Brad Mielke Predicts Heavy Hitting at VP Debate

ABC News' Brad Mielke and MaryAlice Parks talk about the vice presidential candidates' goals in the debate.
4:18 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Brad Mielke Predicts Heavy Hitting at VP Debate
Have gay friends about the god put me again about senator Hillary really that's because he heard it right here right. The folks use you know all right he's just like dad he's going to be telling some jokes just singers and I certainly realize that is. The rule of these candidates tonight right to fill the gaps that may be. So for Hillary Clinton it seems like saying is somebody has some sealant there he really you know likeable with the would have been tossing around. Personality and for Mike Pence down this cannot absolutely anything Donald Trump just last rites not a strategy. Certain restrains its gonna have coaches he's actually done the end of this debate curious to see these guys filling in again. Well I'm going to guess that also not distancing themselves at some point rates yet to both stated your compliment and an. It made that you're not somehow this thing erratic me and I think that it will cut back at her checkbook balanced development that he delivered an election. And I think I think what we're gonna see is trying to guys who are attacking each other's running on its gonna conventional way right I think like the reason. You have my concern Tim Kaine is Constantine is a pretty solidly lieutenant. Because like that's even more importantly is this traditional conservatives of his job is not just keep that last you know. The last several million votes looked undecided voters that's not his his obvious short this kind of undecided for. Can that not only a few months ago when white shoes particularly themselves devoted almost its equipment maintenance and ago held this isn't as crazy as I thought. I'm much more comfortable with my vote counts and think for Tim Kaine I think for the democratic base differently just doesn't want another scandal anymore. And that in the team came kind of bringing its charms trustworthiness yeah a lot of Democrats don't know didn't. But a lot of Democrats in the times about that they get out there really ever really pushing and about more progressive part of the party trying to get out millennial. The college you know sort of goes over pretty standard unit talking about all the time I'm not sure that's an excellent skills that we talked about a lot. Before the convention using a very moderate. Country on hunting wouldn't help fund on some other issues so do you think that in some ways. He still played out a little like firing up the democratic. He thinks it's a really yeah it's tough for the cleanliness and daughters that they are right when it's modest exception a couple of guys like us. That ceiling on maybe it only that your generation doesn't necessarily festivities ended you know just as he recovered Bernie Sanders and humiliate him. I don't know from Oakland Hills and Google millennial that was kinda like. Until a tip my hat to living but DC and DC Hillary Clinton making a turn the way that that Bernie Sanders and I mean yeah. You know a lot of people this today that is that he didn't. I think it'll be very interesting to see how much has agreed to bring other Gannett now because tonight's event each camp. Many states unit watching something catches their eyes and the Netherlands and insisting they pay attention you know obviously that thing about them belongs primary win. Pretty heinous act and Clinton for snow along with a young voters and worrying Kate Snow watching and they're reading and asked about how to register for them to vote. So they have been hanging incidents in the you read and I don't think that that didn't know when they have nothing decent thing tonight or tomorrow that it helps them we'll see an. They'll be a couple hundred college students in the room little time that we will somehow handed salute that is certainly the the Casey and here you guys we're freezing you're looking at this camera sting city is Jessica in her arms and probably that district. And in that debate hall that's where they really start turning down the temperature it's nobody wants to see these guys. But right where you gonna England resorts didn't answer it and just getting a little bit like got a shot this. Sorry I didn't LA you have a lot of camera crew. Correspondent getting set up and then back there from behind Malibu area at a time and time and time. Does that ring you'll get a you can see impacting consumer we only see parents Hurst you right there and waiting announcing he's well he's got to slice that might have. That's my colleague BBC radio we're going to be doing a live broadcast is actually just gonna get started right now so I should be telling you let him slice it. That's where this is that the spinning will happen here in the reporting you guys we'll have been right there. It's not okay they're good at coming back to his bedroom and pay that is on its Ellison ABC radio yet to keep quiet state agencies that top. We'll be coming back to disfigurement that media center. An all night keep watching thanks so much.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke and MaryAlice Parks talk about the vice presidential candidates' goals in the debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42571161","title":"Brad Mielke Predicts Heavy Hitting at VP Debate","url":"/Politics/video/brad-mielke-predicts-heavy-hitting-vp-debate-42571161"}