Bill Cosby’s publicist 'very enthusiastic' about his appeal

Bill Cosby’s representative, Andrew Wyatt, speaks with Linsey Davis about why he thinks Cosby’s conviction could be thrown out by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
5:28 | 12/02/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bill Cosby’s publicist 'very enthusiastic' about his appeal
To a major development in the sexual assault case against disgraced comedian Bill Cosby today justices of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court seem to look into one of cons these arguments that his 2018 conviction for assaulting on drew constant should be overturned. Which could make him a free man. During costing is retrial for the 2004 assault of constant and a judge allowed five other women to testify claiming that they were also drugged and assaulted by the entertainer. In a virtual court hearing today cons as lawyers said these so called prior bad act witness is cause prejudice and shouldn't have been allowed to testify. Prosecutors so that they help prove costly at a pattern of criminal behavior. It's a murky area of law now on a shield before Pennsylvania's highest court today during oral arguments. So justices seemed to agree with Cosby's claimed a prejudiced even suggesting. He didn't get a fair trial caused he has already served more than two years of his prison sentence. And we're joined tonight by bill Cosby's public relations and crisis manager Andrew Wyatt Andrews thanks so much for coming on the show now of course Bill Cosby remains behind bars and did not attend this virtual hearing. Tell her about it and what was his response. Well looking he call. This morning. After or aren't as many minutes after war ago. And he was very enthusiasts. Are these. Are live attorney general Hubert and will resilient we're. She handles the questions Whittle and she just gave them great are you mean. Where he screamed at and for the uncle and justices sitting in. A scream or. To be case to the Sheehan it's not a big cheese beechy. The Oregon when. He was excited to hear it. Juror taken in did you feel that the justices seemed open to throwing out caused his conviction based on those five so called prior bad act witness isn't if this happens when it come to a surprises to 'cause esteem. Well first person formal. The justices. There. This is something that was unique well we never see this sorry this. Global problem and he's the bullet Strauss Johnny we saw. We call me this you know all our partners with a huge to get a conviction you know this all wrong. Actual case the State's. Ban you know. You. Get inmate's name call. I'll Bernard law and all know now BP and they brought three women and he's eighty ET HIO. So the justice. He received seven justices in pictures are issued by different team as somebody didn't use only a lull all pool where B and day gave a surprise us when we submitted our feeling the duke you gave chase the matter and it is a blue reader review is he so that's how we got to say he's just a day. Or witness that we issued an chase and nothing to do under us and mr. went into the trial. The unit he was going to be tried in his personal use and untrue and when -- -- -- a total six trials all. Our I. And Wright Jesse Q people up to speed who were. Paying a lot of attention it bill Custer was tried two times that first time the judge allowed just one prior bad act witnessed. Second time he allowed. Five now Pennsylvania law allows testimony of so called prior by an act witness is when they can help establish defendant's pattern of behavior or and mulch so why did the bill Cosby's case was different from others that allowed. Well first formal drew to first probably unique equivalent to see that with only one the second trial. The prosecution's you know I'll be exceedingly. That they could use our team Whitman didn't do it was mostly I'll eat a piece of this the ball well at all when Everett. And if you remember earlier allegation. That she's in the he gave you can be attributed to real. In incapacitate her so he could have six gritty digital penetrated her willow opera Brian Williams being distance when he won 21 years and. How confident are you go and Jeanette without the testimony of these five women can't be would have been acquitted especially after dozens of women had come forward in the press to accuse him of assault dating back to the 1980s. Blue very confident because firstar not any of these. Are. He never made an issue and 203050. Years ago we are receding he. Did this all happen. Clark does. The only. Rights claiming self proclaimed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred out in agreeing in over sixty women now and saw. You know who know that this race she know threw a no look. So your news and mr. content. Andrew Wyatt thanks so much for coming on the show appreciate your time. Think he solicitors.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Bill Cosby’s representative, Andrew Wyatt, speaks with Linsey Davis about why he thinks Cosby’s conviction could be thrown out by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74494895","title":"Bill Cosby’s publicist 'very enthusiastic' about his appeal","url":"/Politics/video/bill-cosbys-publicist-enthusiastic-appeal-74494895"}