'Veronica Mars' Finds New Life on the Big Screen

Kristen Bell and the original cast from the TV cult favorite got fans to help fund the project.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for 'Veronica Mars' Finds New Life on the Big Screen
The T show "Veronica Mars" was an instant cult classic for the three seasons it stayed on air and it left fans wanting more. A lot more. But what would it take to bring back the actors? Including Kristen bell? Well, here's the math. One passion project on kick starter, one willing cast, 91,000 fans, and $5 million. What does it all add up to? Veronica Mars the movie. Chris Connelly has been followed Kristen bell and company for the past year. I don't really do that anymore. A feature financed by fans via social media. It's unprecedented in Hollywood history. Mars. It's been a year in the making. "Nightline" has been there every step of the way. A girl, a teenager and a private detective. A triple threat. Seven years after its small screen debut, Veronica Mars and its sleuth at center with enjoy an unlikely resurrection. Kristen bell is now the voice of Anna in "Frozen" and the original Veronica Mars cast. I wanted to make the movie since the day our production shut down. Our cast has been stayed very close. We knew everyone was in. Did anyone on your team say it's crazy. You have a flourishing career. You don't have to do this. I do not let them talk to me like that. Second of all, I do not have a flourishing film career. Reporter: Veronica Mars was a perfect fit for the skills of Kristen bell. So much of me is in Veronica. I present a lot sweeter of an exterior than I maybe am thinking all the time. I think a lot of snarky stuff. I just don't always say it because I know better. Reporter: The shows fans known as marshmallows. These old ladies at the mall are like I hate your character. But then I saw the last episode and now I don't know. Reporter: But in may 2007, this seemed like America's last look at Veronica Mars, the final curtain of a show that ran for 64 episodes over three seasons. Oh, my god, Veronica Mars. Just to exist, this new movie needed cutting-edge technology and more than 91,000 fans who paid for the production like this flight attendant. It was something I wanted for so long. I was just excited at the opportunity. Now at the cinematic social media success. One we began following last spring. With Veronica Mars writer, producer and now director. Today is may 29. Where are you right now in terms of production? We're three weeks out from shooting. And nervous. 93 fans are going to be used as extras in the movies. We're trying to coordinate when they're coming in for which scenes. That's something Normal movies don't have to worry about. Normal movies don't do what this leading lady have done. Post videos on the crowd funding website kick starter. Soliciting donations towards the making of course a Veronica Mars movie. Thank you, guys, so much for supporting the kickstarter. Thank you so very, very much. We didn't steal from anyone. We said would you guys want to buy your tickets, like, way in advance? Like maybe two years in advance before we even make the movie? And thankfully they said yes. Each donation level has perks attached. Signed copies of the eventual script, posters, DVD's, even walk-on parts in the movieth E. -- Movie itself. We're happy to do it. One month later, 91,585 donors had given over $5 million. By June, the cast was shooting a 10th year high school reyao union scene. In the background can be found multiple kick starter investors. I would have paid so much more for the experience that I got. It was fabulous. Yet as other famous faces try to crowd fund their pet projects, some say it's wrong for those with industry hook-ups to be taking kickstarter coins. I think this bring answer element of democracy to, you know what we get to see in the movies. Veronica Mars was unique. An established franchise, owned by a company reluctant to green light a film. And a creative team willing to work cheap. Rob said you would have been willing to change your clothes behind trees to make that happen. Yeah, I did. Knowing that if I have to change over for a different scene I would have to drive back to base camp, change my clothesing come back, that's 17 minutes. Versus I go behind a tree and just avert your eyes, pervs, I'm out in 2 1/2. I mean, does logic not speak for itself? Go behind the tree. I had to convince Warner brothers that there was an enthusiasm for it, that there was a fan interest. That enthusiasm was evident at comicon in San Diego. It's surreal that you love their show and then you get to meethem. I'm so excited. I'm shaking. It's crazy. Reporter: The rveronica Mars movie won't be considered a hit unless it attracts a wider audience. But pleasing the marshmallows the most is what everyone wants. The Veronica Mars fans pleasure zone, I'm trying to cater to that. We invested in in each other. It was kind of, Reich, you know, passing a note, do you want to go steady and responding yes and then freaking out. This is important to me. This isn't just another job that I took. I really care about this. I'm Chris Connelly for "Nightline" in Los Angeles. Veronica Mars opens in theatres on Friday.

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{"id":22892440,"title":"'Veronica Mars' Finds New Life on the Big Screen","duration":"3:00","description":"Kristen Bell and the original cast from the TV cult favorite got fans to help fund the project. ","url":"/Nightline/video/veronica-mars-finds-life-big-screen-22892440","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}