New York, New Jersey Bombings Suspect Caught After Shootout

Ahmad Khan Rahami was "directly linked" to the devices from the Saturday explosions, FBI official Bill Sweeney said.
7:01 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for New York, New Jersey Bombings Suspect Caught After Shootout
Good evening thanks for joining us tonight the alleged serial bomber is in FBI custody. Charged with attempted murder after a bloody shootout with police. Investigators believe he coordinated three terror attacks using homemade bombs. And we're now learning more details about how this young man a US citizen born in Afghanistan. Maybe Kim radicalized. Was he a lone wolf. Here's ABC's senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. It was midmorning a surveillance can respond to New York region's most wanted man are committed Conroe harming. On the run gun in the hand the police in hot pursuit. They're the guys shoot your gun shots fired. Bureau is what we're Harley wounded. You can see him in this photo lying on the ground officers also injured in the gun battle. Q Linden police officers confronted for a Hong me heated exchange gunfire one officer was struck in that men. But into his bulletproof vest. Moments later grow Harley on a Gurney conscious after allegedly terrorizing an entire region for 48 hours administering the bombings a grim the New York metropolitan area. We are begin at 930 on a sunny Saturday morning in seaside park New Jersey and is gathering for charity run for the Marines then an explosion ripping apart this garbage cans. The runners say because a race had been delayed. Joining downloading it. Yet it mattered or walk. Sources telling ABC news three pipe bombs tied together we're to detonate at the start of the race. Hours later in nearby New York City. Another blast. Shattering the joy of a Saturday night. When news. Surveillance videos like this when suing a man dropping something near the dumpster. In the New York City neighborhood of Chelsea this time 29 people are injured mass casualties averted again because of our misplaced under a near a dumpster which absorbs a vocal distract. That dancers Ashley pretty strong. And the fact that it was able to contain the explosion and then when the explosion did go. Because the topic is not as hard as asides that she went up as opposed to Al. We're could hurt a lot more people and it could actually killed people in that in that area. Three hours later werder pressure cookers found. Just four blocks north. At first authorities don't think the incidents are related but then around 11 PM a major clue breaks the case wide open. And un detonated pressure cooker bomb just like those used in the Boston Marathon bombings with deadly consequence. I walked right I think there's a pot on the street with wires sticking out of there. And think it is probably a kid's science experiment. The flip phone as attacks the pressure cooker device is a treasure trove of information he flip phone we've used both for the first incident in New Jersey. Its second incident. Tells me that's a clue that they were in fact connected with the authorities FBI NYPD able to increase his phone. Very quickly police are also able to lift a finger print from the pressure cooker. The cell phone leads police to a homage. A naturalized US citizen born in Afghanistan. Army graduated from Edison high school in New Jersey in 2007. And according to a friend was a young father. I'm Ned had a girlfriend who became pregnant who was far along in her pregnancy at the prom. And I know she ended up they ends up giving birth to a baby girl. He attended junior college four year then worked in his family's restaurant. First American fried chicken in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The restaurant became the source of conflict in the neighborhood we had some code enforcement problems. And noise complaints the city imposed a 10 PM closing time for the restaurant but rob Tommy's family filed a lawsuit claiming discrimination. Because they're Muslim. And there were other problems court records reviewed by ABC news show. Well honey was accused of stabbing a relative in the leg two years ago but a grand jury failed to indict him. And US officials also tell ABC news that rock Harley travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan later telling authorities he had a wife in Pakistan. If he has made frequent trips to Afghanistan. Then investigators in particular the FBI are going to have to figure out. Hui visited and what would the what was the real. Purpose of this trip. By Sunday night police are locking in a row how me as their primary suspect. Five over how many family members are detained on a New York City bridge. But police suspect they're headed to fly out of JFK airport. But later the family is released. Then just after 830 Sunday night. Two men found the backpack near the train station in Elizabeth. It contains five pipe bombs and as police attempt to disarm the bombs one of the road but cut the line causing this explosion. Beers spreads across the New York region. Tension is particularly high because the UN general assembly is in session and leaders from around the world are arriving. And by now the bomb scare has made its way into presidential politics justice. Laurie got off the plane a bomb went off in new York and nobody knows exactly. What's going on its pain. Everything can to support our. Early Monday morning police make the critical decision and release were Tommy's name and photo sending this text to everyone in New York City. Then police get a tip approximately 103 as. Morning the owner of room a bar in Linden called. About a suspicious. Person's sleeping in the hallway of his establishment. It was the alert our eyes and Linden New Jersey bar owner Harry Baines who made the stunning discovery. And as we have nice Vietnamese. Look like that's yet something told him yeah all the police police. Bain says after alerting police to run Harley's location the confrontation began. In being in that hail of gunfire. I think he had no plan and realized he was in deep trouble. Took off. This tired down the hallway to sleep in in the sort of goes to his own sophistication I think. Sources tell ABC news where army is not cooperating. Initially failing to even give his name tonight they're searching his home. Sources telling ABC news police have found evidence of bomb making based on the information we have now we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. And they say there's no evidence that were Harley is part of the terrorists ago. But they are distracting run Tommy's life on line. They say to make sure he was acting alone police hope they have their man's praying now that the threat is over. But taking no chances for my for Nightline and appeared Thomas in Washington. Had.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"Ahmad Khan Rahami was \"directly linked\" to the devices from the Saturday explosions, FBI official Bill Sweeney said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"42213626","title":"New York, New Jersey Bombings Suspect Caught After Shootout","url":"/Nightline/video/york-jersey-bombings-suspect-caught-shootout-42213626"}