California official: Unauthorized drop boxes ‘threat to the security of the election’

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla responds to the California Republican Party’s placement of unofficial ballot drop boxes in several counties.
5:48 | 10/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California official: Unauthorized drop boxes ‘threat to the security of the election’
Now to the battle over ballot drop off boxes are secure boxes where voters can drop off their ballots before Election Day in many states. Over the weekend in California reports surfaced that unofficial drop boxes were showing up at unauthorized locations in Los Angeles Fresno and orange counties. Including outside gun stores in churches. It turns out those drop boxes were put in place by the California Republican Party to collect ballads that state officials are calling these boxes illegal. And say they could lead to voter fraud and that's the focus of tonight's valid watch. And for more on this we're joined now by California secretary of state Alex Padilla mr. Padilla you've sent a cease and desist order to the California GOP and county Republican parties and called for them to remove those boxes saying that they violate state law first just explained our viewers a problem with the use of these unauthorized drop boxes and why you believe that they should be removed. Both first alarming it's it's it's there unauthorized or not officials they've been rivers misrepresents it as official ballot boxes so are ready misleading voters number one X number two its current health cornea voters have multiple state options for literature and their mail ballots because every active registered voters. He is receiving mail in ballot. Because of the dignity and epic sticking to return to the Postal Service they can't be returned to Indy officials to cheer ballot drop boxes they can be bought it in person to any in person voting location during early voting period. Or on election date. But two outs have group regardless of whose behind its unofficial ballot drop boxes represented as a crucial drop Watson's book that it to be security of the election. And two but it ounces. Now the California GOP is resisting your call to remove these boxes arguing that they are legal under new laws allow ballots to be collected by third parties. Yesterday they treated if a congregation business or other group provides the option to his parishioners associates are colleagues to drop off their ballot in a safe location with people they trust. Rather than handing it over to a stranger who knocks on their door what is wrong with that and they added this the way Democrats -- the law if we wanted to use a Santa bag we could a locked heavy box seems a lot safer now they argue that there's nothing in state laws passed by Democrats that would restrict these sorts of collections and that these ballots do not require an authorized signature designating who's collecting it. What's your response to that. My response is clear what they're suggesting is simply not troops do want to understand state law the utter read it. And we made it out for them in the cease and desist order books is ballot collection activity allowed in California yes but even then it's both the voter has designed the outside of the vote by mail return bulletins as does the person that daily choose to trust to return their ballots more than if they need assistance. That's the connection is lost with beats and misleading. Unofficial. Insecure ballot drop boxes anybody that's been mr. to deliver to do about 28888. Ballot Dropbox does not know who their serenity did their ballot seeks the word official implies that it's it's an official. That it's and how cheeks. Controlled ballot Dropbox seek out drop boxes are in good option to California the only counties are authorized suits. Two to provide them in the meet strict regulations and requirements entrances that construction there installations. How often doubts are retrieved and delivered to be county and who on the county elections workers Charlotte's retrieve ballots from ballot drop boxes. Any unofficial Dropbox. We cannot bouts with the security ebit earp whose possession of deep balanced so they're very problematic they're very concerning and it needs to be taken down immediately. So if the California GOP continues to resist removing these boxes what actionable your office in the state attorney general's office take could there be any criminal prosecution here. Dictator welding and that's what we have played out in the season doses ordered the specific there is a state law that they are in violation its customer calls and their record if there's not immediate compliance it's then the attorney general is not ready and prepared to exercise any legal options protect the integrity of the votes and ensure the confidence of all looters in the integrity of their elections sadly it's better job a lot harder. We now have to remind all voters of their multiple seek options are returning their ballots. In any voter who might have been duped and suits surrendering their ballots to and of these. Unofficial. Drop boxes were absent that a vote that seagate that GOP sign up under where's my ballots received notifications. On the status of their ballot including confirmation Spitzer balanced and received by the county and when it's out. And you really just touched on this but is there. Any other message beyond that specifically to voters in California may be confused by all this and are now concerned about using any valid drop boxes. Including those officially sanctioned by the state. Parents and you gotta get we continue to work carts remind voters of their multiple state since returning their ballots by mail. In person supports any official ballot drop oxide Ito what's official and unofficial. Number one you look at the boxed themselves they must. Have the county seal on them and for folks think nobody getting to choose Sears. Use leaked out she sealed is another violation of the law. And for an official listing a ballot Dropbox county scooters can go to county elections. Website where the secretary of State's web site at vote Tutsi AG OP. California secretary say Alex Padilla and we thank you so much for your time. Thank you to stay six details.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"California Secretary of State Alex Padilla responds to the California Republican Party’s placement of unofficial ballot drop boxes in several counties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73598413","title":"California official: Unauthorized drop boxes ‘threat to the security of the election’","url":"/Politics/video/california-official-unauthorized-drop-boxes-threat-security-election-73598413"}