Biden marks 50 million COVID-19 shots under his administration

Plus: President Joe Biden declares a major disaster declaration for Oklahoma ahead of Texas trip.
4:50 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for Biden marks 50 million COVID-19 shots under his administration
We begin with president Biden commemorating the fifty millions cold in nineteen vaccine shot administered since inauguration day. We're gonna bring you that event live when it happens in the meantime White House correspondent Karen Travers. Joins us now for the latest in Washington Karen Biden initially set a goal. To get 100 million vaccines administered in his first 100 days in office so have been going so far. And and a patting themselves on the back today saying that they are halfway to that goal and getting 100 million shots into americans' arms. By the first 100 days fifty million shots that's what the president is going to town today and the administration says that every week for the last five weeks may have increased the supply that the federal government is giving out to states. This most recent weeks fourteen and a half million vaccine shots went on to aids tribes and local communities the administration's as the goal is to keep increasing that each week so it's more than doubled they say from when president Biden took office just five weeks ago. In Karen encore says state Texas still recovering from that catastrophic power failure in the deep cold and snow. Last week you have president Biden issuing a major disaster declaration separate and Oklahoma's of them don't realize that was that was a regional disaster after last week's storms are how does that of that declaration gonna help share what do we expect him to the president's visit to Texas tomorrow. Am more federal money now can get to Oklahoma to get to people who need it and the ongoing recovery efforts there -- -- -- -- right there -- so much attention focused on taxes last -- it's easy to forget that this was a regional in the event that was happening in there -- people in several states that we're dealing with severe weather but -- power outages and water issues were of course very very -- and concentrated in Texas the governor of Oklahoma asked for that emergency disaster declaration in the White House then this morning responded with that but Texas will -- on the president's -- tomorrow we head down -- to meet with state and local officials to -- firsthand look at the recovery efforts to hear what they need in how they're doing down and catch the White House says this is not a trip that's meant to place blame on anybody this isn't about politics but about. Getting people who still need help. The help that they're looking for Karen his first trip like this that president Biden will do the first trip after me and natural disaster of sorts. Where he'll go down and I think we'll expect him to play that traditional comforter in chief role that presidents play when they get on the ground after an Bentley this talking people who were impacted in coming giving out a lot of hugs from a distance navies and at this sponsor album behind. And Karen house is set to vote on Biden's endemic relief plan tomorrow setting up a critical load in the senate how likely is it to pass and we'll any Republican support it. Dad that's the big question house Republican leaders say they're trying to keep their caucus together in opposition to this bill and their message this sends talk about the extreme spending in the things that are in there that are not related to coated nineteen the price tag is very high one point nine trillion dollars but as a president of last week it to my critics or what would you cut what would you get out of there so will see that first vote likely tomorrow in the house the question is any Republicans joining Democrats. And this is popular or at least the concept of the bill polls consistently showing about two thirds of Americans say they backed the president's push for a lot of -- relief right now and the White House is banking on the fact that this is gonna backfire on Republicans is no end and join in with house Democrats to vote for this they stated this isn't easy messaging for then to say you didn't help Americans when he needed them. And Karen one of the key issues in the plan is that fifteen dollar national minimum wage the fight for fifteen going on for years now looks like finish lines inside. Now hearing that provision could be dropped altogether in this. Yet sorted clothes to the finish line but not yet there are so its in house bill that minority gone through the committees. But the question then is what happens and heads over to the senate because remember we talked about that monkey process called reconciliation. Where they lowered the magic number to get a bill like this past they don't need sixty votes normally needed they only need a simple majority so they can do it without Republicans but there's so long he parliamentary question about whether or not you can pass the minimum wage increase through reconciliation. So. Most popular person today in Washington in the senate parliamentarian has been issue a ruling on this and the question would be do they triangle around that does the White House trying to overrule that and keep Indiana. Or because they're concerned about losing some boats like Democrats and Joseph Manchin of West Virginia interest and cinnamon Arizona's and they cannot support this increase may be they're relieved to get it out of there in the senate version will have to say well we got to work together now at the house to move forward and something we can all get behind.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Plus: President Joe Biden declares a major disaster declaration for Oklahoma ahead of Texas trip.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76120289","title":"Biden marks 50 million COVID-19 shots under his administration","url":"/Politics/video/biden-marks-50-million-covid-19-shots-administration-76120289"}