Woman who confronted superstar life coach Tony Robbins speaks out

Nanine McCool who appeared in a now-viral clip in which Robbins seemed to dismiss the #MeToo movement said she's "tired of being shamed for having been a victim."
6:26 | 04/10/18

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Transcript for Woman who confronted superstar life coach Tony Robbins speaks out
about here? Say I. Repr: Tony Ros, the self-help gur who famously encourages his clients to walk fire and now being raked over the coals F, after igniting controversy withis comments about women in the workplace. You use the "Me movement to try to get significannd certainty by attacking someone else, all you've D with a D called significance to make yourself feel good. Reporter: Robins Mahe statement last month. Sane arena was packed with attendees.among , ne who questioned what Robbins was proclaiming. I have lot of "Me too" stories, and I'm a survivor. I think it was the "Metoo" movement tgae the courage to speak up. So I was like, to you've got this all wrong. Hink you misunderstand the "Me too" movement. Here's nothing wrong W that, I'm not knocking the "Me too" movt, I'm knockin victimhood. Reporter: But doubles down on "Me" movement. Certainhere are people whre using it for their devices, but there are a signift number of people who using it not to be, to relive whatever move end to them, but to make it safe for young women who - [ applause Reporterobbins invit her to join him, pushing his T, and ING her. Put out yourfist. Why are you pushing back? I didn't tell you to push back. You push someone else, I doesn't make you more saf it just makes them angry. Apparently it'sething he does at a L of his seminars, this push exercise. I didn't KNOE he was going with it. I'm a tall woman. I'm 5'8". When he stepped up to me and looked down onme, triggered because heked angry. Reporter: And the larger than life personality continues I saw someone the other Y, very famous man,inow stressed he sec he interviewed three people day. S a man. Two were men. Theoman wastequalified, but she was very alive and he knew, I can't have her around because it's too big a risk and he hired somebelse. I'ad a dozen men me . Reporter: The founder oe "Me too" movement wrote -- "Me too" movemwrote -- How bad is this for Tony? Thi it's terrible. His career is based two things. One is empathy, the idea that people hire him, G to his meetings and seminars bee he unnds them and he's trying to help them. If you're going to be dismissive and hostile to things THA thousands of people believe, that's bad for yness. Repr:his incident went VI garneringe than 5 million V but nanene said internet notoriety was the last thing she had I mind when she rtered rhe confee. I'd seen his stuffntube and thought maybe he could help me figure out how toove fo in my LI Reporter: An out of wor later, she paid nearly $3,000 to attend the event. That money hasn refunded.mccool is one of millions who havenedo Robbins, whose self-help seminars have the vibe of rock conct, preaching about personal performance, phalness and W he calls eonal mastery. Als a best sellingauthor, entrepre. Mosteople don'tn make a resolution anymore. Why? Orter: With aorted net worth of $500 million. He's even the subject O a Netflix documentary "I am not youruru." I used intervention to teach prile in the middle of it. I love that. Reporter: Robbins issued an apology yesterday on facebo saying, I apologize for suggesting anything other than profound admiration for the #me too movement.abc news reached out for comment we were referrack to that Facebook sent. My first reaction to wat that, it's just really exhausting. Frustrating. E S aoment in particular in theideo where she stood up to voice her opinion. Not for you, personally. And he silenced her before she cod get her thought out. He cut her off.that's so telling of thearger conversation and everything that's happening with that just the silencif this N. Reporter: Editor essenceant compiled art asking women who have expere the workplace rament to share their stories. I politely refused. He tells M that I'mning him on and I owe HT least a kiss for that. It's widespread, as far usage, industry, ession,el of si. So stories were coming from girls young as 15 working I retail and other stories were coming from women were doctors, who were senior utives. Reporter: She says sharing these stories is an impor part of changingkplace ur When you elevate T Stor and you give people this ki of platform, it eventua leads action. And we cantart to challenge Poli and P structures that have T so long, like perpted this bior and allowed it to go on without any kind of nishment. Is I'm sorry enough? It's not enough onc it has to be said over and over over again. If you look at his message, whetherhink in self-help or not, it's about transforming yourself and learning from what Ned to you.this toe, ifony Robbins is art, and he is, is a learning moment for him. Reporter: While Mccool M not have D the enlightenm she was looking for, she found something unexpected. A sense of sisterhoo A woman reached and Ed me on the shoulder and she in tears she said, you effing ro you. Reporter: "Nightline," I' lindavisn New York. Up next, Mariah Carey's new video. ???

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{"id":54355260,"title":"Woman who confronted superstar life coach Tony Robbins speaks out","duration":"6:26","description":"Nanine McCool who appeared in a now-viral clip in which Robbins seemed to dismiss the #MeToo movement said she's \"tired of being shamed for having been a victim.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/woman-confronted-superstar-life-coach-tony-robbins-speaks-54355260","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}