ABC News Live Prime: Monday, November 30, 2020

Former Trump official says ‘not enough’ being done by government to slow COVID; Census showdown; ‘Trafficked’ dives into black markets around the world
49:48 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, November 30, 2020
100 Thanksgiving and here comes Santa Claus 156. Of them actually on jet skis for charity. Bringing in some land down under as a holiday season is now upon us. Later news today on the race for Kobe vaccine mundane or not becomes the second drug maker announced a request emergency use authorization. Claiming its 100%. Effective against severe cases this shipments of Pfizer's vaccine are now arriving in cities across the country. But you'll be able to get it first she anticipated after mass from the busy weekend of travel against health officials guidance. Actor Anthony fountain now warns of a surge upon a surge as millions return home from the holiday stay at home orders and shutdowns as US is now averaging. 15100. Deaths every day. Levels not seen since may more than four million Americans. Infected in November alone doubling the number of cases in October. It's like fighting unveils his economic team today while Arizona certifies its election for Biden. President trump refuses to accept defeat continuing with his increasingly losing legal fight. Now attacking the Republican governor of Georgia who he endorsed the still latest on the assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientists and Rabbani and leaders vowed revenge. And it top official accuses Israel of using remote controlled weapons to kill him she major case taken up by the Supreme Court. President Trump's desire to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census where the justices may stand. And the potential impact school lawyers lawyers who Mariano bond Zeller joins us to talk about how it was almost mobbed filming that scene. Much more from her new intense done since news. Good evening everyone I'm Linda Davis and. So much for streaming with us a ticking time bomb that's what some officials are calling this particular moment tonight the waiting game is launched. And is largely timed to the following questions how many Americans out of socially distant zoom Thanksgiving with their family and how many gather safely outside with record high temperatures last Thursday those answers may dictate whether an already out of control endemic it's even worse in the next two weeks doctor Deborah Burks is now urging the millions who traveled to get tested this week and as soon they are infected and self quarantine. We'll get to the holiday concern in a moment in the rising cases forcing states to open new field hospitals tonight we begin more promising news in the race for a vaccine development today and arrests in this week me set the stage for some Americans to get vaccines before the end of the month Steve Elson signings in Atlanta tonight with the latest developments. ABC news has confirmed that the first shipments of the five's are vaccine for the corona virus and travel by air for production in Belgium. To a storage facility in Michigan so that the minute the US government says it's okay for emergency use those first shots will be ready to rush across this country. United Airlines flying the vaccine and chartered cargo flights and right annual forty million doses distributed across country. In just a few weeks some of this country's health care workers and other first responders could get the drug before anyone else. But there aren't enough doses for all of them and tomorrow a panel at the CDC in Atlanta. Will decide who gets immunized first today drugmaker maternal added more welcome hope to the effort. By formally asking US authorities for emergency use authorization of their potential vaccine which they say is at least 94% effective. And a 100% effective preventing severe disease the US Food and Drug Administration could give the green light. For emergency used to Pfizer after December 10 and the durn after hearing on December 17 we've been cleared out. We're not cut corners. And view the authorization process although expedited. As very similar criteria well east of the regular crew below act like government officials believe most Americans should be able to get a vaccine by next June. A 100% of Americans that want the vaccine will had vaccine by that point time. FedEx and UPS delivery services tonight getting ahold of the dry ice that they'll need to shift the back seat. A company that makes special freezers for the drug can't make them fast enough. When you start to think about the logistics infrastructure to distribute fourteen billion. The two dose scenario fourteen billion vaccines globally. That itself starts to add up. Fourteen billion quite a number seem lessons on in joins us now from Atlanta C. Vaccine meaning happening in Atlanta. That's right there are health experts from across the country who will be meeting here at the CDC where they will actually take a boat. On who should get this vaccine first in particular we're looking at possibly seeing nurse and or health care professionals. Who deal with patients sick with Covert nineteen also going to be discussing. Where the vaccines should be headed to first example communities that are hardest hit it's then up to the states to take those recommendations. And turn them into practice Wednesday so Steve you talked about where the vaccines will go but it's also unfortunately it's inside. Who will get those vaccines. Right one of the things bet that that they're making clear is that these are recommendations. And that it's up to the states to decide you know these questions are going to be com. More and more difficult. As there is much more of of course a demand for these vaccine because there's there's a limited supply. You know that the I'm not a vaccine. That we are looking for in this country that we need to essentially immunize most Americans. Wall reached the point that we need until probably some time. Next summer Lindsay. Steve Boson Sami thanks so much. Hospitalizations. Meanwhile continued to surge to new record levels and as we close out November. The US has broken its own record nineteen times just this month. Health care workers are feeling the strain as many state and local governments look to re impose stricter measures to lose the crush of patients are backed up and has the latest. Tonight the image of that doctor wrapped in PP eat in cradling a Covert patient resonating nationwide. He was taken on doctor Joseph a Rhodes 252. Consecutive day of beauty where sauce we are tired. I have nurses and in the Miller they are crying and in the original epicenter of the pandemic in this country New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo a warning another Paulus could be on the way. We are now worried about. Overwhelming the hospital system every hospital has to identify. Retired nurses and doctors now. Were already experiencing staff shortages. More doctors nurses and patients spending Thanksgiving in crammed corporate warts than almost anyone thought possible into record set almost daily. Tonight 93000 Americans hospitalized with Kool Aid in Rhode Island their running out of room. Opening to field hospitals this week hospitals or follow patients are scared. Staff is really tired here in California with cases hospitalizations and deaths tripling this month. Los Angeles county bordering XT at home order banning indoor and outdoor gatherings with anyone outside the household New Jersey Olson tightening restrictions. Public health experts warning. Thanksgiving holiday may only have made it worse over one point one million travelers screened at TSA Sunday. The busiest day for air travel since the pandemic started Americans traveling against the advice of the CDC. Now we're told to assume they have the virus. But that increased demand for testing pushing the system to the limit. The line behind me here in Los Angeles is over two hours long and the demand for testing here is putting a strain on capacity. Every single slot offered by the city of Los Angeles has been booked for the past ten dates. Up to half of all states now report a shortage of testing supplies if we can't test people early we can identify and we can't stop the bread and the elderly remained the most vulnerable. Just two days before Thanksgiving. Lesbian Patricia McQuarters of Michigan married for 47 years. Dying from the virus within sixty seconds of each other they're fairly writing in their obituary. They did almost everything together so it to be no surprise that they went to be with the lord together. Within the very same minute. Just heartbreaking story there Mac Chapman joins us now and man are you carry concerns over whether this year's surge in demand protesting is causing any issues. I was causing massive issues we're hearing from labs that they are already backed up manufacturers of the testing kits themselves are ready warning testing sites that they are short of supplies there is so much demand right now that is physically can't be manufactured. Quickly enough and you would've thought Lindsay that by now everybody would have been beefing up capacity for this type of testing I'm not exactly sure what has been done but what is clear is that we are facing something of a testing shortage and testing. We agent shortage in the coming days. And weeks as more more Americans seek to get tested. And that there in Los Angeles residents reacting to the banning of gatherings of any kind in an outdoors. It's from Iraq you know you live out here and think about it's not just bad you have to get gather with anyone outside your immediate. Also even to go for a walk in the park right torched in the mountains. Outside outdoors so it is drawing a pre significant amount of anger amongst us some local folks have actually been protests. Outside the health officers. House here in Los Angeles demanding to repeal this. I don't think it's going away with the numbers that we're seeing was either has been a tripling of Covert cases hospitalizations. And deaths. Here in LA county in California in general just in the month of November. Mac tuchman thanks so much. Now the president elect's transition vine and received the presidential daily briefing for the first time today is came as he formally announced his economic team has tonight's Republicans are already saying one is nominees does not stand a chance of being confirmed many of those same Republicans including presidential did not yet even acknowledged by means victory despite more states certifying their election results today Arizona and Wisconsin certified for binding. Our Mary Bruce reports in from Washington. After weeks of stonewalling by president trump president elect Joseph biting today finally received his first presidential daily briefing of classified national security information. He also announced his economic team trying to make good on his promise to diversify the White House address income and equality and deliver for working families for Treasury Secretary former fed chair Janet Yellen who would be the first woman in the role. Cecilia Rouse a Princeton economist is now the first black nominee to head the president's council of economic advisors another first near attended. She could be the first woman of color to run the Office of Management and Budget. But he handed who leads a liberal think tank and his skewered Republicans on Twitter is already facing push back. I think in light of her combative and insulting comments. About many members of we'll set it up mainly on our side of the crates and certainly problematic. Path. But Democrats blasted Republicans for complaining about mean tweets after four years of Donald Trump will be very tough to take those crocodile tears seriously. Most Republican senators have not even publicly acknowledged that guided won the election but each day more states are officially certifying his win. Today Arizona. The votes have been tabulated. All fifteen counties have certified their results. In Pennsylvania a federal judge appointed by trump himself dismissed the president's efforts to throw out votes writing calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here in Wisconsin team trump paid three million dollars for a partial recount that actually uncovered 87 more votes for Biden and in Georgia the president is still railing against the Republican governor and secretary of state. Who certified Biden's win there. The governors are nothing he's done absolutely nothing. I'm ashamed today endorsed. Trucks false claims of fraud threatened to undermine Republican efforts to win Georgia's two special senate elections on January 5. RNC chair Rhonda make Daniel asked by one Republican voter why they should even bother if the president says the system is rigged against them. And Merck. I mean aren't. It's not just night and this is Becky. It's not just I. The RNC chair still not instilling confidence in our election system Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington Mary getting announcer. As a fine line that Republicans have to walk as they fight for control of the senate while many including the president. Are still pushing fraud claims that Georgia's Republican secretary of state repeatedly has debunked. Republicans are really trying. It's a somehow navigated incredible balancing act because on the one hand they are really eager to get Republicans out to doubles and a boat in this special and he special elections which of course will determine the balance of power here in Washington get on the side of the president himself continuing to completely undermine. Our electoral system you can understand. Why voters especially Republican voters and supporters in Georgia. Maybe a little confused. And marry a president elect had an injury scare this weekend while playing with one of his arms houses what do. And Joseph Biden and twisted an ankle while playing with one of his dogs over the holiday weekend doctors spend discovering a small hairline fracture. Lindsay is now going to be one of those medical walking through its. For several weeks. And hopefully we'll get it off in time for inauguration Mary Chris thanks so much thank you. Doing this now is ABC news contributor and former trump Homeland Security advisor Tom sponsored thanks much for your time Tom we'll get to the transition in a moment but let's get back to the pandemic first you initially expressed your concern back in February with us about how bad things can get nine months later the pandemic appears to be worse than ever in many parts of the country a pandemic a record one point two million travelers passer TSA checkpoints just yesterday that was despite warnings by officials to stay at home how concerned worried now about the surge that we may see in the next few weeks. You know Lindsay we're right back to where we started the whole objective was to buy time until we got the pharmaceutical solution. And in that time to China keeps him out of sickness below the health care system's capacity to handle. What we're seeing is that we have failed to do that in at least thirty different states. And of course it looks like more so the health care system breaks and when that happens you don't just hand coded patients being treated by. Ill equipped facilities and and physicians but you have others going untreated and so we are at that line that we tried to flatten her beneath from the outs. And today White House hosted an indoor holiday party this is precisely the type of gathering a CDC officials are discouraging Americans from having this holiday season in years you desist apart undermine messaging from a public health officials to stay at home. And yet you know it not only does. But think about this at a personal level it really makes it harder for those of us trying to convince our Shanley and our friends and our friends families. That these types of things temptations to be sure what going to holiday party Thanksgiving dinner just behind us and Christmas gatherings in front of us. Are really things to be reconsidered. This is a real problem with this virus we are we're not trained as human beings to think. Of our friends and families. There's people that might be dangerous to us so we have a hard time wrap your mind around it I'd prefer to see our public leaders making a different decision year and setting a better. The inauguration just 51 days away until management administration is in charge of pandemic response while the administration has town of vaccine successes. Do you think that enough is being done right now to prevent this pandemic from getting long been worse before Biden takes over. No not the federal level at all in fact I think to me people around this president perhaps even this president. Have subscribed to this Great Barrington declaration notion that we can simply keep the disease away from the vulnerable well that's not working out very well for us. In fact we're seeing in nursing home facilities and long term could care facilities all across the country that the amount of virus in the community makes that impossible. So the idea. Of doing these things to allow half the country back to work in the other have to somehow magically stay away from the other are really just not a plan at all so. There are appropriate steps being taken at state and local levels. But I don't see a uniform approach or a coordinated once supported by federal authorities yet at this late stage. And the president had said before the election that the military can help distribute the vaccine in your mind as a military have an important part to play in vaccine distribution. Well the president's right on that I think the military is an important part to play I think they have a lot of inherent skills and experience in logistics management of the scale. And remember the military also partners with and works closely with private logistics support companies like FedEx and UPS and other soak. I think that they'll bring their expertise to bear here in a life saving way in this regard the president on and on pharmaceuticals and on distribution vaccines. But I really does have a good plan. And Tommy of course worked in the trunk administration collaborated on the transition with a Obama officials types of conversations. And planning should be taking place right now with regard to comment. You know I did it with the Obama team in both incoming and outgoing rolls right I transition from bush to Obama and then. Back from Obama to Tron. And what I salt were too well trained well organized. Well led transition efforts that recognized beyond just the candidate and that outgoing president. But all of their cabinet members and support supporting staff. Need to be brought up to speed and that's the hard work so we see PDB briefings and intelligence briefings and at a very senior level. But really for a president to govern. He has to have. Our eventually one day should be a whole the whole set of 7000 appointees ready to help pick up the responsibilities of running all the apparatus who. A president elect Biden received his first intelligence briefing today 23 days after the election in. They're real national security concerns with this cabin and must happen in the Biden transition as a whole to make up from us last time. You know I don't want to overreact too much about this gap we've seen this before. Now but it's an important time we've seen our enemies try to exploit this you know ten transition and operational responsibility before. And the exploitation doesn't just happen during this transition period. To the left so to speak of and are real day and also it continues. For the first months and even the first year of a new presidency. And so I think it's hard for me to say whether enough is being done the incoming team is very experienced they've all worked in these. Rolls and departments and agencies in the past. But I would say that it's important to get moving. Because as we all know intelligence failures come right now. And they turn around to bite us in the next six months or years now eleven in the 9/11 commission really. Highlighted that. But in my experience. There are things that people need to see on and on a daily basis but really never even make it to the president president elect the faster those people can be nominated and confirmed the better. Tom mosser thanks as always for your insight we appreciate it. Thank you. Tonight the accusations and international espionage are growing louder from a Ronnie and officials. Answers after its top nuclear mine was assassinated. Nations now vowing revenge and accusing Israel of using electronic devices specifically a remote control machine gun to kill the scientist. Your Phillips has the details. Tonight new details surrounding the mysterious death of Iran's top nuclear scientist. A Ronnie and officials blaming the attack on Israel. Saying electronic devices used to allegedly assassinate. Maas and fire preside day remotely. A drastic change from earlier reports that he was killed in a roadside ambush after a truck explosion Israel has yet to comment on the attack now farce the semi official news agency. Close to the a Ronnie and revolutionary guard. Claiming it was a remote controlled machine gun that fired at far presiding as he exited his vehicle. ABC news has not confirm these claims. Weekend protests in Iran calling for revenge chants of death to America and Israel. And are running in TV without a highly produced broadcast of the scientist's funeral. Iran's defence minister vowing to continue his work all. You're Phillips joins us now and tourism. Administration had hinted at Arlington tensions between both nations and taking a second crack at the Iran nuclear deal this has to complicate those efforts. Absolutely it does Lindsay when I talk to White House sources tonight should there are monitoring the fallout of this attack and they are very concerned about a new Biden administration. Revisiting. The negotiations. Into an Iran nuclear deal. President trot has made it very clear he doesn't trust Iran especially when it comes. Two nuclear weapons so. As far as what the by administration will do we are yet to see but I can tell you right now you monitor the protests that are happening in Iran. They are seeking revenge Lindsay Keira. Thanks so much. The navy is now announcing it will scrap the warship USS on home after a fly higher in this arch. The 22 year old ship was docked in San Diego port undergoing renovations when a fire erupted in would have cost more than two billion dollars to repairing and fitness hustled out a new Russia would cost four billion in take less time defense officials have opened an arson investigation into the incident. And when we come back the missing for. Any six miles from land clinging to his capsized boat. I've acknowledgment about those 12100 dollar stimulus checks and what we're learning about who reportedly got them but should not hat. And up next we paid so much attention a Black Friday. Now in Cyber Monday what usually been looking for in these final evening hours or. Should we wait for even better bargains. Take a look at that we are still in on how this Formula One race driver managed to survive the breakup of his car after horrific crash and walk his way you see it right. Hair right out of the flames drivers still recovering in hospital and is crediting a new ice called a halo with possibly saving his life. System is on top of the formula race cars to protect drivers from flying debris. It is Cyber Monday and early data showing that today could be the biggest online shopping date in history with sales up to 35% higher than last year. Here's ABC's Rebecca Jarvis with the best deals of the season and what this could mean for the retailers hit hard by the pandemic. Tonight with the pandemic keeping more holiday shoppers at home Cyber Monday spending expected to its cash records consumers could spend as much as thirteen billion dollars online today and nearly 35%. Jump from last year. Shoppers snapping up everything from toys to electronics these air pod now 120 dollars. And with more students learning remotely in laptops in high demand. Best buy lodging deals on top computers like they each. Marked increase in demand and you are great. I. You're. At home this kitchen aid mixer on sale for 189. Dollars at major retailers. And fitness trackers heavily discounted fit that offering up to fifty dollars off its watch it. Right people now have purchasing power right in their pockets worn talents bring in Rebecca Jarvis would just a few hours left of Cyber Monday look deals can we expect after today in any tips on getting the best prices. So Lindsay your Tennessee deals all throughout the holiday season that is one thing. It won't be any different this year but an important thing to keep in mind is that with all of this online shopping ET in place. Most of the projections expects that there will be far more packages needing to be delivered by Christmas Day and there were actual capacity to get them there are so. Making sure that you purchase early is going to ensure that bag yet and be under the Christmas tree so that's an important key but also. If you missed out today don't worry there will be more deals to how. And keep. Mind those brick and mortar stores and and what are these record on line sales mean for many businesses especially those who are that are hit hardest by the pandemic. Well it's been a brutal holiday season in stores if you think about the fact that on Black Friday. Holiday Inn store shopping plunge more than fifty TU percent. We're just not shopping like we used to and while that's really convenient for many people and certainly the most health concerning weights you go about shopping. It's a problem for retailers perspective because impulse purchases that people traditionally made when they go to a store to get that fifteen dollar TE which is the door buster deal they might end up buying the full price sweater will now when people are only shopping online and they don't go all for the full price items it only for this jail and we've been conditioned to expect a sale without those impulse purchases retailers don't do it's much business over the holidays as they've done. Traditionally and it especially. Can become an issue at about retail workers which are a big part of of America right now. Those are workers who many of them lost their jobs earlier in the pandemic without that in store shopping it quits those jobs at risk. And it certainly means that the job function that people retail will be serving in the future. Is more upbeat delivery service shipping service and logistics. Than being that face to face her actions were so Aston stores. Always great. Have your perspective Rebecca Jarvis and so much for coming Natasha my friend. Still ahead here on prime the dream should face your ability to go out and purchase some of these Cyber Monday deals and we're not talking about company actresses. Hop speaks out after she claims that she and a friend were attacked. Good riddance to a punishing an historic hurricane season where we literally ran out of names we take a look at the by the numbers. Plus our fleet of the day and perhaps easiest choice in the day for the decision makers at Miriam Webster dictionary from just unveiled the word of the year. You guessed it pandemic. Oh. Welcome back everybody today is officially the last day of the 21 Atlantic hurricane season and like other 20/20 calamities we are not sorry to see this and here's a look at this record breaking storm season by the numbers. Thirty named storms developed in Atlantic basin almost in any year in recorded history thirteen of those storms became hurricanes. And six picking major hurricanes with winds of 111 miles per hour or greater that's twice the typical number. Louisiana was especially hit hardware five named storms made landfall on record for any American state. This season surpass the previous record of 28 named storms in 2005 which included of course Hurricane Katrina. And for only the second time in history. We ran out of Roman alphabet names and had to use a Greek alphabet starting of course with alpha. The latest hurricane Iona is the ninety Greek lettered storm it's unleashed 160. Mile per hour winds over the Caribbean sea before battering Nicaragua. And the hurricane season is officially ending more storms could still are now before the 20/20 one hurricane season officially begins. On June 1. Still lots to get you here on crimes. Hearing. President trump wanting undocumented immigrants to be excluded to the maximum extent from the census in the future. If the justices agree that could have major political impacts we'll explain. The new series exploring black markets around the globe. And where is that monolith now apparently. It's missing. Its top trending stories on I. From a for. As corona virus desk increase in more than half the country and another company hopes to bring its vaccine to market. Within 94% efficacy rate looked earnest as it is filing for emergency use authorization with the FDA. The vaccine is expected to be highly effective at preventing symptomatic disease. And very effective at preventing a Roosevelt era. From yeah. When only the second company to seek approval for a vaccine behind Pfizer and a record number of people were hospitalized over the weekend from coast in nineteen in the US and over 93000. Despite CDC warning not to travel. The TSA screened more than eight million people at US airports open Thanksgiving holiday and health experts are worrying us. Two or three weeks down the line we may see a surge upon a surge in. Indiana and hospitalizations there had never been higher that's not just about dying in America how much more than double how lifelong disabilities and New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new phase in the war against the virus in the main concern hospital capacity from. If we had a real hospitalization crisis. We could potentially do what New York cause. Remember those 12100 dollars stimulus checks back in March higher arrest confirms some foreigners who don't even live in the US also got down one Swedish woman in Stockholm tells NPR she was one of those recipients of the IRS admits it mistakenly sent checks to those who receive some federal benefits the government says 34 million dollars were sent overseas but there's no idea how much was an error and and it could happen again and from congress works to pass another car rotavirus relief bell. A voter from Florida has been found alive and calling into the side of the ship one day after it was reported a loss that sink his. Crewmembers aboard a container ship yesterday spotted story and we do. Desperately hanging on a sign of his capsized on 26 miles off the coast of Cape Canaveral. Rescue crews went in search of the 62 year old man once he was reported missing Saturday morning. His condition has not been made public at this time. From Laverne Cox the actress and LG BTQ activists claimed she was the victim of transformative attack over the. Side when they got. A little guy who claims I think what is happening to guys. Brand new entertainment raising going towards hand to hand me a little hole leads but angle on a college landslide. What is obvious that he's over in the yeah. Cox speaking about the incident belongings a Graham saying she had a frontal attack Milwaukee in a parking Los Angeles tumbled on Saturday she says. Because of the man first verbally assaulted them and then physically assaulted her friend boring them to get out of the market. The man got away and got a friend were not physically. Lighting up the charts like dynamite and breaking boundaries. Korean boy band BTS topping the billboard hot 100 with their new song life goes on. The number one sung predominantly incur re in a first for the hot 100. The last time a number one song was sung mostly in a language other than English was whipped us Placido. Life goes on is the group's third number one on the chart. An honor shared by area on a grand day for Tony joining us. For a president trump and his handling this year's White House Christmas will be their last a series of indoor holiday parties will begin tonight that define the advice of their own public health experts. Karen Travers has more. America the beautiful that's the theme of this year's White House Christmas decorations. First responders and Frontline workers are honored in the red room the library is dedicated to celebrate the 100 anniversary of women earning the right to vote. The eastern celebrates American innovation in all air road and space travel firstly he Maloney in trump was comes in from the unveiling of the decorations today. In October the First Lady was heard in an audio recording obtained by CNN using expletive laced language to complain to her than good friend Stephanie Winston won't cough. About Dick greeting the White House for Christmas. You can't teach it does he really he supported the Jena I don't drill now know. I'd put. Let's. And he's messed up that Eagles and he's missed the queries but it quits right. But the governor has a 100% it had. Place. The news of that recording from just hours before president trump revealed he in the First Lady tested positive for cove in nineteen. This is jump later said that the recordings were released out of context by someone who wrote a book to try and distort her character. Our thanks to Karen and a tour for president trump and chair before the US Supreme Court today not to challenge 20/20 election results but. To challenge the 20/20 census the president wants to exclude millions of undocumented immigrants from actually count before he leaves office it's never been done before and if he succeeds it could have a sweeping impact on our politics and allocation of federal funds for more than a decade are Devin Dwyer covers Supreme Court has followed today's oral arguments he joins us now DeVon or minus about does Jason what's instincts here. Get the census and he's about so much more than just county how many people live in the United States has used to determine. How many votes each state gets in congress how many tax dollars each state gets for things like education. And health care the constitution says that's supposed to be based on how many people whole people are in each state the president however wants us attract. Undocumented immigrants from the count as you said it's never been down before three lower courts have struck that down. And now the justices have to consider whether or not that can happen here so much on the line for states like California. Florida New York when big immigrant populations they could lose seats in congress and billions of taxpayer dollars it as well. Were there any clues about how the new conservative majority including three trotted appointees might we're all. You know the court was so skeptical including at least two of the president's appointees of the president's plan in fact I was struck by justice Amy coney Derek and newest member of the court she said that the history and text of the constitution do not appear on president's strong side in this hitless in which you dissect. A lot of the historical evidence in the long standing practice really cuts against your position. And you know there's evidence in the surrounding air an inhabitants was into Weller. Who lives are resides in a place. There's nothing usual are settled about your residence if your presence is violating federal law. And the summer hasn't agreed to let you stay. But if it's an undocumented. Person has been in the country for say twenty years in an even have illegally as you say. Why would some person I have it is such a person I was settled residence here. So a lot of skepticism of the president's plan to exclude all undocumented immigrants Lindsay but there are they did seem to keep the door open to perhaps a more tailored approach. Maybe the president could exclude some subset should if he revised his plan opponents of all of this said they will bring this back. In court if that happens but for now it's a race against the clock. Both for the court to decide this am president trump they're under a deadline by law to deliver that critical census count to congress. In just days before the inauguration in January when they saw a lot at stake in this critical case very usual for this to be decided in such a quick compressed manner radar taking place at the eleventh hour okay Devin Dwyer. Thanks indeed. If you were in the mortgage person of the hottest video game console of the holiday season they are almost completely sold out but you might tries what's to blame. And it's not dependent actually were only has more. The most sought after gifts this holiday season Sony's PS five and Microsoft Xbox series X video game consoles. Nearly impossible to get seemingly sold out everywhere and it. There they're really really hard today. Now like you can not get your hands on life. Black Friday shoppers camping out for days but some stores only getting in a few at a time if any we've been trying to get the PlayStation five for a very very long time at this GameStop in Dublin California Morgan's Langer got the last Xbox he's hoping to resell the 500 dollar system online or at least 850. As planned on its own and making my quick 300 dollars and he's not the only one looking to flip them experts say online shoppers barely had a chance this year because of box. Software programs that can check inventory and complete a purchase infinitely faster than any human could. Wiping me inventory clean just milliseconds after items are posted. Resellers listing the 500 dollar consoles for up to four times the price. There are rocks that are specifically designed. It feels like somebody's cheating in a system that has been set up at. It's supposed to be flat for everyone if any. Three Hitler's trying to leave that it must possible to limit supply per customer that they can. Our thanks to backing for that in next graphics upcoming series tracks at Peabody award winning journalist Marianna bonds Allard takes a dive into black markets around the world giving the audience inch interesting glimpse into the lives of those making the deals tickle. So when you do that you. Maybe Coleman declared. Hornets over the Morgan how long have you been in the money game plan we'll drink holders and jewels and goes home. Local local local with the council's cultural change. Absolutely and insures home from her. Humanity first time he did it. Poll should look wonderful homes promoted for millions mark. A storm is remarkable. Vote and revolving for him to lose your first look more look for good and noble moral soon. Arianna thanks so much for joining us in that Clinton did terrorist self described mid level boss from Montego Bay he told you that she was fairly when he got into trafficking any goes on to further explain that he considers what he's doing to beat reparations in fact at one point he admits that he almost robbed your crew are always traffickers motivated by tussling. Circumstances or would you say there's more to it. The vast majority are united in about where they are born into circumstances around there aren't. Lives and the Stanley airborne in you know Larry on friends or cocaine traffickers. Or even blend sends cameras like he's on and Jamaica. It's a lot more about the end of circumstances it's around and it isn't. And house. Any really good job of concealing these traffickers identities but with the illegal nature of the underground world how difficult is if you to gain their trust and how do you get their trust. It's uneasy at sentencing in a challenging part of my job inning their trust and getting access in these routes such you know these non sometimes even years and goes in he's in building trust getting source is fining people willing to talk to artists you know it's. Knocking on doors making calls sitting down with people hours on end getting no not know until somebody agrees to do it and I think part of it is yes building that trust you know there's always a lot of fear that there not only say we are that they're law enforcement instead of nine journalists example so there's a lot of -- sitting down with Ben and usually your drinks involved with under. Pound first updates. Already invited though weren't these are want to learn more about each end and after that yet either yes or no it's it's a clean ninety's but it's all about building trust. And this isn't your first time covering the underworld you also reported on a drug war in Mexico has Wellesley tunnels that are used to traffic in and around Gaza Dutch if this around this year was actually a lot bigger were you worried that this could be a hindrance of the rawness of the story. I'm you know I'm used to traveling the Mac nearly everybody team you going around the world and gaining access that is what I've been doing this thriller eighteen years inning access entities well let National Geographic being National Geographic and you know having this incredible look to it and really done putting premium on their there. And how beautiful everything looks on the Channel 8 list but the challenge senior Amy wanna do you want shall we love easier to. Make it look even you know you make it look suited. But the Hollywood movie. And and it you know that's when he back and we get all the time is how incredible the series looks. And and I yeah I was consent and now I'm traveling with a group with so many people and with analysts when he cases and here lounge and deathly thought I was gonna make it difficult more difficult to gain access to these wells Exel are. It really hasn't at the end of the day who really establishing for some all of one on one connection between me. And the people he's well on and then do that they're sort of trust that happens around the blue. But sometimes there's also situations in which not a local is not allowed just me and one other person or other people that also. Yeah I'm curious how you handle that meanwhile your following is traffickers all around the globe your put into a lot of anxiety inducing situations imagining of the larger groups. In the nerves wouldn't be as bad but when it just becomes you and one other person each. How do you handle. An experience it's it's being you know having done this so many times and it's sappy come never panicked and always being column always always having him and then there's always and in place there's a lot of security procedures that people don't see but are there and and then it's in acting on the land you know. Now of course when you hit the ground on these stories you nosy journalists yourself as you know nothing is as what you thought it was never preconceived idea what he's going to be about and they need the ground and actually nothing is expected it to be but ultimately the most interesting stories it's a guns yes remaining it's keeping column. And focusing on the task at hand and showing the people you wish that you trust that you know slowly you're securities and it is in their hands. And you trust Ammann by trusting them and being we're not your the year just listen to now. And try to understand they are world. Then it will land trust you as well be more willing to open up and and and treat you well enough and ultimately not. Not my and myself lake and a picture in Jermaine said he was going to do until he met. In this series of course highlights traffickers and all their duplicity is on one hand they're criminals and I are still very young men with normal means engineers. As you know uncovered their layers. Stories do you find your son able to connect with them in any way and what would you hope that the viewers will take away. Absent is exactly it's the word connected ear. You know it was my main goal for this series lead is not only to get an easy one to wells and when or only from me was of people you will connect you -- ours you know the more I learn about and the warrants and timeless and I realize that there's actually a lot more nights are and what differentiates of course there's a lot of people are not yet that's deadly that's the case but one thing that you finally start -- and and talking T people listening to these stories is that you know their mothers their fundraising goals and aspirations and dreams and very much like our own and and it actually Harden not assertive and sounds you know I always on complacent and the. Marianna thank you so much your time traffic premieres on Nat geo Wednesday night at 9:8 central. And when we come back why everyone needs a friend like the one this Turkey hands. It. And now to the plot twist remember this is that ten to twelve foot monolith found in the desert some wondered if it was art other said that it could be a warning from aliens wanting not industry tonight. It is now missing. Federal officials in Utah are blaming an unknown party for taking it after it was discovered earlier this month officials never disclose its location which. That didn't stop the curious among us from making the trash. Before it branched. Many of us had Turkey on the menu over the holiday weekend but for the next Stanley and county Pennsylvania that Turkey became more family and entries this year and young Turkey made fast friends with the youngest member of the Stanley. So the plan was is we where going to had Staten. Raised down. And then they were going to be dinner but no foul play for he had that Turkey this Thanksgiving L and oh yeah. And dale and me as an BC net new from the moment deal was born back in March. Being beaten based friends mean best friends it just started out way instant. Stumbled on a couch when she was very tiny. And then I don't know their little relationship they despondent. What exactly does this six year old girl do with an eight month old Turkey. Gobble it all. As one guys I've yeah. Casey and Viet stuffing as much quality time in each day as they can. Whenever they lay on the couch sent out there and watch TVE. Wasn't very normal. The TV time is tame compared to playing barbies with the. She yeah Albert Toy Story and yeah kinda like throughout matter. Chill the east Jilin. He listened dolls because. Other dolls teaching may see some important life lessons she has learned responsibility. She's learns. Kind nest. Priest back to the animals for my daughter something really great came out of that pandemic consider bill this awesome relationship with her pets. Better than a presidential pardon a Turkey has a friend for life our thanks to Wilson that and people Rico tonight. Our image of the day now this wasn't the best way to start the workweek this bicycle is not down by eight and clearly dangerous waves and Chicago by capture local meteorologists had warned about the potential danger of the waves but that did not stop this. I guess we'll calling brave person fortunately he was okay albeit cold and soaked. No word if she needed to work on time or. If at all that is our show different is our mission is tuned to ABC news are more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for sharing with us and good night.

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