The Breakdown: FBI warns of armed protests in 50 states

Plus, calls grow for President Trump to resign, and Rep. Speier recounts being locked down in the U.S. Capitol.
25:48 | 01/11/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: FBI warns of armed protests in 50 states
Yeah. Hi everyone thanks for streaming with us on the breakdown I'm Diana stayed out. And I'm Terry Moran push to remove president trump from office before Joseph Biden's inauguration is now under way earlier today house Democrats introduced an article of impeachment against the president. Charging them with high crimes and misdemeanors for inciting that mob that attacked and looted our nation's capital last week. The move comes after Republicans blocked Democrats. Their push for legislation formally calling on vice president Mike Pence who voted 25 amendment and strip the president Apollo with just nine days left in his. And our new policy if so shows a majority of Americans believe president trump should be removed from office before his term ends on January 20. Two thirds blame him for the capital write it. And today it appears that. An attack on the capital has sparked new and serious threats from right wing radicals across the country ABC news has obtained an internal amp. I bulletin warning of plans for armed protests. In all fifty state capitals in the US capitol in addition the bulletin includes a map showing the extent of law enforcement activity. Evolving threats tied. To the certification of Joseph Biden selection and his inauguration next Wednesday so joining us to discuss these new serious matters ABC news correspondent Aaron contreras gave. An ABC news Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas and Aaron let me begin with you I first saw in an email from you this bulletin it's quite alarming what do we know about. What's being planned out there and who's involved. Did Terry it is alarming because the bulletin from the FBI that we obtained says that in the all fifty state capitals. Are preparing to have protesters to send any time from Saturday. All the way through president elect Biden's inauguration on January 20. This is the very same kind of intelligence that may have been circulating before January 6 but for whatever reason. Wasn't properly shared or wasn't properly seated. And then we saw the results so here now. The FBI is warning law enforcement agencies across the country but if you protect a State Capitol. Your State Capitol potentially could be the presence presence of armed. Protesters. Who are interested in either expressing themselves about the Electoral College certification. Courtney inauguration itself. And while the bulletin does not get specific about what is intended. Certainly the presence of armed individuals in state capitals around the country is alarming and then something law enforcement around the country is now preparing for. Especially given the tense of Jewish around the country appear what specifically being done to protect. The nation's capital right now the scene of the ransacking and looting by that mom. Bus did some time speaking with C. Passing consideration the agent who was actually overseeing. Security for the inauguration and he informed me that they are ready. Layers of security being put in place. Planning for this has been under way for a -- quite some time but in the wake. Of that mob attack on the capital you have. A well over 6000. On National Guard in the District of Columbia that number may swell to some 151000. You also are going to happen. Killed scores of additional DC police at the ready to augment the capitol police force. All federal agencies are on notice. And Terry I think what this shows is that. Feel free speech and a thin line between it and mob violence in these current circumstances is quite fit. When I was up there this morning and it does feel like an armed camp a somber one air and statehouses around the country are either ready for the kind of ensor Tucson want to last week or anything even resembling it. You know it it's a good question Terry because state capital complexes are often sprawling just like the US capitol. And they're supposed to be open to the public just like the US capitol these of the people's houses and some protests. Are almost encouraged in order orders in order to thus exchange. That capitals around the country. Though in recent days we've seen those steps taken. Whether and it in New York where the state police has they're hardened security or how to Washington State where the governor sent the National Guard have been activated here on the first day of the legislative session. The state capitals are now making preparations. In advance of of these anticipated protests and and it's not something that does anybody really wants to do because of the natural. Openness that our democracy. Is supposed to afford but it's something they may have. Have to do in this all hearkens back into Michigan and the protests that was fun to be Colvin related. Against governor Whitner now in Michigan they have banned open carrying of guns in the in the State Capitol that was a stepped. That was seemingly needed to be taken by the bid was stolen many lawmakers are reluctant to take until they saw what happened on January 6. And it seems as if the state lawmakers and governors around the country are waking up to the fact that they too could be next. Here are well one more on this. We've seen the church of the Calhoun beautiful building in America what can you tell us about the sweeping manhunt going on right now. For last week's riders the desecrated at. But Terry fits into two categories first and foremost they want to find the people who actually breached the building. The men and women in some cases who had. The chemical spraying on the officers and men who came with metal pipes who came when baseball bats they also appeared to have. Radios and walkie talkies that they do not believe that this was a simultaneous organic. Eruption but that some people saw a small number of people cells potentially one or more. Came prepared to do this act they're particularly interest did. In the person planted two pipe bombs. Back to RNC and DNC headquarters not far from the capital because they believe that that person may have information to goes to the planning. But make no mistake that is the primary. Responsibility they feel is to get those people secondarily they've been focusing on the people. Who took some of those infamous images. Arrested the man that is put up one. Desk and as it closes office the man who was carrying the lectern. Nancy Pelosi. The man with a bullhorn to. And to face paint and this beer. He hasn't been arrested may want to send a signal that if you did. Coming to that capital and took pictures you're not gonna be glorified he went to jail. Absolutely PRI I saw and that FBI bulletin 45000. Tips from the public. On those perpetrators as riders thanks very much Pierre Thomas Parran kids are ski. Meanwhile president job is facing more calls to step down in the face of an historic second impeachment. Let's bring in White House correspondent Karen Travers in senior editorial producers saw John stand Tucci. From morgue at Karen how is the president planning to spend his final days in office. Yeah this is the last full week for president trunk with the White House Diane and aids business as usual in some ways the house wants to spend his last full week reflecting on the past four years of Donald Trump's presidency and they're putting forward a schedule of events that they say will highlight the president's accomplishments. While in office tomorrow he's going to travel to Texas to toward the border there should talk about security talk about the border walk more anticipating that he holds events focused on foreign policy the economy and the code in nineteen pandemic but day and the other thing he's doing this week is giving out. A lot of awards two medals of freedom the nation's highest civilian honor given out this week today to a Republican congressman Jim Jordan a fierce defender of the president. And later this week New England Patriots coach bill valid Shaq who is a supporter of the president back in 2016. Already there's a call from one Democrat in Massachusetts that bella check should not accept this award from the president. President soft Twitter. What's he thinking. Well Bernard right now Kerry is is frankly we don't kuwaitis thinking because we can't hear that native and we are getting a sense that the EU is incredibly angry and annoying. That Twitter has just ended it we are also hearing from our sources cherry Danish you know in the week a small hole. All whole tax capital just last Wednesday. President is now being pulled his advisors that one's self pardon and he didn't tell you about a glass or we won't. But a bad idea hash and what our sources are telling us is that if you attorneys are still people who the president considered easy pulls the lever this old orange you'll shall reign didn't possible civil case in eagle leash that it. You're inciting those crowds Wednesday on the national president Johnson we consult quite old being exposed to a civil case at any time. We believe that in the next week the president is ending watching. What is happening on Capitol Hill as chairman shouldn't there he's trying to do is counter programming and many people sit well hopefully he'll stay quiet but you gotta imagine sure it wants. House impeaches him again. God only knows he's gonna doers. And Karen speaker Pelosi is giving vice president Mike Pence today to invoke the 25 amendment or in room the president for office. Or they move forward with impeachment what are the chances of that. And an ultimatum from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi but it is highly unlikely that we see that happen and that pants and a majority in the cabinet. Go ahead and make that move to remove the president from office now we should note though we haven't heard directly from the vice president that he won't do that but that is silence also says something too now the president and vice president and as a last night Diane have not spoken and that is striking when you think about what has happened in the last couple of days. The in the president not talking to Mike and since the siege at the capitol last week when pens with inside the building we have not been able to get anybody in parents world to say what things are looking like right now for them or even if pens was working out of the White House today. The all right. Johnson and two G Karen Travers thanks very much for that. Congresswoman Jackie speer was in the capital during last week's siege she was also a survivor of a mass shooting on a 1978. Fact finding trip to Jonestown. Which was a remote settlement in the country and Diana run by cult leader Jim Jones. A congressman and four others were killed in that a tank spear was shot five times. Earlier today she explained to me how last week's riots gave her flashbacks. The afternoon thank you so much for being here. To be here and let's first just start by asking how are you and your colleagues doing right now. And emotional roller coaster for all of us. After a dozen guys that are locked into the gallery. Really Gerry Ferraro lives. We go to Judy. Expected. Emotional upheavals and and week siege go back to normal. We down raise. Consolation in being able to talk to each other and the attacks in recreating our own group we. Comment on what's happening to us. What was it about last week siege on the capital that made you think back to Jonestown. Well that when the shot. Was fired. I was lying on that airstrip. Again whom. And I remember I was on the slower. Marvels Laura what yeah. Cheers. And remember any nights she. You do what you need to slow our. Dealing at home this. Or. Sitting ducks and slightly cooler on the air stripping the only difference of course. That we had no one Gingrich. House chamber there where police chasing me. Capitol police armed with guns number of them are drawn. And our tax allocation. Being the chamber doors I don't think we're ever forget the county on those still worse. And didn't seared at the Indians still. Certainly and myself and others. They were coming from say we're coming for line. It was a mob mentality. Com had overtaken these people and I don't know they would have done they succeeded there was this. Safe passage. But I fear this Armageddon is this yeah. And I. Our guests know. I'm not what was taking place. Hands and their ways. Obviously great anxiety agitation. And what happened to you in Jonestown you're investigating. Jim Jones is cults as a congressional staffer at that time do you now see any parallels between cult followers. And the people who carried out this. I mean look at what happened. Last Wednesday. How. Unique sentence like Jim Jones was able to. Brainwashed. Emotionally. Needy people. Where her. Supported him. Dinners there are parallels I don't get so painful to even say how. Yeah both charismatic. O Metromedia. Oh man being insurance and there are views and if you don't you are just or. Chat lines and there are indeed and a parallels. You are now joining your democratic colleagues and sponsoring articles of impeachment why is that important to you. When president trump is leaving office in nine days anyway. Our job is to hold the constitution. The president. And decided didn't. Insurrection. It is our obligations. You could check extend the constitution. If we do not take this. We are creating a precedent so that future presidents. Containing. Actions like this not you know and terrible this. Was a criminal. Thank congressman how much. This impeachment proceedings do you think is going to be based on what the president said. That day outside the rallying verses just. Other events over the course of the past year a few years. I think it's got to be focused on what he's where Aaron. She decided yeah you read TJ. Are transferred. Isn't. And and are just as he someone. Who wants you are. You be congress and the united saints. A he did in that speech so also say you know that they can then they the objective for going to the capitalist to. Cheer there and sent to go to capitol building peacefully and patriotic glee. Do you think should hit a his attorneys will be able to argue that this was not what he intended. Funeral insights. Thousands of people. To go to capitol to be heard. He looked down crowd end and CE. The excitement and adrenaline. How can you not. Recognize. That that is treaty in dangerous circumstances. She and you can also appreciate it even after they reached a capital today. Windows and charged into the capital it would be. Be La source. She didn't say a word for hours. Any message to the American public and the people and it ignores shaken by what they saw last week and shaken by then. Status of our democracy right now. Tribune we cannot allow our country. To be Constance are brilliant tomorrow control. You gotta fight back and we got to return to troops. Congresswoman Jackie spirit thank you for that and represented a spear joins more than 200 members of congress in calling for the president's. Impeachment for more on the legal implications let's go to ABC news legal analyst and constitutional law professor. Kate show Qaeda highs of the house introduce a single article of impeachment today charging trump with incitement of insurrection. Looking at the president's conduct UC grounds for an S. I was absolutely and you know it is one article of impeachment it is the cold and snow captioned incitement of insurrection and it is focused on the events of January 6. On the storming of the capital but it's situated those events and of the president's keynote speech and encouragement prior to the storming of the capital. In the context of his conduct since the election on November 3. And basically suggest that this was just sort of most recent chapter in this sustained campaign to deny the legitimacy of his defeat. And to stove doubt and to sow doubt about. The integrity of our election an essentially rent suggest that this is about. Undermining or usurping the democratic process so that it's a narrow article but you know it in that it's focused on this particular event but as I said. It's it provides a lot of contact. And I do think that if you look at the history of the drafting of the articles be impeachment provisions in the constitution. They are designed to prevent abuse of office from misuse of a political position. From you know two medical leader undermining democracy these are the kinds of things that you hear said. By the framers of the constitution and they're drafting the impeachment clauses I'm so certainly history would suggest that this conduct is squarely. At the center or at the heart of what the impeachment. Proceedings are our foreign our constitutional system. And Kidd is that constitutional rash other also is as far as in the minds of every cent of their member of the house through all of us the political ramifications Republicans are saying impeach president trumpets its gonna inflame the tensions. Bernard is raging in this country what do you make of that. You know I think that there is it a counter argument that you're made it seems quite compelling to me which is that inaction. Could have serious consequences to and that to allow conduct like this to stand and not to provide the kind of decisive repudiation of ads that impeachment was represented. Would open the door to you know anti democratic conduct. And this sort or worse in the future so. That it is hard to know what the political fallout of either in this course of action or you know potentially in action might be company do you think the Democrats and actually I think though a number of Republicans. Think it is important to take some strong stance. And again whether that is in the form successful impeachment. Whether that's prior to or after January 20. About whether you know it involves urging the vice president to invoke the 25 amendment I think the idea is it is it is more dangerous to do nothing on then to set down this path. And there's another something that is talked about Dow right now and that's with another member of the fourteenth amendment. Has a section of a relatively obscure. That anyone who's made war against the United States or raised an insurrection can be banned from public office. If you look at that I I've heard dead speaker Pelosi talk about it. Yeah that's right and action is a section three of the fourteen amendment is mentioned in passing in this draft article of impeachment. I'm but right now there doesn't seem to be any pursuit of that in a separate route. But I think your right here you know it's it's it is your right it's an obscure constitutional provision is part of the fourteenth amendment. I passed in the wake of the civil war designed to disqualify former confederate officials from holding public office. I'm and it has you know basically been defunct in recent decades although was used in the nineteenth century a number of occasions. On the but the idea is that that potentially if congress could just pounds a law. Basically applying section three of the fourteenth amendment to president trump thus disqualifying him from from future office holding on the basis that he. I participated in or gave comfort to insurrection asks why don't. The impeachment timeline Democrats are talking about delaying the senate trial until after Biden's first hundred days in office potentially how'd that work. Yeah I so you know I think we should save the timeline is very much in the control of congress said the house is obviously moving very quickly. The senate right now is in recess until the day before inauguration but we should say if the senate felt it was sufficiently pressing it could return early and take up to this article. If it's passed by the house you know this week or next week prior to inauguration. But assuming that doesn't happen. You know dad senate could well decide to for the house could well decide to hold this article once it transmits the article to the senate the senate actually have to take it out. But the house could hold on to the article it makes practical sense to wait I think. The question is whether the momentum would erode. And discussed the possibility of getting a two thirds supermajority in the senate would be reduced if there's too much away. But for what it is worth it seems to me at least right now you know less than a week out from these events. The story seems to get to reviewed more disturbing and and and more damaging to president trump. As more images and more detailed accounts come out so who knows which way delay would cut in this instance. Can Kate show up helping us understand our constitution and laws in these difficult times thanks very much. Painted. In the aftermath of last week's attack on the capital private companies are taking action against president trump and in some cases the Republicans. Who supported his effort to overturn a free and fair election. Come back a closer look at corporate responsibility and the business is cutting ties we present. Welcome back after Wednesday's riot on Capitol Hill. Business leaders are coming to terms with what the violence that is shocked a country means it's where there are corporate identities. Several companies are taking action by suspending political donations. Fanning president drugs online stories stores or even stripping his golf courses of holding pristine just turned mixed. Economics correspondent Deirdre Bolton has more. I'm a corporate fall home. In the aftermath of the Capitol Hill attack. Private companies are taking action against president Tran thi CEO is Yonder a company that specializes in information and branding integrity. Says the days of companies being neutral on political social or cultural movements. Are over. Corporations have a cultural responsibility. And and I think it a lot of ways that ask for and they recognize that they tell us to fill. It with the public and. Marry Ott is suspending donations to Republican senators who objected to certifying president elect Joseph Biden's electoral victory. A hotel chain spokesperson is quoted as saying we have taken the destructive events at the capitol to undermine a legitimate and fair election into consideration. We will be pausing political giving from our political action committee to those who voted against certification of the election. The blue cross blue shield association also said it will suspend contributions to lawmakers who quote voted to undermine our democracy. Some business leaders and seemed to inflicted these past four years the champ administration made many polarizing decisions and also enacted so called business friendly ones. Including a 2017. Tax overhaul that delivered a windfall to corporations and wealthy individuals. But Wednesday prompted action for some. Simon and Schuster canceled a book deal it had with Missouri senator Josh holly. Sensor holly led the fight in congress objecting to president elect Joseph Biden's win holly was seen raising a fist in solidarity to trump supporters on Wednesday during the insurgency. Senator holly tweeted about what he called the woke mob at Simon and Schuster and called the company's decision orwellian. Corporations are really read and timber and a lot of consumers. Don't believe in our brand get behind our brand we have we have values. Now consumers are. When them accountable. On Sunday naked PGA announced cancellation of its contract with the trump National Golf Club in bed minister New Jersey for the 20/20 two championship. Setting the tragic events of last week. The CEO added we finer sales and a political situation not of our making or fiduciary for our members for the dean for our mission and for our brands. A spokesperson for the Trump Organization says it is incredibly disappointed. And the decision is a breach of contracts. For ABC news lies and your dribbles and. Thanks to Deirdre for that and that does it for us here on the breakdown I'm Terry north. And I'm Diana sales evacuate tomorrow at 3 PM eastern have a great tech.

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