Amy Klobuchar faces scrutiny over handling of Myon Burrell case

ABC’s Linsey Davis speaks with Burrell, who is serving a life sentence for the 2002 death of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards. Burrell has maintained his innocence.
19:54 | 02/25/20

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Transcript for Amy Klobuchar faces scrutiny over handling of Myon Burrell case
You may not know his name but my number around seventeen year old case has become a national story line in the presidential election is now under scrutiny after senator Amy Klobuchar initial took credit for making sure the chiller of eleven year old high Aisha Edwards was put behind bars teach after a year long investigation the Associated Press says the case was flawed. My on just sixteen years all the time has maintained his innocence. As so we went to the Minnesota correctional facility Stillwater in Minneapolis to hear from my on firsthand. You. Few cities and it's not true excellence across the accusation new explosive excerpts from interrogation video unit controversial case of my on Burrell can. Yeah. Jess. Sir it's. Just. Even so. A yeah. He's a Reston conviction and is one senator Amy Klobuchar has brought back into the public consciousness. Initially wearing it as a badge of honor miss relates to her tough on crime reputation. And your efforts to bring justice for shooting victims in the African American community my job is to hold people accountable when they break Iraq but here in her state of Minnesota. And ugly scar exposed in a time tested shot lingering like an open world. Constant reminder of the gaping hole a stray bullet left in this community back in November of 2002. After penetrated his home across the street from inside an eleven year old little girl named tiny nation Edwards who doing her homework at the dining room table yeah. And I ran and check out now while one high enough classical Stevie audit that doesn't this plant floor. And ban on April Allison has passed away outrage erupted in the black community with mounting pressure on the police start. To find her killer it was an Levy year old girl that was hit with a straight bowl. Right and so there was a lot of concern of the community that justice was served in the killing was so senseless so. I think. It had reached a point. At that time where. He had gators needed to be justice and need to be fast justice mornings after tight Asia's death police said they tracked down her killer who. Sixteen year old gang member of Mayan Burrell fired a gunshot into their home and a bullet hit tight ship in the chest that. And was seventeen years ago. This day in my around Burrell now almost 34 years old. Says he didn't do it. My aunt a lot of people say they're innocent. Why. Should people believe there are always let people know that I was innocent. Is just now that I have a voice but it's not about what I tell people from to make them believe what people could see for themselves. You know I'm the black gold look into any you tell me if you believe I'm innocent. That's exactly what Robin McDowell its Pulitzer Prize winning reporter did as part of an Associated Press yearlong investigation why do you believe my count well I didn't go in some investigation thinking he was innocent for sure I did believe that when. A lot of inmates friends and rivals were saying that they believed he was innocent. That he was worth looking into. Just last month. EP released an article concluding that the case was flawed citing inconsistencies. In the police investigation that led to money on being jailed for life. I started getting police reports. Get in the court transcripts from first and second trial and just went through and looked for. Inconsistencies. And started kind of just hitting the pavement and talking to you know but everyone I could talk to. Among those she talked to white Tyson who said for years that she was a killer not my on. It's like this whole moving furniture area after world are already doing. Are really sharp innocent girl now innocent. God has him at the time he was in June and just walk. Asahi breweries rose 500. Cheers and burdens. We found a gun fingerprints or DNA in the case against Miami largely relied on testimony from a teen rivals who changed his story several times about Cooley said he saw the crime scene. He has since died. The investigation question police tactics caught on camera. We know from good news yeah. We're. Voters are. That is huge names it was a process street. I decided thousand dollars or two hours ago. Compute Simon killer it detonated. Here I'll take it from there. Into illiteracy or no we're careful. Where an investigator offers 500 dollars for names of potential suspects. Even for hearsay from someone who said he knew nothing about the crime. Tutor thing I noticed you view yourself but you're finished or something to. You're such an important decided they may get money from me. Who have. Through horrible. These are better than that children what you know is better than that. Now. What about abortion. Even your true. And well this video has only recently surfaced might believe surveillance video may have existed that could have exonerated him but police never pursued it. Surveillance video from this convenience store cub foods. But my on says he was at the time of the shooting. That's his alibi wouldn't it have been just as simple as finance surveillance video at cup convenience store. It should have been especially when he said during his interrogation go get that takes. I think there is no excuse. In my mind at that point. It's not go pick up the surveillance tapes or to go talk to Alabi is specifically gives the name of the girl says I was with her go talk to her. Yet nobody never goes talked to her so. Those are two really kind of clear open and shut things to me if you're looking to add both sides of the investigation not just so far and this guilty but. To see if someone's innocent you're gonna look at you're gonna look investigate us hats and you went to find that tape and what were you told. So they didn't remember but they definitely had surveillance cameras up at that time many of them. Maybe like a month. I'm mark Antony being housed in the Caribbean incarcerated earmarked. You know mom mom mom she in the past away from. She in the dying in a car accident from leaving from visiting them and it has a sixteen year old child. It was so devastate me and I was in a place where it was nobody but me so that kind of took over. My state of mind I asked are really stop acts and questions. Tomorrow attorney at that point cannot all the way and so I went to trial I believe that they head. Those tapes in so then when I went to trial and he never presented them for they never it was just like you know wrong. China had a really know how to take an eighty. May of 2003. Jury convicted my on a first degree murder. For more than half of his life now this is being home for my you could have taken a plea deal. If you had you'd be out already a dad why haven't you. Kwame. So what hurts to know. Did. Hearst and noted she could be out right now back to put an appeal and say listen Jimmy less time than we are right now. But then I will be taken responsibility for conduct in committee. In and I could never do better. In 20052. Years after he was found guilty. The Minnesota Supreme Court overturned my ounce conviction. I'm that was their Miranda rights violations. He got my Aaron when my analyst been interrogated. He was asking for is mother and he. Ask for it has be asked to talk to his mother asked if he gets his mother of thirteen times. And that he was tonight again and again. After the third time of asking he was read his Miranda. He was only sixteen at the time but was charged as an adult. The court ruled the denial of his mother along with about a half dozen other errors during trial warranted the overturned. But the prosecutor at that time have been county attorney Amy Klobuchar immediately vowed to retry my own. And in 2006. Offered this justification for why my round wasn't allowed to see his mother. The police didn't want him to be able to compare notes. To be able to fabricate an alibi. Burrell was tried again and found guilty by judge in 2008. The conviction that has been upheld on appeal. By the time of his trial Klobuchar had left the prosecutor's office for the US senate. Amy Klobuchar assigned district attorney chart knobs not only wants but even at the market based on was over time she recharged me. She recharging of first degree martyr. Never looked into the facts of the case never even address the misconduct had taken place can still put the same detective he signed police on mark case. So it took to going give more bogus evidence so you holding Amy Klobuchar responsible. Yes parsley after like she it's a source everything that happened. With heart charging me. He never took the time to look into this creation of a time to time to going to actually see is this true or is this for us. And when she did that I believed she gave the police free right message is priming back at a conviction secure me a conviction. And that's what they did by any means necessary. Even our response has been look he's been tried twice he's been convicted twice the second time I didn't have anything to do without she charged me both times she didn't try mean she didn't and trying to the first time. She's just played a big part in. Prosecutor and a conviction bargain on TV every time I want to core I anytime something you can't took place you went on TV NRC one in the newspaper. Has said this is what she's gonna do to me. The case of tiny nation Edwards is one Klobuchar has touted as a success again and again in her books as senator next door and in 2006. During her campaign for the US senate. Showing how she got justice for African American victims of violent. So now little current patient whose murder and Amy socks collected those gang members were for the Minnesota's police have also endorsed Amy Klobuchar. Trust their word she even brought it up just this past September on the debate staging as a candidate for president of the United States. The ACLU's legal director of Minnesota has said that you showed no interest isn't racial justice. Do you wish now that you had done more. That's not my record. The cases that came to us African American community that came to ask they said there was no justice for their little kids. There was a kid named Byron Phillips that was shot on his front porch no one had bothered to figure out who did it. When I came into that office we works with the community groups we put up billboards we found the shooter and we put him in jail. We did the same for the killer of a little girl named citation Edwards who is doing her homework in her kitchen table and we shot through the window. What. I think that's main point about my hand in particular right like if you are gonna hold this up as an example has something to be proud. Then this is really bad example and this is a nightmare of an example of all the cases I've looked dat and have been entrusted. My and it's the one that to me is the most clear cut. But there are others. And I may have focused on someone else if she hadn't been waving plaque. Amy Klobuchar as the management county attorney should have protected the rights of this juvenile. And treated him would dignity and respect. Rather than acting as if. He was disposable. As a result of the AP investigation just last month the group of civil rights advocates including members of black gloves matter Twin Cities. Called for the senator to suspend her campaign for president. You have wrongs that need to be right. The head of the Minneapolis NAACP. Says justice was not serve it. Seventeen years of a lifetime sentence in prison for a crime to begin actively part is so convinced. Can miss because there was no evidence to convict him in the first place there was no gun there was no DNA he has a solid Alan bat being a cubs look. Alabaster comparable where it was really based off of a rival. Gang member who basically say if he was the one who did it and even if there is how in this Nat certainty I think that this enough that we instill back to review. Amy Klobuchar. You questions. Each of the answer. How culpable do you think. Amy Klobuchar is when it comes to mile Burrell. I think that she was believed prosecutor at the time. And I believe that she knew the lab. As this case so let this her political career Buffett the senator and you don't want her. Presidential campaign. And I think that she holds it every day that's going back is a life laws as potential laws is my life went on a jury in his county to be split with his family is trying to get things spinning. And life is still Amy Klobuchar has a great debt to pay. In recent weeks senator Klobuchar has faced tough questions. I didn't know about this new evidence. How do you defend something like baton to someone like me who is the mother of a black boy a black teenager this case. All of the evidence needs to be immediately reviewed and act cakes. Why wasn't aware of that information. The new information. Senator grilled again at last week's debate. Why should black and Latino voters trust your judgment now. If it appears she may have gotten it wrong. Chris us are that case. I it is very clear that any evidence if there is new evidence even in the walled evidence it should be reviewed by that office and by the county attorney. That must happen I. I have called for that we view this was a case involving an eleven year old African American girl named Haitian AdWords that was shot. Doing her homework at her kitchen tables and three people were convicted for one of the cases is a one. Is being I hadn't investigated let's investigated by the journalists and I think it's very important by that that evidence come forward. Internist Amy Klobuchar has called for any new evidence in this case to be examined is that not enough. There's not enough Amy Klobuchar again I'll reiterate is a very powerful woman in a state of Minnesota as a senator. Tom do all her relationships the previously been in that role. And if she wanted it to be open I believe it will. But in a statement to ABC news current Henican counting attorney Michael Freeman strongly disputes for l.s claims of innocence. Saying he's been convicted twice for the murder and they say the case is being unfairly politicized because of Klobuchar is prior involvement. And they point out that she was no longer working in their county office during the second trial. The prosecutor's office claims for rails alibi has changed three times during and since his trials he confessed his involvement to a cousin and a jail informant. It was common practice for police to offer cash rewards in unsolved cases and that it's not unusual to not find a weapon or DNA evidence. -- is also provided a video statement. We focus on facts mr. Burrell is represented by an attorney and we've been working with data attorney for a year. It is legal team presents us with a new evidence we will review it. So far that is not happened and the only facts are for mr. Burrell trial a dozen years ago for Molly on a review can't come soon enough. I lost my child in this place I've been here since I was just T Harlem my 20s30. W 34 years old and next next month. In on the source like I'm never be able to get that back. But if it was a real mistake. You speak out against a mistake that you may he chart correctly so I don't think that it was really like anything personal against me. I think that it was more so. For them the put out that there that they're doing their job or that day six years a conviction so you think you're just as much of an unintended target. As tight. What S exactly how a film that's exactly half filled so. To meet this and justice all the way around a board don't want they didn't actually give. Tight ship or her family justice by persona true what would be the incentive. For police to knowingly. Put the wrong guy behind bars. Personally. I don't believe. Did it was. A plot. So so as like I have been debtor something against me personally I believe that they just want it. To put out to the public. That they have found somebody tipped did did it they committed this crime. But my says the renewed attention on his case. Gives him home. No one at eight. AP peace came out. Oh. And I was able to see in. Are crying. Because all these years I've been here and I've been screaming I've been telling people that I'm innocent I'm not supposed to be here. But my voice is never hurt. And whom they gave neo voice. You cannot just. For what I was telling them both and what they found themselves. And so if you want to if you want an artificial call finding yourself like his right there. In his mind in my own has already been vindicated. The rest of home remains very much incarcerated. It's got to make the best. Seventeen years later. Evidence of gunfire that once consumed in this community and is now ricocheted around the country and still remains a it doesn't appear to be going away in new anytime soon. We requested an interview is senator Klobuchar to discuss the case and provided a list of questions in response to Klobuchar campaign provided the following. And saying coach as I've said before this case should be reviewed immediately this was about an eleven year old girl Ty Asia Edwards who was killed while she was sitting at her kitchen table doing her homework and as a prosecutor our job is to convict the guilty and protect the innocent so any evidence was not look forward to was not appropriately investigated or is new evidence has emerged that should have been discovered that I watched it must be reviewed and when I was -- attorney I worked with the innocence project advocates for better eyewitness identification procedures and for the widespread use of videotaped interrogations with the goals of reducing wrongful convictions and increasing accountability. And the county attorney's office we work to go back to review all the major cases that involve DNA evidence and to reform the procedures for eyewitness identification. I have -- and always will be. On the side of justice in my arms defense team tells us that they have gathered new evidence and hope to sit down and discuss the case with Hannity and county attorney's office and just a final note on this of course it is not lost on us that an eleven year old little girl is no longer with us tiny Asia Edwards. Who her family's has had hoped to be an attorney. Our thoughts are with her scrambling.

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{"duration":"19:54","description":"ABC’s Linsey Davis speaks with Burrell, who is serving a life sentence for the 2002 death of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards. Burrell has maintained his innocence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69189374","title":"Amy Klobuchar faces scrutiny over handling of Myon Burrell case","url":"/Politics/video/amy-klobuchar-faces-scrutiny-handling-myon-burrell-case-69189374"}