Biden endorses cease-fire in Middle East amid mounting pressure

The administration has been focusing on quiet diplomatic efforts behind the scenes.
4:37 | 05/18/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden endorses cease-fire in Middle East amid mounting pressure
President Biden spoke when Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday for the third time sense than violence began. Biden is known publicly endorsing a cease fire as he faces mounting pressure from within his own party to. And C news political director Rick Klein joins me now for more on this US response here and Rick. You know how significant is this public call for a cease fire from president Biden. He is stopping short of the demand for a cease fire and in in diplomatic speak that speaks volumes that this is a request for a cease fire a call for cease fire as opposed to a demand the US could potentially have a lot of leverage here the Israelis among many others are looking very closely to see how. The American side reacts a big test for the Biden administration. And he's new take on diplomacy in the region. President Biden is very familiar with these issues he's very familiar with the players including prime minister Netanyahu but he's handling this very carefully more than a week into the crisis the White House still urging patience. And giving it the Israeli side a little more room denied that many Americans including many in the Democratic Party or carpool with the this moment. That my administration has been ramping up to its diplomatic effort so cool morning key players here and what are they doing. Behind the scenes. Gay guy it's it's interesting because he'd give my administration has stopped short of sending a high level envoy to the region the top American there isn't any Heidi Dahmer who was a deputy assistant secretary of state there is no assistant secretary of state there's no ambassador has even been nominated to Israel and the secretary of state Tony Lincoln himself he has been traveling for climate meetings and in Denmark ice land and green land and he has not been sent. To the region are now though the Biden administration says there's a lot of quiet diplomacy going on including behind the scenes phone call some sixty calls. That it happened between the Americans in that than their counterparts on either the Palestinian side or the Israeli side a we know that president Biden himself has talked to. Both bull President Abbas and prime minister Netanyahu a couple of times is complicated by the fact that the US. Doesn't have any formal relationships with Hamas which is considered a terrorist organization so it's not clear how much sway you can happen. This is quiet diplomacy for a new easy region at a very noisy time in its testing. The limits of how Biden has handled this in trying to keep a little bit of arms like. So we're seeing this quiet diplomacy meanwhile an increasingly vocal wing of Biden's own party. Its content from under pressure Netanyahu to stop Israel's attacks on Gaza he's also facing the challenge of dealing what's Hamas which you reference. Which is fired thousands of rockets into Israel. How much power does Biden really have there and what if any few further steps can he take. Yeah that's a great question I mean indicted I think there's probably more swayed and that people might realize in terms of how the Israelis. React because the America is the largest. And most important ally but Israel has its been United States blocking. Security Council resolutions condemning the violence that would equate accountable sides type of an argument. Also looked Netanyahu needs the Americans to be on board but in terms of what it can mean for the Hamas side it's extremely limited and I think. Key to this in in very foremost in the minds of American officials as he can't. Find a way toward toward even temporary peaceful solution that allows terrorists to say they got what they want it that of course is a terrible message to send in the region. And far beyond we know that there have been civilians killed are even if it's disproportionate in terms of the death hole we know that. Undo the violence started because of because of a terrorist attacks on Israelis that have killed civilians. I happening over there right now so complicated. For a lot of people understand president Biden is visiting Michigan today which has the highest percentage Arab American population of any C eight. Some protests already planned for his is that what can we expect to see. He'll get a glimpse into some of the changing politics are around dub that it views the Arab Israeli conflict. I think you'll see it firsthand because Detroit has such a large Arab American population but it's not just. Arab Americans who have an evolving view. Of of the issues surrounding Israel and the Middle East and there's a whole generation of younger Jewish pocket politicians who believe that he needs to be more attention paid. To the Israeli side of the disproportionate response and policing tactics and I and it didn't seem to the broader calls aside democratic party for civil rights over this issue has moved substantially it's moved. Particularly among Democrats and I expect that saw those protesters are gonna give Biden here full of that you get anywhere near today. Nobody watching Rick I think he said question being what acts.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The administration has been focusing on quiet diplomatic efforts behind the scenes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77754921","title":"Biden endorses cease-fire in Middle East amid mounting pressure","url":"/Politics/video/biden-endorses-cease-fire-middle-east-amid-mounting-77754921"}