U.S. Soldier Has Survived 7 Bomb Attacks, Still Serving

Chad Joiner just wants to return to his childhood sweetheart and their daughter, his "angel."
3:00 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for U.S. Soldier Has Survived 7 Bomb Attacks, Still Serving
Everyone and thanks for joining us on our Independence Day -- holiday when we mark our freedom. And honor the troops were fighting to preserve it as the draw down in Afghanistan the longest war America has waged continues. Today we're gonna meet a man who joined the army -- day after September 11 2001 -- husband. A father a staff sergeant and a man amazingly. Still on the front lines despite repeatedly. Cheating death. Here's ABC's Mohammed -- -- flying on a Blackhawk helicopter tour remote part of eastern Afghanistan. -- -- bullets a response to the Taliban and shooting at us down below. We've come here to tell the story of the last Americans fighting -- longest American war. Meet staff Sargent Chad Joyner -- shouldn't be here. Not on this patrol -- in Afghanistan in fact he shouldn't even be alive. Reuter has survived not one that -- to but separate roadside bombs like these. Deadly weapons that have claimed nearly 2500. American lives and injured thousands more in -- -- and Afghanistan. Through you know the normal person it's. It's mind blowing people -- understand it. I think they're really into independent picture of what it's like. It's shake your whole body in shape into the core -- You feel them. The -- whatever the reason -- miraculously. Is still alive. God has a plan for me there's there's an obvious reason why -- here. -- I don't know. A 100% with that reason is but he obviously has something in store for me. We went along with sergeant joined her on one more mission. The -- begins with an early morning briefing loading up twenty vehicle convoy for a -- patrol into the scorching Afghan side. The mission to find and remove all roadside bombs from this the most dangerous highway in -- country connecting the capital Kabul with -- -- or the birthplace of the Taliban as American forces continue to pull out of the country. Thousands will -- this highway to get home. It's going to be triangular formulation -- riding shotgun Sargent Joyner. That's right the man who survived seven IED's. Is out with those looking for more so what's the first thing I need to know right here on. Hear -- -- in the ground that is the very thing you know. -- but still it. As we crossed the wire try to yelled from the base we -- the Taliban could be lurking anywhere. What are you keep the united we're here is for driving along the biggest threat we ever hear Colbert -- elect -- have played by the pretty big festival for -- -- they had. Outside all the -- us littering the highway the wreckage of suicide car bombs. At first you might think Sargent Joyner is crazy you know some kind of adrenaline junkie with a death wish. But the more we get to know him the -- you realize she is a boat as normal as you can dance I totally group a small town America. His hometown. Cody -- kill me. Population. Just 101000. It's the kind of place you'll still find it old fashioned parade on July 4. Complete with proud American flags waving in the wind. I love. How everybody knows everybody. And it it's just a great home feeling just after the 9/11 attacks -- signed up for the army. And over his next three deployments -- -- rocker who true. Over at night he. He was featured in this American forces network video after he drove over an IED elected with a brain injury so serious. He couldn't even write his own -- -- spent six months in rehab his wife and high school sweetheart Kelly by his side to the entire time he's a line that has. The silent and -- changes that we don't notice just as he made a full recovery sliced through them different kind of twists yes that's nicely higher asthma -- she's my world. -- Joyner was born three years ago and Chad fell in love once again. She's just a little entertainer in. She's my life she's everything I love the girl with someone -- to live for Chad could've left the army and found a regular job. But he didn't as soon as he could he signed up for a new deployment to Afghanistan -- -- -- -- is the -- And operating I don't wanna lose him mentally I don't want to lose him like that I think -- scared and can actually not coming home. It is coming home and. Back in Afghanistan on the mission that we get a call on the radio. But the -- he didn't want. Robert turnaround. For the bullet hit back -- -- -- -- Is we arrive on the scene other armored vehicles are already here. At the top of the hill police said in a robot to detonate the ball and in a split second. It's enough to -- -- vehicles sky high. And the danger doesn't stop there. Moments later we're patrolling on foot. -- -- -- And making guided. You're not nervous and as the bedrock. We have to synchronize this movement. With soldiers taking aim in the distance and bomb sniffing dogs racing up ahead for -- so far so good. We didn't put it there. That's -- we don't -- -- -- -- -- We've left the armored convoy and soldiers here are checking these fields for explosives and then we're gonna try to enter that village. Before we get there at the captain rushes towards supporting us of -- -- threats. From small arms fire. -- through right now it's like what -- stepped. They want -- everywhere else. We've seen in the idea that we need to know about today. The villagers admit to us that the Taliban sometimes use these fields to plant bombs Richard your time thank you very much and his -- jump back into war convoy a sergeant Joyner is grateful knowing he survived another day his 1120. Ninth -- leaving it a war zone. You know seven selected number do you ever worry about great but. -- -- -- -- The rabbit -- and now. -- And as we drive back to the base all he can think is just one thing. I'm an important dot com Wednesday evening the world continuity. Welcome coming up -- everything about -- and librarians. And and after a ten -- mission. For a brief moment we forget about a war. Yeah singing. All the way back to base. For -- -- wolf publicly in eastern Afghanistan. One of our American heroes thanks to Mohammed -- and to the armed forces for technical assistance. On that story.

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{"id":19583359,"title":"U.S. Soldier Has Survived 7 Bomb Attacks, Still Serving","duration":"3:00","description":"Chad Joiner just wants to return to his childhood sweetheart and their daughter, his \"angel.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/us-soldier-survived-bomb-attacks-serving-19583359","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}