The New Young Faces of the Anti-Abortion Movement

Lila Rose and Kristan Hawkins use new tactics such as social media and "sidewalk counseling" to grow their base.
9:35 | 07/10/15

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Transcript for The New Young Faces of the Anti-Abortion Movement
Tonight, a growing number of young social media savvy activists weighing in on the debate of abortion rights using controversial tactics to get their point across. And they say it's working. As ABC's Gloria Riviera found out on "Times two." Get your pro-life signs! We are the generation that will end abortion! Reporter: These young women are the new wave in America's most controversial and enduring cultural war. This is what the pro-life movement looks like at its strongest in the United States today. We're at the March for life. And what you see behind me goes on for miles. Gone are the images of middle-aged men quoting bible verses about eternal damnation. A murderer will not see the kingdom of heaven. Reporter: Now determined, energetic young women are at the forefront of the movement. Every network should be covering this. Reporter: One an undercover activist turned anti-abortion celebrity. Do you follow her on Twitter? I do, on Facebook, everything. Reporter: The other, a grassroots organizer who's recruited thousands to the cause. At the end of my talk I'm going to go are for we are -- you needs to chant it. Today I speak to you pregnant with my fourth child. My first daughter. We are the pro-life generation! Reporter: To some, like 16-year-old Devin veers, she's a hero. This is your first March for life? When did you place your child up for adortion? She was -- October of this year. I wanted to have an abortion when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. And out of choice I was given the options I could do abortion and not tell anyone, or I could go to a home. I went to a maternity home and placed my daughter for adoption. I'm not ashamed anymore. Reporter: America's war oaf abortion rights has been raging for years. The supreme court ruled it was legal in a case roe versus wade. But over the last few years, the anti-abortion movement has been gaining ground with over 200 limitations on abortion access passed into law across dozens of states. The anti-abortion movement claims they're now on the winning side. Are you going to give them more warnings and then arrests? Way back. Why are you talking to the officers? So what happened is the counter protesters decided to block the streets. The pro-life organizers have the permit. We saw some pro-choice advocates getting arrested. They got taken away. Yeah. And it was great. I love for our students to see that. Because they need to see that there are people who actually believe that killing babies up until the moment of birth and sometimes after is okay. Abortion is the violent killing of a child and it's against a woman psychologically, physically, emotionally. Reporter: Rose is waging media war against planned parent hood. This is the kind of event Lila does, outside the planned parenthood clinic in Washington, D.C. Planned parenthood is the biggest abortion chain in our country. They commit over 320,000 abortions every year. Stop interfering with women's private health care decisions, this is a sham. Reporter: In this fight Lila rose is building a new army. Thousands of Facebook subscribers and Twitter followers, all fans of her group live action. And their contentious, undercover work, they say exposes wrongdoing inside abortion clinics. You people make me sick. It appears as if this organization is run by children. Well, we're young but we're not children. Lyle la rose was only a freshman at ucla when she had the idea to start going undercover into abortion clinics. That's her with the dyed blond hair. How old are you? 13. These videos are documentaries of what's happening in the abortion industry, in these facilities. Reporter: Rose claimed live action's videos show planned parenthood staffers engaged in a wide array of scandalous conduct. From accusing them of covering up statutory rape -- Like is he a minor? Reporter: To claiming they promote bdsm. This is the greatest human rights abuse of our day and we're offering fresh evidence to that point. Reporter: Live actions claims sound explosive but there are questions concerning credibility. Questions rose says she answers by posting the full undercover footage online. So when people say live action uses deceptive editing you say? Let the facts speak for themselves. View the tapes yourself. Reporter: We did. And so did liberal watchdog groups like media matters that accused live action of deceptive editing, reordering audio, omitting critical conversations. Take this video where a pregnant actress is seeking an abortion but only if it's a girl. And so if you decide that even if you find out that it's a girl and you decide that that -- what you would prefer is to terminate the pregnancy, then that's just your decision. Reporter: Live action uses that exchange as evidence to support their claim that planned parenthood is promoting sex-selective abortion. But when you look at the raw tapes released by live action you see they edited out this part. We're required to discuss all of the patient's options. Is adoption something that you were interested in considering? No. Reporter: In a statement ton to "Nightline" they called live action an organization that has been widely December credited for years because they deceptively edit videotapes and make claims that are false. And planned parenthood is proud to stand strong against unethical, illegal, and misleading attacks from groups that plan to plan abortion. Lyle Larose on "Crossfire" taking on naral pro-choice America. An abortion doesn't unrape a woman, an abortion just adds more violence on top of that. No one's allowed to kill anybody. Isn't it great we could live in a country that Lila rose could decide she would choose to carry her rapist's actions to determine -- The pro-life life movement has said, look at us, we're winning this war. What is the reaction? Lila rose and the new leaders of the anti-choice movement look great, they're charismatic, their core beliefs are old and outdated and still out of touch with mainstream Americans. Their Numbers have stayed the same, they're just getting louder and louder. And we need to mobilize the silent majority in this country. Reporter: While Lyle la rose courts the spotlight, Hawkins is a boots on the ground leader traveling across the country, helping on-campus student groups recruit on their own turf. It's about 8:00 A.M. And we're here to meet Kristin outside a planned parenthood and they're doing what they call sidewalk counseling. Reporter: Sam is the founder of the student forth life club at university of New Mexico. Usually whenever I counsel in the back alley on top of a ladder so that we can reach over the wall. Reporter: Sam Spencer is up on this ladder, hoping to make what she calls a baby save. So it looks like that woman might be here for an abortion. And so right now the planned parenthood escort will go over to her car, walk her over to the door, and in the meantime we're going to try to reach out to her and see if she's willing to take our gift. Can I please offer you a gift? You don't have to go through this. We're here. Right across the street. We can offer free resources and help with whatever you need. We can help you with rent, we can help you with food, child care, just let us know. People actually do get mad at us because there is a stigma attached to the pro-life movement. They were saying, don't get an abortion! You're killing babies! And they didn't have a loving approach. And so it's really difficult on our end now to kind of counteract what was done in the past. We are not your grandpa's pro-life movement. No question the anti-choice movement has abandoned their old messaging of gory photos because they were losing when they did that. What they haven't shifted is their core positions. And their idea that there is only one way for women to proceed in life if they get pregnant. Reporter: With the presidential election on the horizon both sides of the abortion war agree this battle is only going to intensify in the year to come. 2016 is coming up. How will abortion rights play in that election? You know, I think that people are actually very concerned about the anti-choice laws sweeping throughout country. Abortion rights, the debate about contraception, they're very, very old questions that most people think should have been settled. The anti-choice movement is proving they're not settled and that's going to put it front and center. We're not out there to reduce abortion, we're out there to end abortion. We want this to be over. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Gloria Riviera in Washington. For more from our "Nightline" partnership with bbc current affairs, visit our times two youtube channel.

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{"duration":"9:35","description":"Lila Rose and Kristan Hawkins use new tactics such as social media and \"sidewalk counseling\" to grow their base.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"32348116","title":"The New Young Faces of the Anti-Abortion Movement","url":"/Nightline/video/young-faces-anti-abortion-movement-32348116"}