2020 Iowa caucuses: Partial numbers released

The Iowa Democratic Party released partial numbers with 62% of the vote so far.
13:48 | 02/04/20

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Transcript for 2020 Iowa caucuses: Partial numbers released
Right now Port Au Prince the chairman of the I would Democratic Party be speaking explain what exactly happened tonight let's listen. Pulse taking the necessary steps to review and confirm the data. If thorough transparent. An independent examination. Of what had occurred yesterday will fall. But let me be clear. My number one priority has been on ensuring the accuracy. And integrity of the results. And we have been working all night to be in the best position to report results. And here in just a couple of minutes. We will be reporting 62%. Of precincts. From all 99 counties. The bottom line is that we hit a stumbling block on the back end of the reporting of the data. But the one thing I want you to know we know this data is accurate. And we also have a paper trail. And documentation. That will of that have been able to use. To provide information to help verify the results. This is personal to me. I'm a lifelong island. I have caucus for twenty years. And I know how important it is for and choose our party. To our states. And to everyone from our neighbors in new voters to be able to come together all across the state. We Juan islands to be confidence in the results and in the process. And we are going to take the time that we need to make sure that we do just that. So no folks are gonna want to be seeing the results as they come and I'm happy to take a couple of quick questions. Before that happens and you. We have been working day and night. To make sure that these results are accurate the one thing I will say is that it's the underlying data about the use raw data. Is secure it was always secure. This was a coding error. In. In one of the pieces on the back and but the raw data the data that's come in. Is secure and I can assure islands of that. Might. Be working with the campaign. Am I you what think you. Dennis for any danger officers as it. He in fact is that this is a conversation that happens every four years there's no doubt that conversation we'll take place again. But right now my focus is making sure that we get these results out we are gonna continue to do that. And we will have the results out as soon as we can. Here. There are. Well we're gonna take time we need to get these results stunned worried and now we have the first of ash that's going to be coming out here in a couple of minutes. We're gonna continue to go through a process he's verifying everything but the thing to remember here folks is that we have a paper trail. We have always said all along. That throughout this process. That we have backups to the system that we have redundancies built in and one of the ways that we do that is through the paper trail now the fact is. Is that as need started doing this last nine. It took longer than we expected. And so but that under my Paramount concern. Is making sure that these results are accurate and reflect what happened last night in caucuses across a state. We're gonna do just that and that's Bergen takes time we need to do. Submitted. Here's our white. Essence statewide and why didn't I party that night. We have one I have no knowledge of the Department of Homeland Security making that offer to us. I will say that we have worked with the cyber security experts national renowned cyber security experts. To test this happens you died two testing and security checks on this app. So. We had we took the steps we felt was necessary. But we found a coating her last night once we discovered some irregularities as a result start to come. What set. No there weren't and that's why and that is why the that's why what happened last night is simply unacceptable. And so. Again we're going to have a thorough and independent review. Of exactly what happened last night we still right now we're in the process of making sure that we get these results and that's organist they focused on. Yeah. Assistant. How do you want I. It's kind. We have said all long. That we were gonna make these caucuses the most transparent possible this year were reporting out more data than we ever have reported before. In addition to that we have paper trails that we've never had before. And so we're gonna take the time we need to verify these results but these results are being based off what happened in the precincts last night. Do. When I ran for chair. I made a commitment to use see the caucus processor. That is what I'm working on that is what I will continue to work on. The whatever happens after that. Has to be determine. Anyways thank you all. Folks the results are coming yeah we'll see you later. And at. And we've just been listening to Todd Christ the chairman of the I would Democratic Party and steal at this hour or so late after the Iowa caucus. Other polls closed the precincts closed we still have no idea who won the Iowa caucus complete catastrophe. The chairman of this party here and I will clinic completely unacceptable. He says what happened was a coding error with the app in the windows PCs will be a reporter who exactly won the caucuses you gotta remembered this year they wanted to record. The reader poll numbers and it seems like he may have been off or they can you believe could Chu owner Rick Klein right now or political director. Rick this is not a horrible way for the Democrats to start the political process. And it's still so late we know that they're gonna report 62%. Of the vote so far 99% of the counties have reported in but it's still an incomplete number. Yeah this continues to be the model for the Democratic Party to fact that almost an entire day. After those caucuses began to party only has. Results from about two thirds little less than two thirds of the of the precincts is something that's been there are some explanation and I think he's blaming other coding error does not. Fully capture the frustration that people across Iowa felt there was a frustrations that we're tells of the precinct level where people didn't seem to know the rules didn't know exactly how to record the information. They were failures are paying using the app there's failures in tabulated data and then the failed states themselves failed when people across the state try to call in the results I think the party's gonna have a whole lot to answer for and the terms of knowing who actually won the caucuses. A day ago we're not gonna get there just yet the data that's coming in now is in complete and is not going to be a way to know a whether it actually reflects how the entire state voted so it may still be awhile till we know who want I'll. And they're such I'll political dynamic at play here because. Rick when you have new winners could you have no losers I want to bring in Mary Ellis park right now she covered the Bernie Sanders Campion throws four years ago and they had a problem for years ago here with the Iowa Caucuses with that razor thin loss to Hillary Clinton. This time around it's unclear who won but senator Brisinger stinks from his internal polling they had a very good night we still don't know right they're feeling very confident that they are disappointed they wanted to headlines. Out of this. We know that Iowa is never got the delegates are delegates eventually get. Awarded but it's about those headlines the momentum Andy killed robbed of that moment of my aunt and some candidates who may not have done well again we don't know exactly Howard when fear here but but there's been some reporting. And in some concern about about former vice president Joseph Biden he's actually got a lawyer involved in this now and and and some people look at from. Criticize him for May be spinning this to his favor less exactly I was just trying to ask chairman about I was acting repeatedly. Are you confident that the campaigns are gonna defend your deep because that's going to be the next story line it is possible that we see discrepancies between what the campaigns have and at the state party has. I was in a state parties the final word they decide who gets the delegates but if we have discrepancies we could see a fight between some of those campaigns aren't talking how closely are we would make it very clear to our viewers at home we are not projecting a winner yet the Iowa Caucuses because we still don't have the information we do have some data and recliner understand you have those numbers in front you. Yeah that's right Tom we now have 62%. Of those Iowa precincts reporting we're told there are spread. Across all 99 counties with the caveat we don't know exactly where they're from but here are the numbers as we understand them. At this hour 27%. For Pete brutish as eight that's when he 5%. For senator Joseph Biden 18% percent Elizabeth Warren you see sixteen. Percent for former vice president Joseph Joseph Biden and 13% for senator Amy Klobuchar all say Tom. That those numbers roughly track with the informal and unofficial numbers that many of the campaigns have been releasing. So this doesn't seem wildly off from the expectations. But they are unofficial numbers they are incomplete numbers. At this hour and again would only 62% reporting and no timeline outlined about how long it will be before we see the rest is impossible to know if this if this. The order of finish for these percentages are going to be the final ones in Iowa. But again that that would appear to be pretty good news if your people energized and Bernie Sanders would appear to be in and a pretty close battle for number one depending on what else happens in the other outstanding caucus sites. Eight except there's no headlines yet to this day almost a day after the Iowa Caucuses so they can't benefit they can't ride that momentum into New Hampshire Mary Alice explain to our viewers who wins the Iowa Caucuses work is you've go in connection between you have the ballot you go in here is not a ballot and ballots are the presidential preference card. You signed this and then you can also make a second choice it's called the second alignment and may your Pete seems to have done well so far with the data we have on that second line and these are major rules changes. But in place after 2016 to 2060 to campaigns complained that there was not enough paper to go back and defend in the event of a mess so they put in place these kinds of preference cards voters would fill out who they are caucusing for at the end of the night. And they made another change the other changes they would report more data the report who people's picks first when he first walked in the realm and seeing that didn't come in as well. Obviously has not how you win you win by the numbers at the end of the night after people move around in their candid doesn't need a threshold beacon realigning go to the more popular coroner if they want. We're getting all of that data now girls a lot of complaints overnight about whether. The demand for so much data was part of what slowed this process staff but you're exactly right overseeing an early numbers. Is it looks like mayor Pete really benefited between those first who alliance. That perhaps in some of those areas where maybe Joseph Biden didn't meet that threshold or any club which arson at a candidates. That people win to mayor Pete's corner that's when the signs are starting to see in early data. If it sounds like took the moderates went over to mayor Pete instead of Joseph Biden at least in the stage of the game but again we're still waiting on more information we Johnson has been with the senator sanders' campaign. From the get go and and and no campaign really. Openly and publicly has been more aggressive in upset with what happened here in Iowa. Except senator Sanders his team has been very very aggressive publicly coming out and slain in a process here wit. Tom it's absolutely right I mean. Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign really hoping that they would get a big showing up a win ticked claim in Iowa and then come and cement the victory with something else here in New Hampshire. Sir no doubt campaign is very frustrated Bernie Sanders himself said that he was disappointed and that everybody should be disappointed in what played out. In fact that he said that the Iowa Democratic Party was negligent in not releasing these results in a timely manner. I will say this though the Bernie Sanders campaign they're still putting their positive spin on all of this and they believe that they have the internal data the reporting to support that the numbers that they are getting with. 60% of the precincts in again this is this is what they're recording from people and volunteers they sent down to different precincts they believe that Bernie Sanders. Is the front runner coming out of Iowa but obviously everything is very close are still waiting on the final results so Bernie Sanders himself and has held back from. Taking a full throated victory lap and all of this but we've seen Amir. They believe they told me just minutes ago before it came on the air that they think that they were actually win. The delegate count what it's all said and done and they think that they're neck and neck with Bernie. On everything else so. We knew that there was the possibility that several candidates could come out of Iowa claiming some sort of victory but again nobody expected a mess like this Tom. All right we Johnson again if you're just joining our coverage right now the Iowa Caucuses the Democratic Party here. Reporting 62% of votes Dylan but still a major chunk of the boat has been left out at this point right now looks like senator Sanders and mayor keep will be judged. Had a good night but it's still unclear. Stay on abcnews.com. For the latest updates as soon as we get that information from the I would Democratic Party as soon as those precincts report we're gonna bring them to you where to have much more tonight on world news tonight with David here and of course level on going coverage from the state of the union tonight which were Stephanopoulos. We thank you for watching from Iowa tonight on Tom dumbest we now return for scheduled programming.

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