2013 Stanley Cup Winning Chicago Blackhawks Honored by Obama

The president hosts White House ceremony to honor this year's NHL championship team.
3:00 | 11/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2013 Stanley Cup Winning Chicago Blackhawks Honored by Obama
The 2013 National Hockey League Stanley Cup champion the Chicago Blackhawks. It. Ladies and gentlemen the president of the United States and chairman of the Chicago Blackhawks rocky works. Okay. It is my pleasure to welcome back. The Chicago Blackhawks. To the White House. Okay. -- Blackhawks fans here. -- -- point out particular senator Dick Durbin from Illinois. Congressman Mike regulate -- actually still heads. An old man's hockey game that he's in all the time and any Boston might just come out all right but this -- officers hockey players are Mike where. Since I took office. We posted lot of championship teams. Boston New York. Pittsburgh Miami. But since I've the president. Only -- -- has brought a world championship to my hometown of Chicago and now the Blackhawks have done it twice. And three years ago the hawks won their first Stanley Cup. -- -- -- -- -- And keep in mind the cubs have been waiting for five. Outsold Ford and -- might have not seem so bad. But luckily. The second Stanley club cut came just -- McCourt. From the very beginning last season. When these guys won their first six games -- we -- -- appealing it. This was team home and we -- Coach Q behind -- Hawks dominated the regular season in the playoffs captain. -- led the team all the way. For the second time and and he's still only by the -- point -- I don't remember I was -- -- out toward but I wasn't -- that. Pretty certain. Incredible leadership on his part Patrick Kane playoff MVP. -- to send this team finals. -- also saw the games were distrustful. -- -- -- -- -- Duncan -- an interest in first round. Scored a goal in game three that he flew home to Chicago to be with his wife for the birth -- there. -- -- They flew back to Minneapolis saint Mary arrive two hours before the drop of the puck helped lead the team to -- win that put them up 321 in the series. And about six weeks later -- may have become the youngest person ever be hoisted by the cup. That have been happening. Finally we've got Brian Dick -- and they've fallen. -- less than two minutes left in game six of the finals also down by just one -- Teamed up. To score two goals just seventeen seconds. To bring the cup back to -- seventy. Credit crunch -- that would make Jordan rob which is why the statue of work Blackhawks Jersey. During the playoffs. So -- on this team is a great example of what Chicago is all about. It's not just by the way because of what they've done on the -- in game six Andrew Shaw. Got hit in the face by a puck and earned -- more than a few stitches. But after the game it's not make the best. Painful situation. When -- -- came out -- auction every one of them off. Does raise questions like who's -- soon. Don't look at. -- -- is almost 20000 dollars for the big foundation. To help cancer research. And he's not the only guy with a big heart accurate this morning the entire team paid a visit two or wounded warriors at Walter Reed. Helping raise the spirits of men and women who sacrificed. So much for this country. And it would when I've had a chance to have some more wounded warriors. In the room. -- these guys before him. Said. Love Blackhawks -- sports teams but obviously -- best and most important. Those folks who every day service you. -- -- -- So. Not as good hockey players. They're good guys. And medics help explains why two million Chicago fans came out to grant park to celebrate bring -- home cop. Speaking of rampart we originally gonna lead to record Crawford -- if you worse today. We thought we did this family event family friendly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So congratulations -- to be black ops. To the bulls bears cubs. -- -- I -- term limited. -- Guys gotta get Motrin I need to say they're here -- championships belong in Chicago. After president. About -- Chicago Blackhawks thank you for this incredible honor. -- initiate these fine players beginning with captain Jonathan -- we'll never take his visits for granted. You can be proud the way these these players play your home team hockey team. More than that they're gifted athletes who not only win championships. In go along way in breaking gridlock if you allow them -- to contact us. Restaurant partners. There. But thank you once again on behalf of the team and our fans to please accept this Jersey. And it as a gesture for our gratitude.

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{"id":20780926,"title":"2013 Stanley Cup Winning Chicago Blackhawks Honored by Obama","duration":"3:00","description":"The president hosts White House ceremony to honor this year's NHL championship team.","url":"/Politics/video/2013-stanley-cup-winning-chicago-black-hawks-honored-20780926","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}