ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wisconsin official: ‘Get those ballots back as soon as possible’; Vaccine Watch: How a COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed; By the Numbers: LA Dodgers’ historic win
53:59 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, October 28, 2020
The northern eye wall of Zeta slams ashore one. Hundred mile per hour wind. I suspect hurricane makes landfall in Louisiana tonight. A named storm is not hit the US this late in the year in 35 years the Gulf Coast hopes to catch its breath. Let alone get a break. So bottleneck of energy ahead on Election Day. President from going all in on rallies hoping crowds of his supporters helped him gain ground ball he's slipping inside. Fighting continues to hammer trump for his handling of the pandemic. Plus hundreds of troop supporters were left stranded in near freezing temperatures for hours. And while America keeps on voting millions more Americans casting their ballots early today. While the deadlines loom for voting by mail. A closer look at the concern over name signings and whether signatures and point 18 by the new hanging chads from the 2000 election. Slowly continues its rise half a million Americans infected in just the past week. Some hospitals running out of beds and workers doctor county urges Americans to stop making excuses about not wearing masks. And while we race for a vaccine and closer look at just how quickly he could get to the public. And why are young black girls getting punished more often the harshest discipline. As of any demographic in schools as we hear firsthand about their experiences. In makes you question authority and everything this question. And overshadowing the Dodgers historic moment snagging the World Series title. Star Justin Turner faces criticism for celebrating masses would teammates right after being pulled out of the game. After he tested positive for cold it. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with a six days until. The election and the candidates are feverishly try to convince the few remaining undecided voters. Why they are the right man for the job now ordinarily that's how we would've started our show but alas. This is no ordinary year instead we begin with a cruel reality that residents in Louisiana are once again battling a hurricane. Zeta is a record fifth named storm to hit that state this year it recently made landfall as a category two. The fast moving storm and its 110 mile per hour wind gusts are already causing destruction as it races toward the Big Easy. The mayor of New Orleans has ordered everyone off the street. And that's where our rob Marciano is standing by we'll speak to him just a moment but first his report. Tonight fast moving hurricane Xena slamming the Gulf Coast. High winds and surging waves as families hunker down. Does not look like we're going to skate this time people need hunkered down and be prepared. Comments they don't support them. Having apple listening to us through. And figure directly into. This is not aged real we do expect. Directly. Impacting the city of New Orleans the city closing its massive floodgates and then there's this wall new since Katrina just east of New Orleans there's oddity banning gold surged. Out of this city and its huge 20s60 high and nearly two miles across. Five tropical systems like Louisiana since the start of the code that pandemic. Seen it coming less than a week before Election Day we've identified in advance all of the polling locations. So that power restoration efforts can be for our guys there. And rob Marciano joins us now rob we spoke to our earlier show when that eye wall was moving through what's the situation like they're now. It's a lot more calm now but. Before. Now when that I'll always rip and through this part of New Orleans he came in with a vengeance I mean that he's. Giant palm trees were. Flown nearly nine degrees sideways all sorts of debris flying around which is still happy now to a lesser extent we have roof tiles construction areas. We're breeding got peeled off debris was he peeled off up parts of the buildings are around here. In New Orleans and then BI came through got this at a party it was completely com. For about a half an hour. Which is always theory. And comforting briefly and now the back cap is coming through which is much weaker this is a very top heavy storm. So the southern outfit doesn't have a lot of ring when it doesn't have a whole lot of wind although enough wind to blow around some debris and knock out of power by the way power here. Pocket now she rarely goes out of me all the power lines are underground. Here in downtown New Orleans so they are blessed with that I can't say that for. The rest of people on tap this thing. Right now the setters basically getting over Slidell Louisiana will be crossing the Mississippi tonight. And they used to track we've got tropical storm warning that oppose and all the way. Into Virginia to this thing's moving over 25 miles per hour which means it's taking its damaging winds well him and all the way up into the mid Atlantic. Tornado watch east of these settle out of this system tonight storm surge as it continues to come on tore through Mississippi Alabama and and the panhandle of Florida. And obviously the dammed human ring yes but the rain is not nearly the issue that these damaging winds artist I'm those out. But Biloxi. Gulfport mobile Pascagoula you'll see damaging winds of the next hour or two and they're getting up into Birmingham. I Atlanta tomorrow morning fifty plus mile per hour winds that will be enough to do some damage induced takes or take out some power lines as well. Across Tennessee the the apple latins and getting into Virginia. Also damaging winds and getting ensued New York City. In the form of rain and wind tomorrow night mixing with some cold air across the real and we'll see snow. Associated with. What's left of a tropical systems it up across new England and parts of northern New York so. Once again Lindsay. Millions of Americans being impacted. Some in a violent way buying another land falling hurricane. There's 220 season's been remarkable for sure but a lot of people are gonna lose power and now there's a lot of damage with this during the Reagan as storms that came through tonight for sure Letzing. And no rest for the weary in that includes you rob Marciano thanks so much for your reporting. Now to the race for the white house with less than a one a week until the final votes are cast president trump with two rallies in Arizona today saying again we're rounding the turn on the pandemic despite the rising hospitalizations and deaths across the country. I'm Joseph Biden holding a briefing with public health officials in casting his own ballot for the latest on the 20/20 race here's ABC's chief White House correspondent. Jonathan Karl. In the final days of his campaign Donald Trump is facing two follows. Joseph Biden and a pandemic did is getting worse in the very places he needs to win. Unable to ignore the virus he's downplaying it and he's making promises. Coming. Home early. At eradicate the virus and rounding. Mullah. Allied oh. One. Campaigning in Nebraska a rare acknowledgment from the president that some parts of the country are hurting. Midwest a little areas of the midwest certain areas that are heated up right now they'll go down that the down very quickly they'll be down within two weeks. But the president's own corona virus task force offered a much bleaker assessment in a report sent to governors this week describing quote. Unrelenting broad community spread in the mid west. Upper midwest and the west saying quote it will require aggressive mitigation to control. President still insist the only reason the numbers are going up. Is because there's more testing you know we're summer vacations because we test more but today the president's point person on testing says that's not true. That more people are getting sick and more people are dying we do assess that the cases or actually going up their real. Because hospitalizations. And deaths are starting to go up he also warned that if Americans don't Wear masks socially distant and avoid crowds. Local governments will need to impose quote draconian measures to control the virus back in April the White House corona virus task force. Released recommendations for a gradual reopening of the State's. Back then the president's son in law Jared Kushner told Bob Woodward in a recording obtained by CNN but the president was taking control back from the doctors. That it buy it buy it was almost like it was almost like trial. Getting the country back from the doctor straight in the sense that. What he'd doubt it was you know he's gonna call of the open out that basically was Steve they'll put out rules to get back to work. Trucks now back in charge it's not the doctors. But the president quickly undermine his administration's guidelines. By urging states to fully open up immediately today doctor for out she said that if states have followed the plan. We would not be facing a cold mid nineteen surge right now if everybody had donned uniformly. I don't think we would be in the position we're in right now. Now the president is once again disregarding recommendations of health experts holding packed rallies. In places where infections are on the rise after a trump rally in Nebraska last night. The president's supporters were left stranded outside in near freezing temperatures. A fox reporter tweeted pictures as supporters waited for hours for buses to take them home. Many including seniors. Were forced to walk some two and a half miles. Some thirty people sought help from paramedics seven people were transported to the hospital Joseph Biden today said it's a reflection of the way trump has handled a pandemic. He gets his photo op and it gets out. He leaves everyone else to suffer the consequence of his failure to make a responsible plan. As for Biden he's keeping a much lower profile. His only scheduled event today was in his home state of Delaware. He calls it briefing with health officials after that he went out to vote. By and really taking different approach to the campaigning in the final days than trump Jonathan Karl joins us now sick John. What's on campaign's explanation for what happened at that Nebraska rally that left although supporters stranded. Bush say a couple things one was the sheer size of the crowd they say that they. I would normally dispatched fifteen buses and in this case they actually is past forty buses have such a big crowd. But that the the backlog in the end and in all the big mass was primarily because of road closures. Regardless of what the explanations were you saw a lot of people. Had to spend a heck of a lot of time getting out of there are many of them walking. In temperatures in the low thirties. And the president wants in downplaying the virus in his rallies speeches it's just a play fine with his face but the pandemic does seem to be taking an overall whole. On his support. It is in a couple of ways one we're seeing its in polls coming out particularly. In the midwest Wisconsin Michigan. It seems to really be contributing to a fall in support drop in support. Out there for the president drop that his advisors will candidly acknowledge. If speaking only on background. The only thing is it's also hate is number one issue is number one issue has been the economy. And look at the stock market today down almost a thousand points. It's clearly having a serious economic drag as well that hurts him. Parts of central mass. Jonathan Karl our thanks to you. Thanks Lindsay. And tonight still days away from the election and a record nearly fifty million Americans have already voted by mail shattering the total of 33 million in 2016. But before the crush of ballots can be officially tallied election workers must first to verify the signature so to take a closer look at just how that's done. And why some worry that too many ballots could be wrongly thrown out. Here's DeVon to Iowa's knights valley watch. As millions of mail ballots pour in all eyes are on the signatures. Election officials in Washington DC showing ABC news how they analyze handwriting to make sure marked ballots match real people and it. Person you scan it and there's there file signature comes up and yet to go look at it. And the there. We've given the chance to sign it appeared. The verification is an essential step before any mail in votes can be counted. And signature we could not. 22 states notify voters in give them a chance to cure or fix ballots signature defects within a few days of the election. But 28 states including key battlegrounds Michigan and Wisconsin do not. We often say that one vote. Every hour. Matters and counts and sometimes that bloke in can really make an impact more than another times. We need to make sure that every eligible American and has a ballot counted on even if they. Didn't cross a T org forgot to dot and I. An ABC news analysis of the last two election cycles found more than 750000. Mail in ballots were thrown out nationwide. Many for not having a valid signature or for arriving late during this year's primaries more than 500000. Were tossed for the same reasons. Individuals who are inexperienced with mail voting I tend to have the ballots rejected at higher rates and I and that's an important thing right now of course because so many people are new to voting by mail. Researchers say signature errors district. Proportionately trip up younger voters and minority voters and rarely reflect attempted fraud. Sadly what we have found is that signatures may vary for all kinds of reasons someone's age someone may have had a stroke somebody maybe just moving too fast. And so in those instances were really pushing officials to give voters. Notice and an opportunity to cure any issue that you may have identified. While several states have detailed guidelines for signature matching others do not. Leading some experts to worry that a subjective analysis of the voter's hand writing could unfairly compromised their vote. Staffer under training they're under resource and they'll be under tremendous pressure to get results quickly they're moving through. Thousands or millions of signatures in the state and verifying the signatures very quickly. From mistakes can happen. Experts say there's a 97%. Likelihood that a ballot rejected for an unsuccessful signature comparison should have been counted. It's one reason why Pennsylvania Supreme Court last week unanimously ruled that no ballots can be thrown out this year over an alleged signature mismatch. Republicans seniors they would say wait a sack. Shouldn't we be checking the signatures to make sure they're real. If you're my online EU AEP accurately or it like you're dying for our mailing out application unique about it. There are already well absent crop that's her that her. That I weigh action. Remember if you attempt to make their rotten at the annual bee process. But states that do analyze mail ballot signatures may soon be in the spotlight especially if the election is close. There will be hardest and challenging a signature verification and signature is in on the days following the election come in many states weakened her parents' house -- now. A brewing potential legal battle reminiscent of the one in Florida twenty years ago. An election in turmoil a presidency in the ballot a nation weight but this time instead of hanging and dimpled chads it could come down to. Plants and slow and can stop and line orientation and connecting. Our letter is. For ABC news live. I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. It's a potentially some different scrutiny of the ballots this time around our thanks to DeVon for that. This week the Supreme Court struck down efforts in Wisconsin to allow absentee ballots that arrive after election date to be counted so. For the latest on the vote from that critical battleground state let's bring in May Kimball from the Wisconsin elections commission thanks so much for joining us. Big monster having. So I asked yesterday with Michigan secretary of state in her advice to voters at this point was to turn in ballots in person saying quote don't rely on the mail. So after that Supreme Court decision what's your recommendation to voters to make sure that their ballots arrive in time in. And where does the counts stand right now as far as how many absentee ballots still need to be returned in your state. Yes so I'm 33 absentee ballots need be back in it was gone by 8 PM on Election Day. NUSPS. It back Netanyahu and two weeks. I think either. Exit out of at this juncture where the election and returning absentee ballot in Britain's. Election that. Or drop us and he is really fast. As well issued closed one point IE an absentee ballots. And are still quite here that are out that he's the seller buys those night and to get our act is soonest. It won't 123000. Ballots were rejected and Wisconsin's April primary which is more votes than decided to 2016 election in your state. With more Wisconsin voters voting by mail for the first time this year. Is there concern and all that more balance will be potentially rejected an and what's being done to let voters correct any issues. So we've been doing the last act seeking earners about the requirements to me slower than their absentee ballots. So that isn't getting back in Spain was I think that's the Election Day. Also in the sky and you're fighting that vote bears that I mean this it tipping its absentee ballot. And that they had witnessed signing certificates in grad act and that is well. In so he also built in some school and technology. Two alerts voters if there is a problem. Before Election Day into current local actually start to get that remedy that outlines each be counted so it's been a combination. A voter education. In alerting boaters in this problem and her. This month he raised the need for more poll workers for Election Day but Wisconsin is currently seeing one of the highest rates per capped of Kobe infections as well as rising hospitalizations and deaths. And your governor has asked residents to voluntarily stay at home as much as possible so do you have of the people in the resource is to run polling sites safely. And what's your advice to voters who will wait until Election Day to vote at the polls in person. We have a higher percentage absentee ballots than ours Eaton and general election so many voters cast as an option. To participate using absentee and you know. We're also asking voters continue to use the in person absentee brats in all honesty now. I always expect and expect it'll be about 40% are expected out. Now comes the polls on Election Day and so we house reports that was not really have stepped up to become lawyers. And encouraged local guys are not just enough or accurate but it's clean and importance UT. In the event that sometimes not it considered because in it elements are up unexpectedly and so really has banned. Holes in it hurts if so where we all workers to process that volume. Amid all the things like getting up supply and education IRA but once it's back to pull on Election Day. And inserted at the state experience for Annie and she's outs and of course clerks in your seat can't begin to open ballots until the day of the election so do you think they're prepared to handle that huge influx at and also when you anticipate having the final result for Wisconsin. Yet thinks that question has also been a big car over let it be. Like he's at absentee and asked me and that process and all the pools all been on Election Day. Absentee ballots aren't this is our call it processed at the polls on election although Weezer Welch instantly he opened at sunny. When walls or. Does not have to continue to be counted and every lap we return Allen has been. And so are Fuller is will dean be diligent. Dinner process now accountant average one at each thing counted. Sitting pizza and I'll remind voters can wind. Each always peaks and number of weeks to complete. I election those are effort officials are. Election without actually in the eastern at the municipal. Many county home and it's which by our state my is December 1 is one sooner I get results an election. Anything you hear that it unofficial results but how does the counting work will you count. I'm throughout the night eight or you stop at a certain points and we'll be back in the morning and continue counting. Yes so Wisconsin stay unhappy every state in Wisconsin's get locked doesn't look at that county is one continue. To be turned against. It's a publicly noticed meeting where anybody can come considered that county as it continues. Arnold logistics and planning that is being they been cleaning for that additional senators asked the outs. Neighbors treated additional full workers absentee ballots out years. So that they deal with higher bounty and many don't expect that it's going to be recently night's incident at a potentially on the morning. But it resource appropriately. To get that. Count. Me and course and accurately as possible. And lastly a vast several state officials if anything at all is is keeping a Moffett Knight is there anything that concerns you most right now as we head into Election Day. It worries me amounts it missed in this information about a election. There our people Chinese can use. There's. Misleading information Peter from people good intentions or people out intentions as her intelligence community. Recently. I think voters really patents aren't defined facts about election. So speak up attacks from your local action against it's mile an hour. About how relaxing actually. Because I am more people now from Phoenix Charlotte and I think you see Eileen credit policy partner going to meet mr. that your vote XT. In securing an act act. Every single state official we have talked to and I Bassam that question answers the same way that concern is about news and this information mega wolf thank you so much for your time. Yet it. Now to the Kobe crisis in this country as new cases explode across the American heartland infections are on the rise in 45. States and death surprising in thirty states straining hospitals and taxing health care workers. And the new warning tonight about just how long it could be before things finally returned to normal. ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman reports in from hard hit you top. Tonight the virus continues to reach through the port land he took nearly three months to hit 500000 cases but that any new cases reported. Just the past week you to one of 32 states that rotavirus task force calls it red zone. There desperately short of medical staff here. So you can create more beds but you can't create more. Doctors Hearst's right we can't just make icu doctors icu nurses are floor nurses and for icu nurses like she'll Marshall. Each patient's death. Fuels person. When I fail it's really really hired in items to the doctors and everyone in the health community can relate to about that it misses. It though the Getty. The White House task force urging you to ought to enforce mask wearing but some businesses looking to mandate. Minority have even called it a hoax. We make. It's. Quite frankly it's insulting to health care workers and to scientists and I haven't been spending the last 78 months of my life away from my camera away from my kids. Because of a hope. Case is now rising in 45 states and gets climbing in thirty states tonight more questions about how common it is for Covert patients to become re infected. Doctors in South Dakota or investigating whether twenty people might have been infected a second time. With the different strain of the virus doctor Anthony got T today warning that even if most Americans are vaccinated in the middle of next year. We might not see life back to normal until 20/20 two. I think it will be easily by the end of 20/20 one and perhaps even into the next year. Before we saw having some semblance is of normality. While potentially not until twining tooling to our thanks to map for then when we come back the suspect accused of using body bags and steal items stolen from homes. How police finally tracked him down. We're keeping an eye on Philadelphia after two nights of unrest city leaders have enacted a curfew. Nexus pharmaceutical companies inch closer to finding a vaccine the big question how can I get it to every American eligible to take it. We'll take a look at the distribution challenges that may lie ahead in this week's vaccine watch stiffness. Philadelphia city leaders have enacted a 9 PM curfew was at city braces for more potential unrest after the police killing of Walter Wallace. The mayor has asked for the National Guard to be deployed police say that Wallace was wielding a knife and ignored orders to drop the weapon before officers opened fire Monday afternoon. His friend lawyer says it is family had called for an ambulance to get him help with a mental health crisis and that this death was avoidable. With cases hospitalizations and deaths from the corona virus now rising in states across the country progress on a safe and effective vaccine cannot come soon enough. But faxing gets a green light from the FDA actually getting the vaccine out to the American public will pose yet another challenge so. How the logistics for distributing an eventual vaccine work who will be the key players and who'll be first in line. Bob Woodruff has that story in tonight's vaccine watch. Right now pharmaceutical companies save millions upon millions of their yet to be approved Covert vaccine doses are now being manufactured. Boxed and stored in facilities around the country. The president's chief vaccine advisor is predicting that at least two vaccine developers are nearing the finish line. My prediction is by. The month of December. For the more than an accident defies a vaccine we have. Between twenty and forty million doses of vaccine stock five's. The plan now is to get these doses to those most at risk as soon as the FDA does authorize the vaccines as safe and effective. Perhaps as soon as November or December it's actually pretty symbol. The folks who were dialing. Our personal residence and nursing staff so they're the ones we need to protect. It's a complex plan private companies taking the lead and the military and state officials coordinating logistics. I tell you we've engaged in military we have a general who's in charge of all logistics who. Delivers soldiers. There will top seeded vision. B. Army truck struck. Back. Ol or who do it read god is commercial industry. Do with. Two of those private companies CVS and Walgreens have entered into a deal with the government's operation worked speed. To hasten distribution amongst nursing homes that opt end to the program. It was early about being able to the nursing homes and those odds you know this is one of our core competency or were actually get you or 400000. Flu shots this year. In nursing homes do about 8500 off site clinics outside our pharmacy. I'm so this is something that we do you. Coordinating the deal for CBS senior vice president Chris Cox says the company is prepared to distribute to at least 50%. Of the nation's nursing homes when a vaccine is ready. Ultimately we're going to be looking. To every nursing. At us as a partner. Within three we hear it. One hurdle could be the need to transport and store some vaccines in below freezing temperatures. For example Pfizer. But the current time we shouldn't them dry ice temperatures we held a series that packaging. Will we get these critical piece of boxes. They have they have roughly that she April vaccine would get packed around would try these very insulated containers. Another possible hurdle hiring more staff to handle the millions of doses likely to be injected. You know the administration also. And it Nightline there'll actually. While. Were little local farmers. Are you. It's not something that actually. New idea there were already five states nationwide allows pharmacists. And pharmacy technician restoration of vaccines. There's an existing training protocol in place that the American Pharmacists Association actually signed off aren't. It's very robust and as for the general public Cox says getting vaccinated will will both familiar. And a bit different. We're going to make this effort once we get twit general population stage. An appointment only title tomorrow give me an estimate once the vaccine leaves the door is Pfizer Warner company while lives. When would I be able to get it. Pharmacists in my remember I go to the Sorin get shot. How quickly would that. I would be speculating at this point what I will tell you. We are prepared to our backs and nursing homes before the end of the year. And we will be prepared to take on broader general election effort you know with in the first couple months twenty CBS added that a long. With residents nursing facility staff will also have the opportunity to be vaccinated in the early days of distribution. This is Bob Woodruff tracking the race for a vaccine. Our thanks to bomb and still ahead here on prime the neat study that says flat criminals are disproportionately punished in schools compared to white girls the ticket closer look at why that is. Tech CEOs grilled by lawmakers over online speech for certain social media platforms biased against conservative ideology is some claims. And the World Series victory in new controversy after one player test positive for Kobe and the then celebrates mass was with his teammates after their win. But first our tweeted today the administration insider who wrote a 2018 op Ed criticizing president reveals himself. We'll have more on why Myles Taylor a former Homeland Security official says he did it. Welcome back everybody and now into the World Series the LA Dodgers ending their decades long drought to beat the Tampa Bay Rays in a baseball season like no other we take a look. By the numbers the Dodgers won three to one last night in game six of the series finally getting over the hump after World Series losses in both 20172018. It was their first championship in 32 years a number seven overall for the Dodgers six in LA and one in Brooklyn. Ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw had two key wins in the series a three time Cy Young winner exercising some past playoff demons with his first ever title. An outfielder milky bets came through with two runs last night the all star joining the team this offseason to help put them over the top. It was strange season this was teams played only sixty regular season games in mostly empty stadiums under revise rules. Then a daughter spent the past three weeks of makeshift playoff bubble in Texas's help contain any potential Kobe outbreaks. But one positive test result came late last night for the Dodgers Justin Turner. Who was pulled from the game in the eighth inning but turner broke protocol to return to the field on the mask to celebrate with his teammates sparking a Major League Baseball investigation. The dodgers' long awaited victory came just sixteen days after the LA lakers won the NBA championship making Los Angeles for now. America's sports capital. And we saw a lot to gets you here on prime certainly you've heard about the record early vote but how. Heard about the Florida woman who showed up to vote in labor. And what she decided to do next another brutal day on Wall Street the worst since June why investors are still concern right now. An incredible technology now being tested Bluetooth putting thoughts into words could this be the future. One man explains how it worked for him but first a look at. Trending stories on And. But. New questions about whether the top administration has been politicizing the pandemic response. The president's son in law and senior advisor Jared Kushner rewarding in an interview with journalist Bob Woodward in an April the audio obtained by CNN and which Kushner says this about president from pushing states to reopen old. Here is almost like problems. Getting the country to talk to doctor Murad and that's exactly what he had did listen you know he's got home field. Today he's isn't Kobe nineteen rising in at least forty price gains in most of the battleground states including Michigan and Wisconsin and places the president won in 46 times. Vice president can strap on Google C. Today we're making things are normal alive and well slowly resume that's so we want we want normal life. I'm Joseph Biden in Delaware hitting back seems like just doesn't care much about. No longer in charge that more recklessly yes. There's an up. Biden also taking a shot in front campaign's handling of a rally in Omaha last night. Hundreds of supporters must Dan but it traffic jam leaving many straight and on the tarmac and near freezing temperatures at different hours after the event Indian. At least thirty needing medical attention it's an enraged that captured president Charles whole approach this crisis that gets this photo op thing gets out of the trunk campaign saying road closures were to blame and ending campaign works to provide the best guess experiencing. We care about their safety and miles Taylor a former official of the department of homeland security and has revealed himself as anonymous. Taylor admitted to writing the New York Times I'm name two years ago critical of the trump presidency. Tomorrow things Taylor claims senior officials were so alarm by president Charles behavior last year currently considered a mass resignation to the protests and then decided against. Capitol Hill today to CEOs of Google Twitter and FaceBook being asked about how they moderate words fail to moderate contents posted by users and mister Dorsey. I hale alleged eaten. And healing jargon what the media blackout report and what the American people out here are from and why you persist in behaving as a democratic super pac silent saying. It is to incarcerate your collectibles. Not during and we realized we need to earn trust more we realize. More accountability is needed to show our intention isn't sure there are some lawmakers are discussing section 230 a law that protects social networks from liability from their users post. We don't choose thirty all forms could potentially be held liable for everything people say. Stealing from a dead man outlook San Diego police allege this video shows after police discovered the body of a six year old man dead and is home from natural causes Stanley reporting things had gone missing detectives say this surveillance video shows a mortuary services worker from. Entering the home when Doug Gurney and empty body veteran allegedly filling it full of war relics and leaving again from his second trip to the home police later tracked down and arrested 49 year old Sammy games. Finding seats jewelry watches and more and it's believed there may be several other victims. The late Whitney Houston has earned her third. Diamond certified album becoming the first black artist to achieve the honor. The Recording Industry Association of America announcing today that Houston's how little we need. Has reached diamond status you equivalent of selling ten million albums next week Houston will be hosting missing and Don King into the rock and roll hall of fame. Welcome back 75 million and counting putting it another way more than half of the total vote from the 2016. Election. Those ballots have already been cast usually Democrats engage more in early voting but this Republicans are closing the gap. For the latest on where things stand we go to Marcus Moore. Tonight the early voting tsunami continues 75 million casting their ballots across the country. Texas leads the nation with more than eight million already voting. That is 90% of the entire both 12016. For me here and again Democrat bed O Rourke lost a narrow senate race in 2018. But saw a huge increase in turnout he is now canvassing with Colbert restrictions to try and turn the state blue Texas could and this country's national nightmare on the night of November there. Biden trails by just four points in the polls the Republican governor going door to door himself to hold off the challenge. Everything going gas so. What bothered and Kamal here since it is very steered. In the battleground state of Florida nearly seven million have voted surpassing the early vote from four years ago by 300000. Enthusiasm had a fever pitch in Orlando woman showed up to vote just after going into labor refusing to go to the hospital until she filled out a ballot. I am letting her know that November 3 I thought he had a tendency to drop out than she only hundred no. I wanna go out rhino. Republicans in the sunshine state making a search on Monday they trail Democrats and early voter turnout by more than 350000. That is now down to less than 250000. In just two days. Officials in a number of states bracing for an avalanche of mail in ballots nearly fifty million set and but more than forty million ballots not yet returned tonight this warning. It's now important she return your ballots in person. Don't rely on the mail mail regardless of what state here and get your ballots in empire State's deadline. Lindsay tonight the post office is warning voters that they should allow at least a week before that State's deadline to get their ballots in the mail. And they also report that their on time deliveries are below the normal rate. And it's and it's important for people when Alan ballots to remember. They can go to their local Dropbox location and deliver those ballots by hand in person to make sure their vote is counted. Thank you mark is six days until Election Day in the stock market is continuing its line. The Dow fell 943. Points they were 3.3. Percent it was the worst day since June. Investors are concerned by the new drastic lock downs particularly in Europe and the soaring cases here as the hopes were quick economic rebound continue to fade. Publicity unequal treatment of people of color from authority figures has been thrust into the national spotlight but. There's a new study that finds that this actually begins at an early school age and that black girls are disproportionately being punished compared to their white counterparts. K Norman examines this issue. Six year old pleading with the police officer not to arrest or. The eight hour. I don't know what happened programs the top to watch scenes captured on body camera footage in September trying nineteen shows what happened. As a Orlando officer hauled kind of roll away from school after she picked to teacher during a tantrum. He it. Believe me he the first grader placed in handcuffs and taken to a juvenile detention center to be booked and fingerprinted. Me. She out our. Little. Chill. And should eat it and I. The engines totally. That there. Are back. Don't we lol well I'll show. It. What her grandmother Maryland says hurts even worse than seeing her six year old granddaughters mug shot is a disappointment she feels with Kai his school. Where she says officials were already aware that kayak had sleep apnea which was triggering big young girls tantrums. Why are no. And we want you working at school. And they don't do. This incident like others have sparked outrage after videos of them went viral are playing out in schools across the country. And that data showing a disturbing trend young black girls facing some of the harshest disciplinary measures of any demographic in our nation's schools. According to a recent study black girls are five times more likely than white girls to be suspended from school it four times more likely to be arrested black. Our experience in armed. He of their ears as more adult when their his youngest age five and that he their ages and adults aren't any. Gauging with her role as if you are black wit which means that we're more likely to. At a this perception. About black girls eating less and less comfort. Less nurturing. This adult of vacation a black girls affecting even the way they're perceived doing normal childhood activities. To a gimmick entry says it happened to her daughter. Nicole stay in as he needed to take not a lot of idols because she was hyper and beauty. I cannot immediately it was never no why he. What does she do immediately I snapped and when you need her vital she's twelve she's hyper and Katie that's normal behavior. The now fourteen year old sharing with us what she says led up to being strip searched. At a Binghamton, New York middle school last January along with three of her friends all students of color the school denies the allegations. See you're going from the cafeteria to where you were supposed to be here and who is literally literally the girls say they were on their way to their lunch activity when they were stopped by school officials for laughing. The principal hauling their parents and afternoon reportedly telling them he was concerned that they were quote hyper and giddy. He said their behavior was abnormal. So he's irate knew what it I was like HI say them garner with her. The girls speaking out for the first time tell us they were detained in the nurse's office where one by one they were called to be searched. She and nearly aaron's lake has daughters saying they were told to one dress. She did so don't hold me to. Plumes in them asks. Leonard I didn't happen sharing. And I was sitting down. Sometimes it didn't that and I until after the Danvers and do it. Sushi. Had you take up your clothes until you're in your tank top here. It just your bra under. They're French refused to take off her clothes political prisoners and taking innocent. After being searched in their belongings inspected school officials fighting the girls had nothing on them. Lawyers representing that district issuing a statement to ABC news that reads in part. For middle school students were missing from their lunch period activity for approximately fifteen minutes and when school administrators located them. This students presented symptoms that suggested the school nurse should provide a standard health and safety check. Anders performed a standard check during which the girls remained closed. After their visit to nurse the students return to their classrooms without incident complaint or discipline of any kind sir. Killing you know the Eddie's. People because your joy is perceived as patients. Is just an except this treatment of black or item as. Some saying to me at least some being to be control. Summed England to be monitored. It stems from harsh. Harsh best is that slate and we have to sign. In both the Binghamton is orally until it's against. The feelings are convinced race played a major role in the actions taken against their girls so what. Went through your mind when you found out that your daughter's. Were pulled into the nurse's office. Not only deep teens without you knowing. Let. Told to take off their clothes that it could be serves. As a parent that leaves him bloom county it's not on her. So it's it's a shot that it's my cage but it's not a shock that it happened track opt out. I mean. She. Don't want. It I don't think it should it is because. In addition. We are urged. And she went on are. Not. Grandmother says since her arrest Kai now seven has been diagnosed with PT SD and separation anxiety. She's had to switch schools in has developed a fear of strangers. Her grandmother says she fears for her future and the long term impacts of the trauma she and dirt. Cheek agree to. Stop. You aren't we are. She maybe I. Saw. It because you know. Which are. The teens in New York describing how they feel their lives have changed. It saying they continue to deal with the fallout from that day in the nurse's office nearly two years later. Analytical enough to nobody. Nobody not family I'm nobody is still too does their consulates and nobody or nothing. Because of what happened to his senses. Dentists in my whole point of view it's looking. Anybody any changes he felt comfortable. I am really doom and gloom and place is being around certain because it's not. I sighed and school contingent on to something that I listened I shall listen if that teaches line. What if they don't really makes you question authority to ask questions you trusted them priceless paintings question. This is on the Spanish girl with us forever is not anything that just goes away it's not easy every day when she's like I don't want to go to school. When I go on our problem is she's all of the lights are off and cheeses land and I'm right wasn't wrong. It's like that's how bad feeling. Doctor Monique W Morse who's written about the damaging affects of over disciplining young black girls. Says these examples of a resting at six year old. And strip searching girls for being hyper in cutie. Are examples of what she calls push out. Making these girls more likely to struggle in school and increasing their chances of ending up behind bars or even worse on the streets we. My old much. Me me guns being. Morse bailout Sweeney harsher punish. And she and her Leah and do lake say they want justice for their daughters. With the assistance of the NAACP. Legal defense and Educational Fund they filed a lawsuit against the school district the cases in the pretrial phase. Quite the district's. I I'm I don't think that they thought. These girls have parents who was going who believed. Saying. Fight fat I'm gonna go as far as clinical until just as this because I believe mindless. One of the officers involved in high as arrest was fired two. Maryland has worked alongside Florida legislators to get the Kyle roll act passed. A first step to putting procedures in place for arrests involving children under ten now they're pushing for a law that would make arresting children under the age of twelve. Illegal statewide. I. Little changed they are you're at your. Qaeda remains resilient and isn't letting the trauma break her spirit. ER ERR. Idaho yeah. So. I wrote I wouldn't she know we are eaten. I don't wrap. It. Today Norman ABC news New York. Our thanks to. They can't you can tight fit coming up some incredible new technology. Finally tonight a groundbreaking new technology helping people email and text not their hands but with their minds. For people struggling with paralysis this could be a game changer helping people read gain independence. And essar will read shows us take back control of the world simply. By using the power of thought. It's like science fiction come to life. This man is working on a computer. But he's not using a mouse or a touch screen he's using his mind in this study released this morning scientists have implanted to patients with a brain computer interface. That allows people with paralysis to resume tasks like texting emailing. And even banking online. I think it's best described like a Bluetooth out of the Brian. This flexible metal coil is the key. Outpatient have bedeviled to learn how to text message to email. T.s would persist that to use the Internet. And then to new critical tasks like shopping and banking online. Sixty year old Australian Phillip O'Keefe is one of the first people to have the device implanted in his head. The father of two diagnosed with the nerds Janet of disease ALS in 2015. Now has trouble controlling his fingers and elbows. I Conroy whose opinion you blow. If I try to talk Nikkei boarded. Especially one hand one feet drew slow price computer work was becoming difficult for him but a few months after he received the implant in April. He sent his first email I've sort of really wind blowing. And that's theocracy there and steer this grain and feed your best. Hitting the send button you didn't name mile was just. Ruth RI recount destroyed. The sensation. Since then he's felt much more independent where tricks opt out his mental well being and and to on his connection to the outside world. While the device needs more study and is not FDA approved the results are promising. This is exciting because that thing minimally invasive way to record signals from the brain. With very high fidelity and bury high signal to noise. And apps hold a lot of us. Promising indeed our thanks to will read for that and before you tonight our image of the day remember the rock group the Smashing Pumpkins. They just might have some competition take a look at these elephants organs you in Portland. They getting into the Halloween spear kind of they are smashing 80600. Pound pumpkins like they are nothing at all. This activity was probably a lot easier than zoo keepers finding customers. For these massive it and that's. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for strewn with us and good night.

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