Ben Carson: 'Rise Up and Take America Back'

Former presidential candidate Ben Carson tells the Republican National Convention that he is proud to support Donald Trump.
7:21 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Ben Carson: 'Rise Up and Take America Back'
Yeah. Oh. And I. Yeah. Don't eat up my time. I want to thank you offer them very warm welcome. Have to start up by saying one very important thing. Politically correct. And I. Political correctness. Because. It's antithetical to the founding principles of this country and the secular progressives use it to make people sit down. And shut up while they change everything it's time for us that stand. And shout out probably. Okay. You know I devoted my career. To studying. An operating on the human brain that's remarkable organ. Defines our humanity. It gives us the ability. To not only feel and observed. But to reuse. When we elect a president. We need to use that power of reasoning. To look at. Their history their character. What kind of people they really are mixed on the difference in the world for us. And it is going to be so critical right now. We must resist the temptation to take the easy way out. And to passively accept. What is fit to us by the politically the and the media. Because they don't know what they're talking up. We must also be wary of the narrative. That's being advanced by some and home party. The notion that a Hillary Clinton administration. Wouldn't be that bad the effects would only be temporary. You know. Then it would only last for four and at most eight years they're not. Dear god given brain to think about. There's thing. Because it won't be for eight years because she will be appointing people who won't have an effect on us for generations and America. May never recover from that. That's what we have to be thinking about. You know interestingly enough. We have to start thinking about what would Hillary Clinton do it's she was in fact president. She will appoint Supreme Court justices. She would appoint. Federal judges. And that would have a deleterious effect on what happens for generations to come. Not only that which he would continue. With they system. That denigrates. The education. Of our young people puts them at a place where there's never going to be able to get a job. Where they're always going to be didn't. And where they can therefore be cultivated for their votes this is not what America is all about this kind of deception. And this is what we the people have the necessary. Obligation to fight. Now one of the things that. I have learned about Hillary Clinton. Is that. One of her heroes experimenters. Would solve a Lynn ski. And her senior thesis was about Solomon's here. This was someone that she greatly admired. And that affected all of her philosophy subsequently. Now interestingly enough let me tell you something about Solomon ski he wrote a book called rules for radicals. On the dedication page is big knowledge is Lucifer. The original radical who gained his own kingdom. Now think about them. This is a nation. We're our founding document the declaration of independence talked about certain inalienable rights that come from our Kris H who wore. This is a man. Our pledge of allegiance says we are we. Nation under. This. This is a nation where every morning in our pop. And I Wallace says. We each run. Cell willing to have that someone as president who has as their role model somebody. Who acknowledges. Lucifer are. The secular progressive agenda is can't get medical. To the principles of the founding of this nation. And if we. Continue to unload them. To take god. All of our lives. God will remove himself from us we will not be blessed and our nation will go down the tubes and we will be responsible for that. We don't want that to happen. Donald Trump. He understands that's very well he understands that the blessing that this nation come with the responsibility. To ensure. That they are available to all not just a privileged few. This is exemplified by his willingness to take on the establishment. Against all odds. It is evident in his passion for the American worker it is found in this these I have. To put its considerable skills to work on behalf of American interest not itself and says I'm proud to support Donald Trump. Egg extraordinary businessman. They're right leader for at times such as good us. But you know well. It is not about Donald Trump. It is not about me. It is about we the people and Thomas Jefferson said that we will reach this point because we the people would not be. Paying attention and it would allow the government to grow to expand and to metastasized. And to try to rule us but he said. Before. We turn into something else. We the people. Would recognize what was going on. What we were about to lose and we would rise up. And we would take control of our nation and I say now is it time for us arrives. I had today. Okay.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"Former presidential candidate Ben Carson tells the Republican National Convention that he is proud to support Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40721232","title":"Ben Carson: 'Rise Up and Take America Back'","url":"/Politics/video/ben-carson-rise-america-back-40721232"}