The Breakdown: Former President Donald Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment trial

Plus, what comes next for Trump and what the Biden administration's proposed child tax credit means for families.
22:37 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Former President Donald Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment trial
Yeah. Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm the and the sale. And I'm Jerry Moran Republicans are facing a backlash after former president Gerald was acquitted in the most bipartisan presidential impeachment impeachment vote ever in the fallout now after those seven Republicans broke ranks with their party. Voting to find the former president guilty of inciting the insurrection in the capital itself. What does this mean for the future of the GOP a former Republican congressmen and joins us to weigh in. And the other big question now could Donald Trump face criminal charges. Martinez covering all the engines. Also ahead the World Health Organization says weekly column in nineteen cases have fallen by nearly. Worldwide. As states in the US run low on vaccine supplies from the CDC warns we are nowhere out of the woods. Vice President Biden pressures congress to pass a new private relief bill and so where things stand on the stimulus deal. Yeah and those struggling in the pandemic one of the president's economic advisors. Joins us live from. A new ABC news if -- poll shows that a majority of Americans 58% say that former president trump should have been convicted but that breaks down along party lines. Well 88% of Democrats and 64% of independents say trump should have been convicted. Only 14% of Republicans agree. ABC news political director Rick Klein joins us now for more Rick what's is out to most from the trial and those poll numbers. Diane ended the poll number can pull over confirms that Americans heard the evidence and it confirmed what they thought going into this trial president strong. 58% is a large number by any historical comparison even comparing the president's council last file and what's remarkable to me Diana is how consistent these numbers actually are with the senate results 57 senators voted to convict president trump 50% of Americans think that was appropriate. And even in the Republican Party seven senators out of fifty that's 14% the exact number that our poll shows Republicans saying that president come deserve to be convicted. I'm Rick one of the key moments in this trial was when the senate voted and gave house managers the power to call for witnesses. But ultimately the senate decided not to. When it went into that decision. Yeah it was extraordinary turn of events Terry I'm told that that the senate Democrats were caught unaware as with the ugly attempt by house managers members of their own party to push for witnesses yes they have the votes. But it didn't know what to do once they had them and then came the threats from Republicans and the trump side to call as many as a hundred witnesses not that never would have happened but it did highlight. The peril of the of calling witnesses first of all you're not sure exactly what they're gonna say and secondly and more importantly he would have to prolong the trial at least through this week may be a lot longer. Meanwhile delaying the Biden agenda without potentially moving any votes at that point we already knew the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was a no vote it's unlikely that it had more votes would have been switched in fact there were some senate Democrats saying if you let this go on so long we may lose the votes we already had so. It a trial ends with a lot of unanswered questions because of that that's strange and stage there on Saturday so Rick now that the trial is over what's next for president Biden and his agenda. Well he gets on the move you'll be out in the country for the first time as president through the midwest including Wisconsin starting tomorrow. He's trying to sell that called it relief package he knows. That time is ticking down on any chance of a bipartisan package and look this is where he gets his presidency back. It's presidents' day and it's a gift to Joseph Biden that he doesn't have to worry about the trouble impeachment of course the Republicans are still in a good degree of this of disarray around the future of their party but right now. President Biden gets a push on what he knows is the number one agenda item for him coping nineteen relief and he knows that there's urgency now in trying to get something done. And Rick out looking ahead right now there was some. Talk around the trial that there's no way president trump could ever. I successfully run for office again but I can't think of another Republican who has is name recognition his power to raise money can generate the crowd's enthusiasm. What do you think is next for him his family and the party. Well as you say serie in the biggest. Substances take away from his acquittal is that he can run again now I don't think that's likely but I do think it's very likely that he'll talk about it for quite some time. In addition to marshalling his political forces to exact. For a retribution. Against senators and congressman who voted for his conviction the Mac a movement remains very strong aid may even have consequences in the North Carolina senate race where the retiring senator there Richard Burr voted to convict senator Lindsey Graham from neighboring South Carolina says that makes a Lara trump. The president's daughter in law the prohibitive front runner in the race to replace and so there could still be trumps running in 20/20 two and beyond. And and I'm I'm of the mind that we may not have seen the last of Donald Trump senior. Reclined in Washington having no question about that thanks there. I was some of those Republicans who voted to convict Donald Trump are now facing a backlash in their home states at least one senator bill Cassidy. Has been censured. By the Louisiana GOP the north Carolina Republican Party called senator Richard birds vote shocking and disappointment disappointing and Pennsylvania's. GOP chair called senator Pat -- decision. Our disappointment so. Let's go to former Republican congressman Denver redolent of Virginia he joins us now for more it's great to see you again and then let me ask you first about that last question. I did to Rick Klein there are about Donald Trump's and the trump family's future what do you think is easy de. Is he poison goods Oreo or is he is able to run again and you think you will. None. They track only history can be back but I think his name and the support that he is he's actually an engine lobbies of church and you're just about. Don't Cassidy censured. I believe that was unanimous. So that talks of the power does all this he'll lose. The fact they Emily present should be impeached and all these belief systems that came from disinformation is very powerful Republican Party right now. And we get me aren't they committees are more ideologically bent. He noted a normal voting public however. These committees control of the power is local there isn't easy unanimous vote for censure. Massive disparities all of a useless chain mildly feature as he did he should he's completely innocent again. These districts I don't think the GOP is at all I think there actually and you pretty well 122. So since the senate a failed to convict him chump is free to run for office again at this point. Is anyone in the Republican Party that could challenge him for the nomination 20/20 four if but Terry suspicions are correct and if he does decide to pursue office again. I don't know me at that point the 78 years old I think is Hollywood visa. Now president Biden wanted at age did his advanced age present trust and one run in the former president. I think it's strong he could satisfy the when you're talking about harsh robbery was char. Color trumpeted North Carolina fuselage true names I think that sort of better and better trotted out others are running for president Al. You know I don't know. I think I have this bridge chances anybody else from right it's all about and it's don't know usually get from me right now unfortunately Tony floor or. If you refuse to embrace. Magnetic fusion juice if you refused you British from these very difficult to fund raise and somebody's race. Well let's talk about what that means substantively for the country for the reality that we share Donald Trump of course he hasn't admitted that he lost the election a lot. And expressed any remorse about his role leading up to the assault on the capital despite what Mitch McConnell and plenty of other Republicans are saying so assuming none of them. Changes. What are the next couple years before Republicans look alike as they try to get a re elected is that loyalty tests now for Republican candidates. They have to embrace the trump alternative for Maria we alternative reality. I wouldn't receive surprised if you can't protect our luck donors carnal mind. Just bring representatives and senators trying to banged into word out to get his blessing I mean I just don't think that's really that's a life. Police whistle and alright now me for my cell. I would rather see policy taxes this issue as an it is. What will be and if you aren't actually ambassador this I disagree with president Biden a lot of things and policy should I do that. Keller very typical that a serious policy discussion. People at her side appreciate things that you think that aliens is somehow inserted coding machines to change votes but an innocent eight in. Frank Hayward Democrats or call all pent up files. That are trying to run TC UV there comes a point that you got to have a baseline and impact of policy. But right now that's what's selling certain portions of the Republican Party were selling. Physically election integrity encroached property to Libya top two things people run on those factors China's there's someplace to happen. There's going to be Connell and mark motto try to try to get to present from. Proof the nine former Republican congressman generate a man we appreciate your time as always thank you did you. And despite his acquittal in the senate former president trump is facing several state civil and criminal investigations among them. The DA in Fulton County Georgia recently announced a criminal probe into trans efforts to overturn his election loss in the state. Here's are on Devin Dwyer with the latest. He's out of office his bid to overturn the election shut down now former president Donald Trump faces growing legal scrutiny of his actions to. Very possible that in the near future we could see a criminal indictment filed against former president Donald. Georgia secretary of state Grand Rapids Berger has opened the first formal investigation of Trump's phone calls to state officials seeking to overturn the results of the election. What we did I only need 111000 dollars a palace he eleven. It won't get here race. Identified three criminal statutes which I thought were violated public interest attorney John Banzhaf filed a series of complaints in Georgia that triggered the new investigation. Outlining in a letter to state officials what he says are clear violations. Of state law conspiracy to commit election fraud and solicitation to commit election fraud. Intentional interference with a elections issue Trump's attorneys deny the call was inappropriate seen in their impeachment defense for the US senate the president was simply expressing his opinion. It did not threaten her Athens murder. Four days after that call the president held a rally to challenge Steele a tore count. It's like. We fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell did not gonna have a country anymore. The peaceful demonstration turned violent and deadly. Local prosecutors are deciding whether to charge him with a crime under DC law inciting violence is a misdemeanor offense. And it's my office's responsibility. To investigate whether those words. Exceeded that Europe for First Amendment protection and went into his own of criminality. I'm for inciting the mob that charge the capital the president's lawyer insists the mob acted on its own. Just because somebody gave a speech and donor in the gut to people got excited that. That doesn't mean that her speech makers all. The probes of Trump's post election conduct joins several other civil and criminal investigations of trump and his family business well under way. We're getting document each and every day hound we are again seeking the testimony of certain individuals we are reviewing all of those documents it sent. Thousands and thousands of documents. New York attorney general attention James has been scrutinizing with their trump manipulated the value of some of his real estate holdings for tax and insurance purposes. Zeroing in on at least four properties in three states Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance also continuing his criminal probe into possible bank tax and insurance fraud by the Trump Organization. Trump's attorneys deny wrongdoing in call both New York probes politically motivated. And they've asked the US supreme court for a second time to block release of his tax returns a decision is imminent. To the president's. Alleged war numbers in them tens of millions of dollars certainly it looks to me like the president has some exposure who potential jail. And still facing fallout from allegations of sexual misconduct dating back decades trump could soon face deposition under oath. I do a judge recently allowing the defamation case of trump accuser and former Elle Magazine writer. As her attorney Roberta Kaplan vows to challenge the former president's overs history of false and misleading statements. We depose you think you're not gonna get away with that Kaplan told the Washington Post. He had the mantle of the presidency and now that's gone I have no idea. No woman who is also accused the other man have things you know. It is day totally bald back Tuesday. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Bob cloudy future for Donald Trump thanks to Devin Dwyer for that report. By the Biden White House is ready to move on from former president trumps impeachment and focus on cult would relief. Coming up. One of president Biden's economic advisors. She joins us with more on where stimulus negotiations. Might go from here yeah. But first heard about the 3600 dollar tax credit or three dollars. Channel debt under constant threats and pulls it. It was a scientist but I didn't get my hopes up. Clothes and often times that legislation didn't just guys. Me and my flight it is spent their first child. Actually and but he did he never cheated eighteenth. Game. Because if indeed we need and don't feel those samples and did feel a little bit of it's us person just. Actually comes just because we haven't seen the only. And now also once people that's where. So you can find child care and child cheered news the situation these specimens. Now while 300 dollars a month. What it paid war. Total cost of our child care and make it a lot more affordable so hopefully just ask. Because as Oklahoma into the black. Welcome back that parity just heard he's hopeful for a democratic proposal that would expand the child tax credit for one year given qualifying families up to. 300 dollars per child per month in this part of the by administrations corona virus relief rescue package it's aimed at helping Americans. Whether this pandemic and its economic fallout for joining us now to break down the status of that really proud job packaged Jared Bernstein and though white house council of economic advisors thanks for being with us chaired. And Bob Bennett thanks and then let me ask you wouldn't other engagements Bob president trump form present arms behind us. The Biden stimulus rescue bill can take center stage on Capitol Hill so realistically wind do you think this can get pass when would. Americans see benefits and you think. Any Republicans are gonna synan. Police are the last point com. Republicans are going to sign time is yet to be seeing you when we talk about this budget process called reconciliation. Meeting. One way. Passed a bill that sixty votes. That doesn't exclude Republicans. Probably doesn't probably heard discussed in recent weeks on the hill and in the asked but that process has often did bipartisan. So Republicans could come over and help even if we go that processed fruit. I think what's important here is to recognize that this is not. A partisan issue. What you get outside Washington. The president has met with business leaders bipartisan and he's met with congress from both sides of the he's talked to experts and economists including by way. The this idea has been endorsed by. The chief economist former president of trumka President Bush. Just this morning in my Washington Post that read a quote from the mayor of Fresno California Republican. Who's just thought this is very articulates I want to read back accuses. It's not a Republican issue or Democrat issue it's a public health issue is an economic issue and it's a public safety issue that's the American rescue plan. And whether you're either or are. Reopened schools you wanna get relief to people you wanna get shots and arms and you want people and businesses back to work. Sick and some push back and Jarrett to the one point nine trillion dollar size of this package and not just from Republicans economists like Larry Summers who served in democratic administrations. Warn that this could cause inflation and that it's at least three times a projected economic shortfall from the pandemic so why insist on this high number. I think we'll look at this alert is an old friend of mine and we argued about this and other things and I still have a lot of respect color but we disagree on this point. But we don't look at this is not the kind of top down approach that he employed there but to look at what it will take. To get to the other side of this crisis stuff finally deal colon ninety in the knockout blow. That Americans like the person you just interviewed a second ago are desperately looking for us to do that. Has heretofore not occurred we welcome gone too small we've had these pockets where some appreciated without some video coming into play. So what the president did here was built packet from the bottom. We child care will help to people who need relief checks. To people who are trying to get their kids back to school. Help to states and localities who have to. At the end of the day control cars and distribute and produce and get the vaccine into people aren't. Did he do that Limbaugh exercise you get a one point nine trillion at the risk here is not going to. To be the risk here is going to small and that's a risk we've seen. Our current far too open and the president he's is intent on putting that respondents. And senator Bernie Sanders said has promised that that idea. To raise the minimum wage across the country to fifteen dollars an hour did that should be included. In the final version that's going to require all fifty Democrats to stick together and how likely to think that it's due president support that. The president. Unequivocally supports. Since the campaign he's always. In committed since he ran for president. Two raising the minimum wage to fifteen an hour and back that's why he put this in his very first. Significant legislative proposal and the reason is because this budget process issue aside for a second exactly what the American people think about this is that should pay front line workers. Schuessel among the fulfillment worker in a warehouse. Hey home helping someone who's helping controllers who distributed vaccine should that person to make a living wage. Fifty dollars an hour gets you closer to that. Relative to sentence if an hour which is the current federal minute when you think most people. Will agree that is essential workers were just so there it was or risk. To help us get through this crisis. You deserve outrage that's clear president Biden has long been and he will continue to fight for that and tall all of us. And that another point of contention now or big question nine deaths at least is cool. Gets those 14100 dollar checks the house democrats' proposal would phase it out. For individuals making more than 75000. And couples making more than 150000. On the senate side democratic senator Joseph mansion proposed capping those payments. For individuals making more than 50000 and couples at 100000. Where do you draw the line. They answered that question this is going to come out precisely. These exchanges and you talked about the president has been very encouraging. Precisely these types of exchanges by the way not just with Democrats but would Republicans as well what he has saddened when Jen Psaki Press Secretary has said. Is that it is essential. That middle and low income people get these relief checks that they. If you pay your go to people with incomes of 25300000. You heard president saying that's not something that he considers to be. Don't settle this so the idea that you would faze those payments out of that income levels that are nor could 250 K is something that's been under discussion. Bullets not under discussion is whether middle income families. Meet this how. That they do know and they'll tell you about themselves and I believe them and more importantly president Joseph Biden believes them. So your bottom line when do you think this gets passed and doesn't get passed with bipartisan support. I'm. Any given day because all economists I'm not a political lows countered I can only tell you the urgency with which president Biden once again this across the legislative goal line. It is directly proportional to its importance. In terms of controlling the virus distributing producing the vaccine getting shots and arms and finally finally launching a robust. Inclusive and racially equitable economic recovery. All right Jared Bernstein thanks very much for that and good luck. The President's Day here it's presidents' day today and president Joseph Biden's granddaughter Naomi showing a Fraley gifts to the president a look at this. Vice President Biden wearing his new have this weekend in his first trip to Camp David but ma'am he's also shared a different view as she said just to make sure the new job title. Doesn't get too isn't. He's pop to them. They automation and and then getting Megan nature he remembers his most important titled let's can absolutely. Things like you well. So that does it for us here on the breakdown I'm Terry Moran and I and I and it's Edelstein back your smile at 3 PM eastern have a great day happy president. Yeah.

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