Bipartisan USMCA trade deal reached

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats said the agreement is better than NAFTA.
3:45 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for Bipartisan USMCA trade deal reached
There is no question of course that this. Terry good image is much better than NAFTA. But in terms of our work here. It is infinitely better than what was initially opposed a proposed. By the administration. And I credit chairman Richie Neal for helping us navigate all of these places. The unity of our caucus on specific priorities. And Oilers to get the job done. And again the violence parents and knowledge. Advocate count as two ramifications. Of every appropriation that was in legislation. This is a transformer of agreement to tap what I believe for future. Agreements. Our constant emphasis was on it for stability and force ability and force ability respects that. And the idea on the notion that the president of the AFL CIO rich trumka. Would be supportive of this initiative I think tells the story. But this is more than a triumph for organized labor it's a triumph for workers everywhere across America. In terms of the working group members I want to say that they strengthen the labor standards. They stripped of the environmental chapters. Enhance the verification mechanisms for environmental trade. What you are pledging leadership of the speaker we also secured important changes in US MCA to preserve congress' ability. To change US law to address the crisis where fishermen respect I prescription drug prices all the intense period of these negotiations with the administration repeatedly. Emphasized US MCA will deserve a vote because it's an agreement that Democrats shaped. I don't think anybody on this diets would have said two months ago that we would've been able to get as far as we did in this negotiation. It was based upon good well but also determination. That we acknowledged the problems that existed in the past with enforce ability. I'm very telling Walters shares which would with the media. On the day of the break. In August. With the working group I said to the trade rep. The last meeting. I said nothing. Has fostered more disagreement about trade. In the locker room force ability. And the trade wrapped set to meet you are absolutely right. And he said I want to tell you witnesses I think I'm not speaking out of school he said. There have been people in the State Department. The Defense Department and the Oval Office over the years who said don't get this one upset and don't get that were offset. Because we might need them on future geographic issues. He said our position has been that we are supportive of the thrust of what you wanna do here. And I think that the initiative that we offers his his position I think he has the offering that we have in front of us today. Is indicative of the goodwill but some of the members on this task force and including the chairman of the subcommittee mr. Blum an hour where job they do it. These were intense argumentative. Angry. Negotiations. I mean this got really hot and number of occasions. I think we set a world record for hanging up on each other myself from the trade rep. And I've put. At the same time we also knew that this was an opportunity we couldn't let get away from us. And we did that so we will continue to share more details in tax last point is a reminder that I traveled to Mexico with a delegation. To meet the president of Mexico. And right after that I travel to candidate to the prime minister of Canada and the minister for defense and trade free land. They are ours I believe they were good partners in this they conceded. Just about every point that we asked for because of following it for stability enforce ability in force ability.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats said the agreement is better than NAFTA. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67626301","title":"Bipartisan USMCA trade deal reached ","url":"/Politics/video/bipartisan-usmca-trade-deal-reached-67626301"}