Balloon Drop Marks the Close of the 2016 Democratic National Convention

On a historic night, Hillary Clinton accepts the presidential nomination for the Democratic party.
6:13 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for Balloon Drop Marks the Close of the 2016 Democratic National Convention
First hour. Yeah center. I use. Each other. Are you okay. This hour. This old. Side. Thank you through life but received no apology. As you point out few. He does not have plan. To save that you covered equipment throughout this campaign. And I didn't apologize. We have big. Depicted. Did energy on the floor right now before the that didn't happen during the speech if you often heard. It's certainly drive the dad I watched the speech. Sir in here. It's now. Okay Terry thank for America that plant we give Turkey a comment. Hillary Clinton trying to reach out to. I feel left out of what they think of Donald Trump's. And Jordan clearly trying to cast this convention and her. Candidacy against the backdrop for what Donald Trump did last week. Good thing that struck me as. There came a moment when Obama was running when African Americans truly thought that was a real possibility. He could become the president of the United States. Lilly was appealing to women. To do the same thing to think about this moment what it meant what their daughters and all of that and indeed the country that descended from various. Brokerage was. Your book and for all. That was the deal you made a direct appeal to. She's ready she never works that's why Hillary should be our next voted to get the Twitter handle to. You got that raise the question did. We'll find out in the next week or so to see if there's a bump back to where she was before this he had I think Georgia instructed you think about Bill Clinton speak tonight. Few this feature policy it was less villain more burning when. Well that was so it. She reached out John Oates for Bernie Sanders supported right at the top this weekend it was a tactical reason for that she knew there are a lot of protesters in this whole but she also reached out. Disaffected Republicans and that line about mourning in America those Reagan. Of course we are talking much trying to reach out to those working class voters were selling it explicitly in several places. Republicans in the morning in America line but also praising John. Deserve our respect crazy like. Service and Peterson and argued that it was not going to happen Republicans in the forties and weigh the policies reporters and she certainly. It did seem to be an article painted on the. Allies who. People of its action we'll turn voters in a lot of ways they feel like yeah. Let me beach kidnapped his kidney attack. They can't Ohio you can bet that we're getting near Beaverton Oregon matches package say they're watching Ilyce. Right now I imagine. Look like he's having a real. This fact does look even if some angry voters who normally might vote democratic where normally don't show people. Come out of Donald Trump she is making a direct appeal to moderate voters in two suburban voters people who. Our nervous about constant from Tom Watson does little good here great deal. But she's also betting on that that isn't just a different America. Bigger than the American diet. Absolutely but the interest thing big Georgia's state that is very true benefits are in this election but the thing that she's got a problem with. It is she's trying to get past being the status quo. He's trying to get in the change because right now the America want America wants change. Good cats living in a woman makes a difference that they never Mormon woman before and therefore is is by definition. That's why he's. That is certainly her.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"On a historic night, Hillary Clinton accepts the presidential nomination for the Democratic party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40982951","title":"Balloon Drop Marks the Close of the 2016 Democratic National Convention","url":"/Politics/video/balloon-drop-marks-close-2016-democratic-national-convention-40982951"}