Ben Carson Rallies Ohio Diner

Addresses Fiscal Spending and America's Future
12:36 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Ben Carson Rallies Ohio Diner
There are and help yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah on anything yeah my first stop yeah rally in Michigan yeah. He's an enthusiastic crowd mocked the Eagles I don't. To see doctor Martin originally supposed to be an unscheduled visit me. I haven't really that easy and yes. Uday and and his crowds turned out here. And. Now adds yeah. This London's vast right here in Findlay Ohio. They originally. And unplanned visit but there are many people gathered here to see doctor Carson we're working out of rope line with Sammy could see behind me. And here is. And posters saying we've got stuck cars this. Let's go inside let's follow doctor Carson into the restaurant it's kind of hard to get it and lots of hair. Waiting for him to com. They aren't. You can see people here clearly reaching out to touch doctor Carson didn't talk to my tungsten. He barges so excited that here we're following him into me angry and very excited voters. Here in Findlay Ohio let's go back to him. Residents. Parents beautiful. Okay. It's. Yeah. There. Are. I didn't. I'm not I'm on ABC news digital did you expect that the person to be here tonight who are. I didn't think it might be her you are you excited to see you. Yeah every. Brian yeah. And he's come here every Wednesday. Every friend and not every Wednesday. I think they're. Got back to doctor Carson Gary didn't long huge crowd here in Findlay Ohio let's listen in. You know. I'll be right. Who's been been available. A lot of would fit. You know I never really expected to. It's the business. Through his career and medicine man. And pediatric neurosurgeon. And can be able to enter these people's lives and most important thing. And through the grace to be able to give them. Quality of life. And I was thinking everything thousand cases that I would sit back injuries but let me and big. And I think we're land and because you know our country isn't a love. And when it comes to quality of life for the next generation. It is not going to be there and ask you something right now we have but the stake in the ground. We have to stop giving away all of our values and principles for the sake of political yeah. Destroyed our nation through them do and others something special about America you know I was or. And you know events in English and lives through diet. God. Only in America. Hey you get. If you make the right business. And the person who has the most this year. What happens to you. It's not somebody else it's not the environment. And what has happened is that we didn't they didn't. People who go around telling everybody that your problem because there somebody. I think everybody. Yeah. That's led to tell you with the human grave it's the most that is ordinances. In the universe yeah it has billions and billions of it's. Everything. Want. The program so with a brain Baghdad. What do people talk about what they can't do you know America became angry because that was the key and do attitude. You don't want to replace that with what can do attitude because there. It is down and we have. The other thing that is so important for us as Americans recognize. And equity the American people who are not each other's enemies. And it who were trying. To make us and to each of his in the if you disagree that somebody that's your enemy. You should destroy them usually take away their job. Anyway. Did you put him in Asia where is this the America you. This is what is happening to us as we hope for. Division that holds sway we have to be Smart enough to recognize. What. And we have to reads this that we'll. The whole concept of simple things. That means sitting down and talk and what you do that. We will find that you do its part. That you have much more. That you have a park. That we must do. We must emphasize. Fiscal responsibility. We are spending ourselves. The only reason that we. That we had. Because we reserve currency of the world basically right. Which we are doing. All of those chickens come home from groups so it's going to be incumbent upon each of us to know what we're. I would ask that each one if you want to go home or wherever you go. Look. This gold again. His. And make sure you understand that harms them. That is this month that liabilities that we hope. Social Security Medicare Medicaid and other government programs vs what we expected to again. From Texas and other revenue sources. This isn't a huge gap. Bad it will destroy us. And you have to understand that absolutely somebody comes along talking about free college for everyone. You know there appropriate response as he'll laugh as they are you kidding we're already about the only women but unless you understood. What's going on it will be relatively easy for people to continue the scams which it got us through the what is it that we're now. We must be smarter and absolutely. That is not who they dress that fit our country. The other last thing that I just want to mention. Is that we have to be Smart about being able to look into the future. And recognize. People who controls. Days. We'll control the curtain and we have we'll be ours things program. And others. Advantage of this situation. We will not have access. If they get the operative who you must get back into it and not just for that. But because the space program resulted in many advantages. I think these men if you itself himself off of the space program and you know we can't you know aren't innovated. That was one of the things that made us to do great country our entrepreneurship. And killing by putting regulations and everything. Every regulation costs. In terms of goods and services. And other costs involved. More people at middle. Because we all have to pay that regulatory costs but obviously doesn't effectively. That's one of the things that's driving. Come get. You know the Bernie Sanders of the world company that the thing is driving this guy they drive that horse that has not gotten. It is these policies and his policies. Addressing. You can't make any money anymore when you put money into savings account or into bond. No money at all the all the money you make if the stock market. And you have to have risk tolerance for that song its diplomatic you know he's policies. Are killing the middle class and we'll. We have to make sure that people understand this absolutely the right people we can start doing the things that once again give us that this race. And that the ladder of opportunity because that's what America is land of opportunity. It's not a land where we hate when people have been distributed is that that we give everybody an opportunity. Thank you very much. And oh yeah. My reliant on each year is digital right now yeah. You expect doctor then cartons and it's not your bag had. And they are very much. Lauren and the I can. Me Harry Donahue went. I yeah. Are you excited that the refuted that I am. Are you couldn't learn I. I'm really excited he does depend hard. You agree to let he. Now I know it you well enough to vote would you go forgot the garden and Betty yeah. Yeah I could do. Yeah. Yeah.

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