Young Activists Turn Hashtags into Rallying Cries

In this new generation, millennials are using social media to push for social and political change.
6:38 | 01/13/16

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Transcript for Young Activists Turn Hashtags into Rallying Cries
Controversial issues have dominated not only political rhetoric but sparked worldwide trends online. Trending hashtags like back lives matter and issues of gun control all creating social conversation. Young activists hoping to shape America's future and their attitudes, opinion shs even their political alignments, might surprise you. United we stand. Reporter: On a busy street corner in southern California Sergio is raising his arms in prayer for Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. A kind of public plea for peace. The 20-year-old quickly draws a crowd. Good job, man. Reporter: Evoke surprisingly strong emotions from passersby. Received thousands of messages of support in return. This video really touched my heart, made me cry. I wanted them to see my video. Build up enough courage in them to do something similar. I'm an independent woman. Reporter: Just one of many young, savvy activists. Good news, single ladies. For once everyone is listening to you. I am activist. Reporter: Now using social media to discuss issues they care about. We are the pro life generation. Reporter: Making the hashtag their new rallying cry. We cannot breathe. Reporter: As the largest rising generation in U.S. History, their opinions matter. We used to follow the news on social media. Now the social media is driving the news. Reporter: So we invite addyi verse and rather vocal group of influence to come off line and chat face to face about this critical election year. Hillary Clinton. Liar. Not authentic at all. Season politician. Trump. Racist. Reality TV. Irresponsible. Fearmongerer. He has the potential to up end the entire political system. Reporter: The room got quiet when I asked who they plan to vote for. Show of hands if you've decided. No one. Okay. They may not have decided on a candidate but each activist was clear about what they think we as a nation should get worked up about. Gun control. The first human right which is life. Immigration. National security. Criminalization and incarceration. Reporter: Come make part of black lives matter. We have nothing to lose but our -- Reporter: One of the most successful social media campaigns in the last decade. The police are not getting involved, community people are breaking up the two guys who were fighting. Reporter: I saw firsthand how they pulled off large-scale protests across the nation with results that packed real political punch. Its success helped inspire people like touring the country speaking out against islamopho islamophobia. We will no longer sit addressly while others seek to define us. Does one have to be a racist, a bigot to say because I perceive Isis to be Muslim therefore I'm concerned about muslims coming to the united States in mass? No, I think that's a fair question, especially with the media portrayal with Isis equals Islam. And the white man comes into a movie theater and shoots up the place, we don't call it a terrorist act. How does this conversation link with the conversation that people you're connected with have? People are justifiably nervous about their safety. Reporter: David is the president of one of the largest conservative online communities with almost 8 million followers. It really doesn't have anything to do with Isis is Muslim, Muslim is Isis and you can't go a Christmas party without fear of being mutilated. Reporter: And in the aftermath of that massacre and shootings in Colorado Springs in Charleston, gun control was the hot button topic. If someone wants to cause you harm they're going to cause you harm whether they have a firearm or spoon. If someone comes into a classroom and kills a bunch of people with a spoon, then we'll talk about spoons. Reporter: And refugees. Fear. Everyone is afraid. I'm not scared. I'm not scared. The answer is very clear. We need to allow refugees, people who are speaking asylum to enter vidof into the country, period. Planned parenthood. Biggest abortion chain in the country. Biggest health care provider. Reporter: Businesslet plank is a self described feminist, record series pulls in millions of viewers. If you shut down planned parenthood, you can bet dollars overdo nuts that the rate of abortion is going to go up in this country and the rate of dangerous abortions that puts women's health and lives at risk. Reporter: Linda rose is one of the new faces of the anti-abortion movement. Her organization, live action, has over 1 million Facebook followering. We are identified with pro life because we have technology, we see the window to the womb. It's not just rhetoric and political division but reality in is a human life. As you're saying, it is the defining issue I think of our generation. In a lot of ways. Defining issue. In a lot of ways. It cuts to the -- It is like -- it is life and death. That makes me so nervous that men are telling women what to do with their bodies. Reporter: This freedom to exchange ideas, express themselves, they all hold in the highest esteem. They all believe what will help them shape their version of the American dream. The American dream. I'm living it, I think. Most cliche and basic sense, it's life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You come to this country, work hard, and make something of yourself. The American dream isn't owning a house with a white picket fence. The American dream is the ability to go out and define your life the way you want it. When the most marginalized person in America is free. Without the government on your case. Where people can have the confidence that they know that their communications are private. I think we've hidden behind the American dream to excuse a lot of the policies and laziness. I think we're further away from any type of American dream today than we have ever been before in this country. It's almost nonexistent. I think it can be revived. The resources are there. The American dream to me means addressing all of those problems head-on. We want to hear from you. Head to our "Nightline" Facebook beige page and tell us the issues you think are most

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"In this new generation, millennials are using social media to push for social and political change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"36271176","title":"Young Activists Turn Hashtags into Rallying Cries","url":"/Nightline/video/young-activists-turn-hashtags-rallying-cries-36271176"}