Young athletes' lives will change in an instant at star-studded NFL draft day

Quinnen Williams, a defensive end from Alabama who lost his mom in 2010 to cancer, said, 'She'll be super happy for me. She'll be super proud.'
8:11 | 04/26/19

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Transcript for Young athletes' lives will change in an instant at star-studded NFL draft day
Win the bird pick. In the 2019. NFL draft. The Arizona Cardinals elect Tyler Murray. Tonight America got a front row seat watching the lifetime of football dreams came true. Ever Zotob has found. Sorry it's one of the biggest events in pro football. UN FL draft. Our Robin Roberts in Nashville. Excitement level where music city USA is off Mozart's prospects waiting with bated breath. Hoping to hear their name called the anticipation. This room. Speaking off that coveted first pick. Oklahoma quarterback Kyle Anne Marie to the Arizona Cardinals the five foot 1021 year old talented in both baseball and football and tonight the NFL wounds or numbered to the San Francisco 49ers picking Ohio State defensive lineman nick close them. At this moment is life altering 32. NFL franchises making overnight millionaires of their top selections. In just a moment getting drafted can change a kids life. You're talking about going from someone who in many cases has next to nothing to becoming an instant millionaire in a split second. Britney third Beck the New York Jets selected. Grit and Williams. But for 21 year old defensive tackle Quinn and Williams the newly minted New York Jets this night was about so much more than food thought. Did at the beginning battle over a. As he made his way across the stage he was reminded of a promise he made to his mother. As she battled breast cancer nearly ten years ago. Our interest to blacks and also proudly over two decades of Greek deities who ran clinicians who privacy seen oppressed this allows Lucchino. He's the unanimous first team all American with a record number of tackles winning the Al when trophy awarded to the nation's best interior lineman. Cornyn Williams a lot of people think may be the best defensive prospect. In this draft as this. Joyful. Spectacularly. Athletic. Presence. Own book raises is whose line. A star feel myself again. He smiled and a lot of things it is why do you think he smile a lot of things that when talking about that you know come across painful. A Buddhist ideals and you can to have her by entities who previously taught me. You and I and outskirts excuse that these do is due to meet exist that nose like. She knew. Accretion Henderson Williams a teacher was strict with all four of her children but she had a particularly special relationship with women. But Calero will place you go to tomorrow we'll loose after passengers say you know. Funeral weighed only loses to give 101000. There will line. To appease them and they Alley is invited to everything together it was his mother's wish that he take care of his family. Now he joins hundreds of other young man who spent so much of their lives sacrificing and training in many ways the NFL draft transcends football because it's not just about the game on the field or. Who's the right fit for what teen where there's the dream than anybody can become a star. Then they prevent. Even Tim swift got into the celebration when you find out of the 31 I don't know I'd have a lot of commotion. About global name it. Thank you for having eats the red carpet. What you wore coveralls we've sued for hope for last week's it is now part NFL part Hollywood part Vegas ESPN's Tom Arnold there in the green room. As the players found out if they part of the magic of the draft is every one of us. Has some aspiration. Rarely. Do we achieve it in such an absolutely. Public way. The New York Giants selected Daniel Jones and that is the beginning of your professional career. These young men hopefully joining a roster of first round picks that went on to greatness he got Peyton Manning. You've got Dan Marino you've got Ray Lewis got Todd Gurley. Think about what it means to be. Tabbed the top five pick all the expectation that comes with that who can bear up against that burden. But there are plenty of hot prospects who didn't pan out Ryan leaks was a guy who was picked right after Peyton Manning. He went next to the San Diego Chargers and everything went downhill from there and he never became great cup that bus label bust. Is a brutal work. No one wants to be. Consider a label to bust. But the truth is. That's a deep part of the history of the draft. Players who have been one or two or three or five who never had anything close to success in the Lee. For every success story there's there's the failure Thursday differs from Beck Weathers Johnny themselves. Riley RG three JaMarcus Russell. You can do all the research you want you can do all the scouting you want but you never really know what you're gonna get until after you draft a guy and he actually plays. Not to mention some of Vienna Phil's greatest players were picked near the bottom the first in the comes to mind is Tom Brady. Here's a guy was picked in the sixth round. Nobody thought much of a mean not a physical specimen by any imagination. Not someone who was destined for stardom ended up in the right spot and when the time came he took it. He's become the greatest quarterback of all time. The spectacle of today year after year the draft growing to become an institution. Giving student athletes the opportunity to pursue their professional dreams. Third pick Quinn and Williams is the pride of Birmingham Alabama his path to the NFL is paved with triumph and grief. He remembers when his mother's loving smile began to wane. In 2010 her breast cancer returned this time it was staged forward to a small moon war two when playing we don't want. We'll miss you like him when you look at why take your valuable anyone who'll claim he soon cool down western and leads you to do to. Particularly in PP. Mark we should died on August 10 2010. She was 37. Evidence and it's no my all time next year's class I didn't even talk to my my you know my. I was moreover like. I'll just one more Nancy so well made that. Change when and that changed. It's hands on my own probably got a pilot's. I would doubt Obama and it was so many people who want this kind of thing I went through his mind and I came just and we can most of my dues since I closed the end. He kept his promise dutifully cooking dinner for his siblings every night his mother's passing lit a flame. Motivating him to push harder to become the athlete he is today. So this night he says he shares with her a seat from accretion left open tonight. What do you want to save the hard tonight. That I did Amanda and I know there's a crowd it was illuminated the blazes omitted keep going you're an audit in his goading him have been. Though before that long walk across the stage he had one more to make him do his mother's grave. To be with her one more time and let her know that her dream their dream. Was about to come true. The Sudanese C news who see life. All of these two causes. Like I would have had a wound to announce his front dissidents alike. Be to present particular film personally like Ramallah. You can catch continuing NFL draft coverage right here on ABC tomorrow.

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{"duration":"8:11","description":"Quinnen Williams, a defensive end from Alabama who lost his mom in 2010 to cancer, said, 'She'll be super happy for me. She'll be super proud.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"62646481","title":"Young athletes' lives will change in an instant at star-studded NFL draft day","url":"/Nightline/video/young-athletes-lives-change-instant-star-studded-nfl-62646481"}