Trump Calls Unsubstantiated Russia Allegations 'Nonsense'

At his first press conference in six months, the president-elect bashed media reports that the Russian government had compromising details on him.
8:03 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Trump Calls Unsubstantiated Russia Allegations 'Nonsense'
Donald Trump staying true to form in his highly anticipated first ever press conference as president elect. Our rating reporters cracking jokes and promising sweeping reforms and prosperity. While he finally acknowledged that he believes Russia is behind the DNC hacking. He took allegations about ties to the Kremlin assuring the American people that no foreign power has any power over him. She's asking a question don't spirits. Don't be rude. He was his first press conference in nearly six months his first as president elect and the first topic was impressive sell thank you very much it's very familiar territory news conference as we step giving them because we are getting quite a bit of an accurate news it's Donald Trump wasting no time pointing out who please tip of their work. Some news organizations that were so professional. And that I've just gone up a notch as to what I think OK and who did not buzz feed which is a failing. Pilot garbage. This source of trust Gary buzz feed published an explosive but unsubstantiated. Report claiming that the Russian government had compromising personal deet tails on Donald Trump. From a 2013 trip to Moscow which could be used for blackmail. It's all fake news it's phony stuff. It didn't happen it was a group of opponents who got together sick people. And they put that crap together. Straight out of a spy novel the report was prepared by former British intelligence agent working for anti trumped political operatives in the unverified report had been circulating in Washington and landed on senator John McCain's desk. I looked at it. Decide this a matter for the FBI gave it to the FBI saying the claims are too serious to ignore. The FBI has been investigating since before the election but major flaws of RD been uncovered. And trump has strongly denied all of it saying he knows how to avoid Russia's spy tree. I was in Russia years ago with the miss universe contest which did very well Moscow the Moscow where I told many people. Be careful. Because you don't wanna see itself and television cameras all over the place and again not just Russia all over. Does anyone really believe that Stiller and I'm also very much of a germ of filed by the way. Believe me. Major mainstream news organizations including ABC news chose not to publish the entire unsubstantiated report. However it didn't protect CNN from Trump's rafts but you know organizations are making our news organization. Yeah Canada got questions are guys are you are naked circle some fireworks. Unbelievable I mean to see a present elect to the United States call out a news organization you see anything like oh. It was a one hour or wild press conference like we've never seen before but it was classic Donald Trump. Sad parting trump the president from the vast global empire bearing his name was supposed to be fun center just nine days before his inauguration people have learned a lot about my company. And now they realize my company is much bigger. Much more powerful than they ever thought well it's technically legal for him to retain controlled his vast holdings around the world. There have been widespread concerns about conflict of interest. I understand they don't want president's getting tangled up in minutia they want a president to run the country. So I could actually run my business I could actually run my business and run government at the same time but be the only one they'll be able to do that. Instead he says he's turning the company over to his sons Donald junior and Eric offering this mountain of signed documents as evidence I hope at the end of eight years I'll come back and I'll say oh you did a good job. Otherwise if they do a bad job I'll say. You're fired. I think the one Gary T we have. There will always be a proper and it always gets it as well since so much of today's press conference with about comes business dealings were gonna go down home and talk competitor this. Not found the I RE no. The ethics experts are looking at this saying it didn't go far enough most of them believe that Donald Trump as difficult as it might have banned it still should have divested in sold all of his business interests because not blind trust he can't -- know that he owns all these properties or that his son's. Are managing them rate. Money is going to come up by the U like it or not. He mentioned. The press conference that somebody approached him over the weekend for a two billion dollar deal and I turned it down I didn't have to turn it. But you can see hell as president of the United States. Involved in an organization that has assets in more than eighteen countries how many potential conflicts of interest exist here. From a financial perspective today's press conference raise more questions in advance. There was a lot of show there were stacks full of paper but they didn't take any of the steps that they need to take. To really show that they're addressing conflicts of interest in a meaningful way. The president elect isn't the only trump with potential conflicts of interest in this sample some of our collections. His daughter eve vodka announcing she is leaving the Trump Organization stepping away from her fashion and apparel brand and moving to Washington. In a statement she says I plan to take time to settle or three young children into their new home and schools. However he bought the trans husband Jared Kushner is taking a role as a senior advisor to her father. The president. There are so many potential ethics issues arising at the same time. That it's hard for groups like us and members of congress and the press to keep track of all of them. On Capitol Hill to contentious confirmation hearings continued in one room senator Jeff Sessions the candidate for attorney general senator sessions has not demonstrated a commitment. To a central worked requisite off the job to aggressively pursue the congressional mandate of civil rights. Equal rights and justice for all apart citizens. In an historic move a sitting senator Cory Booker. Even testifying against his senate colleague in the choice between standing with senate norms or standing up. For what my conscience tells me is best for our country. I will always choose conscience and country. In the next room former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson now candidate for secretary of state. He could be the nation's next top diplomat this person's previous business ties to Russia in relationship with Vladimir Putin are raising some serious concern and what do you pavement and if you close brush up critics say your relationship with the and it's going to be a problem. We're gonna have a hearing and a few minutes. Russia dominating the news cycle in Washington and that the one hour presser at trump towers in New York. But for the first time trump agreeing with US intelligence agencies that Russia was indeed behind the DNC hack this summer. As far as hacking I think it was Russian. If you indeed do believe that Russia was behind the hacking what is your message to Vladimir Putin right now. He shouldn't be doing it he won't be doing it Russia will have much greater respect. For our country. When I'm leading it then went other people have let it as for the idea that who wanted to tilt the election towards a trump victory if wooten. Likes Donald Trump. Guess what folks that's called an asset not a liability in between the fireworks in what little time was laughed the president elect doubling down on the big issues that carried him to the White House. Our trade deals are a disaster we're going to build a wall. We're going to have a health care that is far. Less expensive. And far better all intrude trumped fashion light on specifics. Heavy on hyperbole I will be. The greatest jobs producer that got ever created and I mean that.

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{"duration":"8:03","description":"At his first press conference in six months, the president-elect bashed media reports that the Russian government had compromising details on him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"44726268","title":"Trump Calls Unsubstantiated Russia Allegations 'Nonsense' ","url":"/Nightline/video/trump-calls-unsubstantiated-russia-allegations-nonsense-44726268"}