Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez schools House Democrats on Twitter

The youngest woman in Congress gives Twitter tips to her peers.
1:27 | 01/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez schools House Democrats on Twitter
What what was your top tip cards. I think is be yourself and she. Really write your own to eat so people now and it's talking what you learned Denard you know what Twitter. To Twitter is. Communicating yourself and and and what you're doing and that no one should ever tweet for you but yourself do you treat yourself yes I did all right congratulations. They're urging members of congress to do their own tweeting do you deer are treating I not much time I'm not total neophyte. In Lansing state suggested she got to acknowledge what you can and can't do it and I'm I'm pretty low. And the learning curve I do tweet a lot but. I thought that it was really interesting to hear the perspectives and I think it's true that the best tweets are authentic. Want to I thought was a good reminder not be afraid to use humor people want to see. That members of congress are real people it's what you learn and they didn't go for about where. This agree to will be used but you know that before. Few you Barbara Roberts is really hard jittery. To go again I think it's important to use that is to communicate to miss getting crusty constituents and give them just understand the importance about. Engaging in big government this is the egg them what you learned today and over four. She's really. Hit me between John ink well an eight LC I'm betting that.

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{"duration":"1:27","description":"The youngest woman in Congress gives Twitter tips to her peers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60452571","title":"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez schools House Democrats on Twitter","url":"/Politics/video/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-schools-house-democrats-twitter-60452571"}