The inauguration of President George H.W. Bush

Jan. 20, 1989: President George H.W. Bush takes the oath of office.
3:58 | 12/30/16

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Transcript for The inauguration of President George H.W. Bush
The bush era has begun. And we begin with our new White House correspondent. Brit Hume. What the new president would later called democracy's big day began as it always has at the White House. With the outgoing president and First Lady receiving the president elect and his wife. The manner of their greeting no illustrated that this transfer of power was not just peaceful but downright friendly. And one last touch before their traditional ride together to the capital. New plates for the new 600000 dollar presidential limousine. And then the stately procession down Pennsylvania Avenue. On Capitol Hill President Reagan took his place with hail to the chief played for him for the last time as president. And then the president elect with his hand on the same Bible George Washington used said the same words Washington and every other president have said. Preserve protect. And defend. The constitution of the United States so help me god so help me god. Congratulations. The transfer of power complete Mr. Bush began his inaugural address. With a tribute to his predecessor. Present Reagan. On behalf of our nation. I thank you for the wonderful things that you have done for America. And then us prayer we set the tone for a conciliatory speech whose basic aim whale few could disagree we're right on our. There is that one just use of power and need is to serve people help us remember and a hard. But how to help people with the treasury and deficit and taxes off limits hours he said it can be done and called for help. We have more will than wallet. But will is what we need. I am speaking. Have a new engagement in the lives of others a new activism. Hands on involved that gets the job done. The president was calling for a massive volunteer effort a sort of national barn raising to overcome homelessness and despair. And from congress firmly in the control of his opposition. And he asked for a revival of the bipartisanship in foreign policy he said had been shattered by the Vietnam War but now begins he said the age of the offered hand. I'm putting out my handy you mister speaker. I'm putting out my handy you mr. majority leader. And he reached out to less overtly to Iran would influence over those holding US hostages are and to Vietnam with knowledge of Americans missing in action. Assistance can be shown here in will be long remembered. Goodwill begets. Goodwill. There was but one explicit promise about cocaine which she called a deadly bacteria but take my word for it. This church will stop. At the end amid the cheers he shook hands would now former President Reagan. The two men and their wives had a last formal farewell. As mr. Reagan prepared to board his helicopter to start the trip west. Trying to keep the tears from flooding down my shakes. That's what was gone through my mind. After eight years of. Friendship. It's pretty. The day had gone from sunshine to shadow but as the inaugural parade began the sun was out again. And to the delight of the crowd the president and mrs. bush repeatedly got out of their car. To walk part of the way back to the White House now their home. And so one era ends and another begins as a man who distrusted government but loved being ahead of it is succeeded by men of government. Now has the job he long wanted and we'll soon find out how well he likes it. Brit Hume ABC news the White House.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Jan. 20, 1989: President George H.W. Bush takes the oath of office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44475701","title":"The inauguration of President George H.W. Bush","url":"/Politics/video/archival-video-inauguration-president-george-hw-bush-44475701"}