18-year-old climate change activist testifies before Congress

Aji Piper is suing the federal government for failing to curb carbon emissions.
3:37 | 04/04/19

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Transcript for 18-year-old climate change activist testifies before Congress
Finally today an interest in development on Capitol Hill we've been tracking talking a lot about our climate change in the effort particularly among the democratic majority to tackle the crisis. Are right now in the climate today the house select committee on the climate crisis convene their first hearing. On the matter they call the group of young adults have to be the first witnesses for this hearing. And it's been amazing looking at the activism among high school and college student marches in the streets lawsuits where they are the lead plaintiff we have just seen incredible movement among young people that are saying if the government doesn't act in this went. They have the potential to be denied at a future with clean water and and safe. Making it very personal case for action today I was there in the committee hearing room and our Janet Weinstein. Actually traveled with one of the young witnesses eighteen year old IG piper from Washington State high school dropout who's leading the charge now. In a lawsuit against the federal government over climate change she was one who testified today. Here's a little bit of his story as told in his own words Nicholas. And building. I'm going to be testifying. You would select committee on. Like I did become a crime activists involved in the Lofton and there was an opening and it speaks I think it's it's. Important equipment. Flipping back. I guess what helped me with the opportunity. I've been. Climate activist and that was well I'm Eaton who live yeah. He's the constitutional duty of the government. Resources on which you all and instant pick this from any damages an enemy inflicted. Instead the government is taking action. That it directly contributing to the destruction of our plan. It is actively using the trust most vulnerable citizens what was that this sort of inspired you take on. Now is it time. How fast and it went right wait until I'm out of high school that baffling going to be late. Were you release yourself forty years hopefully. Issues resolved and I don't. The worry about fighting for more honest if anything that would be bad. Save the world so the time of crisis and into the bathroom for you here or or an architect with one of those three. And thanks to Janet Weinstein for that profile and also stodgy piper for his time. Is our inspiring young people were really on the front lines of this thing in. I was struck by his optimism that he thinks the crisis will be averted the next forty years and he wants to be back in the class in the classroom as a teacher. Well he also send that this was the time to act we've seen a crash reports and it. More is done sooner they can have a bigger impact. And one question we asked all of those young people today in that committee hearing was why are you optimistic. That congress will actually get something done intern interest in answer. I she pipers answers that he thinks this is the juncture were all three branches of government. Are being pressured at the same time he's suing the government in federal court. They've launched this effort in congress now at the democratic majority and they think for the 20/20 presidential election. In debt they will be able that we've put some pressure on the the executive branch with all three pushes he thinks. This could come together in the next year to hand seven interest in argument on their part and willing. Definitely seeing the Democrats and rank felt that conclusion is issue trying to. I'm one up each other and talk about how serious thinking decision is and what Haley dean Johnson and we will continue to follow that story thanks again to that team.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Aji Piper is suing the federal government for failing to curb carbon emissions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62177696","title":"18-year-old climate change activist testifies before Congress","url":"/Politics/video/18-year-climate-change-activist-testifies-congress-62177696"}