Capitol Hill siege aftermath

Former NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce and retired police Capt. Sonia Pruitt discuss the differences in police response between the riot last week and the Black Lives Matter protests.
6:28 | 01/12/21

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Transcript for Capitol Hill siege aftermath
We are continuing to get a better sense of what happened at the capitol last week. And the stories behind some of those images that we have seen so much. Including a police officer running from the mob inside the capitol and ABC news special which is now streaming exclusively on Hulu. Spotlights ham and other people who were there here's a clip. Variety encountered this lone police officer doing his best to. Keeping these. These rioters a day. He seemed to be scared legitimately for his life. Okay. Siri and calling for back up. You know freaks it was a breach. I would the writers are standing right at one of the entrances senate. The officer leads them away from. Percent of engage. He give up ground. Does understand under US code and our mission for capital. It's to protect memory card. Yeah winds towards me corny only. That's where this lone police officer had finally received back up. I I. After talking with several black police officers on the department. All the racial slurs that they had to endure these criminals there were targeting them specifically because they were racist she saw that. That the flies that they were flying. Again that ABC news special 24 hours assault on the capital is now streaming on Hulu for a deeper dive. Into the issues of race and policing in the wake of last week's siege that's now bring in ABC news consultant. Robert Boies former NYPD chief of detectives attorney Pruitt retired police captain in Montgomery County Maryland and former president. Of the national black police officers association. Good afternoon to both thank you both. For being on today Sonya I wanted to start with you what was your reaction. To that officer story that we just and the other black capitol police officers who said that. You're surrounded not just I am violent mob of people yelling racist slurs and carrying confederate flags. Yeah I'm thanks for having me on this and I'm not surprised at all. If you ask most black police offices we are well aware of the fact that some. The men and women in law enforcement. Don't be legally light people who look like meat. Not necessarily welcome in policing and it was highlight it she during that the capital C each is appalling. Not surprising but that was concerning to me is the trauma that officers can expect him to work while they were trying to do their job they're trying to protect. The capital in trying to protect our congress people are. I mean it must have been really really frightening but I'm glad that occidental could wind kept his kids. And that he was able to lead those people. Away from the people that he was was serving and protecting midday. It was a remarkable display of curse on your you're right Robert. I'd like to ask you what's your assessment can't lose this subject everybody's talking about of why the capital wasn't better protected. A dead dozens in there the warning signs were there all over social media. They clearly weren't so tell your intelligence to properly broker efficacy in the crowd never should've gotten to those who capital. We had species sees a New York all the time we such industries you can't let it crowd that saudis get that close. So is out and bruises and bruised but even before it be shut down the streets you close all avenues so they can get to that point Lisa and slice. So we seen what happened who are places can be. Chief songs telling us he requested more Laura opened tobacco and was tonight because of the optic it would do it would do which show. So with single warns it comes out on the chin produces disgusting display. Of attack on the police and an act if you read for every one of them. We lost you're young man was killed when oh analysts are. And we still know full details of that so a lot more as Korea has been following here but tactically it was a disaster in every sense of the word. Along the capitol police were not backed up. Properly they requested it it wasn't there was an innocent it should have been. On and preparation when it was it was an error as well again and you. You can't wait till August is steps like better seem to overrun and beaten badly to the officers injured and one murders so long it's is something attitudes. It gets you six you some workers who watches. And Sonya we saw those horrifying videos of officers being dragged down stairs and beaten others hit with a fire extinguisher another one crashed in a doorway. But then we're also seeing reports of police officers in the crowd as part of the riot how do you square that and what are you hearing from police unions on the. I can't square it at all again I'm not surprised. It is appalling and the weak note now for years that it members of police departments are are also members of white supremacists and nationalist groups especially on climate has been highlighted should there have been in investigations. Yet here we are and you know some people are acting surprised out so. The unions it. Some of the union hits in this country actually came out in support. Al what was going on in terms of the First Amendment there's free speech since. OK none of this was first amendment rights of free speech this was criminal activity. I don't know how they can squared. Being the head of a police and look at what went down. They started walking back economists when they saw that where popular and now in unions have just gone completely silent. To meet silence is complicity probably like to know wedding union stand in in particular the national OP.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"Former NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce and retired police Capt. Sonia Pruitt discuss the differences in police response between the riot last week and the Black Lives Matter protests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75208061","title":"Capitol Hill siege aftermath ","url":"/Politics/video/capitol-hill-siege-aftermath-75208061"}