Wartime in Syria: The Horror From Both Sides

Part 2: People risk their lives to tell the world what is happening in war-torn Syria.
3:00 | 12/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wartime in Syria: The Horror From Both Sides
As we'd seen the syrian rebels are fighting a brutal dictatorship. Their ranks have been infiltrated by extremists loyal to al qaeda. And so we turn now to stories sent us by syrians inside government held territory caught in the cross nir above the city of latakia. As the final note to the call to prayer that marks each new day echoes through the mountain villages of the pro government region of latakia, extremist opposition fighters were secretly advancing. Funded by al qaeda linked groups based outside syria, it was a coordinated attack on civilians. Sunday morning, august 4, the world was shaken awake. First came the rockets. If teists, they started firing shelling. Gunshots rained down on the village. Then the snipers proudly posted on youtube, these difficult images were filmed by the jihadist fighters themselves. Human rights watch would condemn what they did here as crimes against humanity. Everyone rushed to protect their wives and their whirn. . My husband yelled close the door and hide. I said I swear to god I will go without you. Taking little resistance, they quickly owned the streets and attacked with abandon. A few of the villagers were armed but they were outnumbered and ungunned. When the bullets run out, it's just a stick. My husband saw them coming. He pointed at them. They shot him. After they killed them they mutilated them. They cut them with a knife from here to here. They filmed it on the cell phone. Is there anything more evil than what they did to us? They blocked the street off so nobody could pass. I saw people in front of me being killed. I got everybody out of the car. That was when my baby son was shot in the head. My husband, we couldn't carry him, we couldn't move him, me and my daughters. They dragged me along like a child who couldn't walk. My son is two years old. He was bleeding in my arms. What could a child have possibly done to deserve to die. But at the end of that one day, the jihadist fighters had complete control. It was a systematic slaughter. The men they executed on the spot. Women and children were rounded up and taken away. Anyone left alive and uncaptured were fleeing into the woods. We were being fired at. I swear we were crawling, me and my daughters. Barefoot and half naked. The next morning the army forces launched a counter offensive. It took 13 days to take back the villages. Their homes were desecrated and they found close to 200 dead. Many of the bodies discarded often mutilated and burned. Bashar's son did live. His own son was wounded and both are left with permanent reminders of the vicious attack. We did not bury one, two, or three. There are mass graves and there are still people missing. We don't know if they are alive or dead. Is there anything more evil, more hateful? My daughter and I are suffering. So many families in this conflict don't know what has happened to their loved ones. Are they dead or have they been captured, becoming one of the thousands of people who have disappeared leaving their families in an agonizing no man's land like this one. I always call. Sometimes they answer and hang up. Sometimes they don't answer at all. He is desperate to leave his son. An image that no family wants to see. The video shows the 18-year-old being seized by rebel forces, joining the ranks of thousands of young men who have disappeared on both sides of this conflict. He said I'm going to go fight. We begged him not to. According to them, he only recently joined a pro regime militia group. He's a teenager. You give them a gun and they feel all powerful. And an uncle of risks reaching across the battle lines from a friend seeking opposition. You are my brother with every meaning of the word. If you can help us with this, a favor of a lifetime. But for the family it is hard to hold out hope. I'm afraid there is no negotiating with them. His family has been torn between demands from his alleged captors for money and devastating news that he has been killed. Like so many families of the disappeared, they have no idea what to believe. They, too, are caught in the cross fire. Like our 13-year-old abdullah has had to go into hiding. Extreme islamic factions have taken over the opposition movement. There is no one helping the people of syria, the people in my neighborhood. Every day we have to hide from the snipers and the bombs. And abu, who shot by a sniper had recovered enough recently to revisit the scene of his attack. There is always water between me and the regime army. And this woman who was also hurt in the con flick but continues to share scenes of the war with the world. It's a lost case on both sides. It's bad what happened to syria here.

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{"id":21320413,"title":"Wartime in Syria: The Horror From Both Sides","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: People risk their lives to tell the world what is happening in war-torn Syria.","url":"/Nightline/video/wartime-syria-horror-sides-21320413","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}