Wild Foxes as House Pets?

How anyone with about $8,000 can share their home with a cuddly predator.
3:22 | 03/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wild Foxes as House Pets?
Well you can tell the chimpanzees and boa constrictor is to make way there's -- -- exotic pet town. It's no secret that Americans share -- roof with unusual animals and tonight we explore the fine line between wild untamed. Is it possible to -- the savage out of the beast ABC's Karen Bradley -- discovers what it takes to bring home a fox. -- -- -- -- -- the fox. He loves belly -- playing an amazingly. People. A normal fox would bite -- -- a -- as one of the world's first and only domesticated Fox's. Soon he and others like him will travel -- that we farm in Siberia to a new life with American families as pants. -- the product of an incredible -- experiment. To see these animals for ourselves we travel to the Russian city of -- -- -- with exotic animal -- -- -- and and veterinarian Renee baker. Following this one. When -- and why did not enough they brought the first domesticated fox in the US last year and they're returning to pick up more right how -- you. -- for waltrip the US they're selling for about 8000 dollars and he got that just remember these animals love to dig. Well just like a dog it's not quite fascinating now -- who are trained them to sit. -- They're fetched balls they'll play case review what's at somebody knows they wanna buy a fox what should they know about it before -- -- great pets and animal needs a -- place to run an animal needs to be -- flight -- Atlanta and. But it needs to be trained these animals are com. They're domesticated. But they don't know it's just natural behaviors -- -- they haven't been socialized that's right. That's because they've spent their entire life any -- While -- -- like to be with people they don't know how. Still it's easy to forget that not. -- long ago this was a wild animal -- helped brandy. There's so soft it. It all began when Soviet scientists wanted to study how wolves turned into dogs. They tried to replicate that evolution with Fox's. They selected only the least aggressive foxes for mating. And after just a few generations they observed something incredible these natural hunters became less fearful of humans eventually they began to show affection. These animals are not trained they're now genetically. -- their appearances change to their legs are shorter and some even -- details. You can falsely chronic health watching TV with a fox next to -- wall her true. On this trip they're transporting to Fox's. They're placed in specially designed pages with water and food trays for the long plane right. At the airport they brought some curious -- Pretty soon -- the center of attention in a country where fox is more likely to be a coast than -- had nobody seems to know what they are. So finally after lots of paperwork and a final check from the vets they're on their way headed to a home near you. This fox named RC has been with -- -- for a few months. He's living the life in Florida lazy afternoons on the porch and walks on the beach in the evening. A long way away from that frozen farm in Siberia. For Nightline cures -- -- ABC -- -- disappears Russia.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"How anyone with about $8,000 can share their home with a cuddly predator.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18760822","title":"Wild Foxes as House Pets?","url":"/Nightline/video/wild-foxes-house-pets-18760822"}