Biden campaign video renews Charlottesville talks

President Trump again addressed his comments about the white supremacist rally, saying there were "fine people on both sides" in Charlottesville in 2017.
5:08 | 04/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden campaign video renews Charlottesville talks
But for more on nests in. The conversation that's been ignited by the vice former vice president's announcement they are bringing hundred carries a scholar race and politics are Brookings Institution a hundred script deceived. I thanks for joining us ask you about the use of Charlottesville as something of a justification. A for candidacy of the presidency what do you make of that. Well if you're a candidate running for the president of the united state you have to acknowledge that bill and become malignant let me in on racism in your stamp on it. I'm Biden has no choice bunt. You if you want to secure the democratic nomination. You going to have to stand against racism in Charlottesville is that tumble on however that the bigger than both parties. On this is about arm president. Whoever that may be on the world days. Provide a clear vision of what America should be moving forward. And should be easy way to do that is due to bring back Charlotte though and they images. I'm those stark images. Torch toting. A white men largely. About walking the street. At Charlotte Ville and though. Both. Target candidate or nominees. Are more have to take a stand in and we certainly heard where trump. It's going with that he is taking a essentially bids that side sort of this is about statute. And not about. Haiti but. No that that Robert. Is that they want to control of their country days they want a country date can call their own. And so folks are latching on to the stumbled and spoke who'll. Manipulate that does this symbol of them the best. I'm for their party. Will certainly boot their candidate. And I want to get your response Andre tis the criticism we heard from the tribe campaign. Yesterday on the release in this video. There's been a lot of low back to do it to the criticism but what Laura trump. One of the president's top surrogates called the vice president's video which showcase this roads filled footage there. Our re speeding fear mongering. Looking backwards being very dark of course a lot of those same critiques have been applied to this president. I'm but do you think that that is he is a fair representation for someone who is launching a new can't campaign. To be back we're looking into it to turn to those images. While you know all you know at this point when you're running for president you have to look at those the recent record. The sitting president. And towed along a lot of this is just looking at the world record in differentiating herself from. The sitting president not an end in addition the political aspect submitted Biden have a little bit about the problems that view on don't remember. This week hit a question their own Anita Hill and as well as his role in the crime bill. That negatively impacted. African American so he wanted to be on com pay and then hone it tort so to speak over the next. I'm few months. All the way leading up to the president he or can be nomination. Because he's gonna have to show. I'm that he had evolved and learn and and engage them. I'm knowledge over the last. Twenty years and he's what problem within the. And before we let you go on ray do you think that you know after so much conversation. About. Trumps predecessor Barack Obama when he took office back in 2008 as it has been hue were. On do you think particularly when it comes to race relations in this country do you think Biden. I can play that role do you think he can come in NBA humor in the way that his president wants. Yeah I don't think anyone can replace Obama he would authentic. In his. I'm believe that as an America and it's sort of well appointed it's certainly a higher. Standard you know it's his wife payment we that we Bigelow we go hot and and that bought pinnacle bomb. You know and I don't think of Biden into I think you'd Mormeck traditional politician. Who have to play its cards right. He should certainly. Had to have learned over time. But. This idea that he can be healer he certainly can be a better Mueller then been been true but. But that's not saying much in so. I'm looking forward to how we have ball. Individual and that he can move beyond politics it into becoming gay or not funny authentic leader. Like the man meat that served them. And of course his candidacy has just been console be all while watching for that Andre Perry scholar with the Brookings Institution thanks so much under. Do think revenue.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"President Trump again addressed his comments about the white supremacist rally, saying there were \"fine people on both sides\" in Charlottesville in 2017.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62662163","title":"Biden campaign video renews Charlottesville talks ","url":"/Politics/video/biden-campaign-video-renews-charlottesville-talks-62662163"}