all she could think about -- her fourteen year old -- in Carrollton who was still a captive. And being held in a separate truck. I hope I you know what's happening to me and I know. Pinochet's -- okay. Hysterical for the first time I was able to cry. In for the first time in nearly ten days Kim -- mother finds her daughter. Is still alive. -- The past day commitment. That. The girls had been kidnapped. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Band that they have -- forest. -- -- -- -- remove anything. Father David -- ninety minute drive to Michigan Kimberly was treated at the hospital I took a whole lot of -- you know to make sure I wasn't. If I got pregnant you know it's -- If farm I had any sexually transmitted diseases could be wiped out before then then -- name and -- him and into the lane. She's unkind -- I'm so sorry that happens. I remember -- -- commanders that hospital room. All my. Kill us both happy and -- Serpo I was a static I have my daughter -- inches and one. -- -- -- In fact her niece Caroline still being held by the -- who has fled the truck stop and who police believe is heading back to his home base in Ohio. Officers rushed to alert Toledo police. Meanwhile Stephanie and David raced back to Toledo with Kimberly in the back seat. Frantic to find Carol. But how. Kimberly remembers the name of -- they were killed. The only brick house on the block. They find it with Carol sneakers outside. In Carroll's father calls 911. What are located. But -- Arnold who. Wrote cargo hold it doubting if it hit me. The outrage that he diversity and get excited -- -- -- we are. -- forty agonizing minutes they sit in the car leading. Still milk police now Kimberly his mother calls nine -- I -- we -- -- about a kidnapping women that ethnic. How -- it it it all -- commitment that we haven't had a brilliant -- even pay that back. Okay -- might need of the hour I know that I have been happy that the kid they actually get physically. I hope that the Fed can help but be checking -- -- about it that we did that pretty -- that right now. And please -- you know it's low priority we can't send anyone out right now. And once Falco heard that he went into its -- katic -- Bahraini just. Great to house. And so I grabbed the phone and chasing after my brother. I caught the place again -- my way up to house saying this a serious. And one. -- and -- and. We need to place here now wait Colleen and working my knees. But others -- -- that door. Give me my daughter -- my daughter.

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{"id":19153084,"title":"Trucker Calls Cops to Bust Underage Prostitution","duration":"5:50","description":"Part 4 of 2008 \"Primetime\": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into prostitution.","url":"/Nightline/video/trucker-calls-cops-bust-underage-prostitution-19153084","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}