Car Fire Blazes Blocks Away From Inaugural Parade

Firefighters extinguish a burning vehicle as President Trump's limo passes the nearby parade viewing platform.
5:36 | 01/20/17

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Transcript for Car Fire Blazes Blocks Away From Inaugural Parade
So let's let's move from this Rezko rolls and into this un controlled seen. So that we've been reporting throughout the day we've got dozens and dozens of protesters have been arrested around the city. Windows broken story. From an attack. It. Being on time and I'm the windows kicked out now someone has lit it on fire and it really. Started. Running. Failing that love hearing people all around. Yeah. You're hearing there are reporter Charlie James who's out there in the field we've been talking to some of the protesters. There what you saw was that she was reporting a apparently a limousine the windows had been kicked in it'd been set on fire and really. Yes taken off there. This is they've gotten through a safe area we'll let you know hopefully we'll be able to go back to that mean in the back to the parade. Or for the three parade procession from the from the capital back to the White House viewing stand but it's quite dramatic contrast here you've got this. Stately. Procession from the capitol the White House the new president being cheered some protesters along the way but. Nothing to out of hand meanwhile. Right there in the same small city can DC is not a large town. You've got fires burning. And when as being broken and people being arrested here guess being fired. A a fiery beginning to the presidency. Company from. We should know there were protesters along this perception as well who are peacefully protesting extended their signs and we could hear on the audio looked as if they re yelling as well but. No damage or destruction and no unlawful behavior there show. Really the full spectrum of protests today. Yeah I think to detail is certainly within their first amendment rights and you know this is just beginning tomorrow it's estimated at several 100000 people will show up. Four. The women's march. So it's possible that this is the president will begin with a lot of protests throughout his tenure was involved in Chelsea. There are paid. The members are. Here veteran senator Roy. Senate majority leader. He really insensitive men apparently Secret Service summit they like. This is our mayor yes it is heavily male no question about it. And if you see they have their Secret Service names as well as permit public. I saw that and yes trump is mobile what would and so he is local. Mrs. trump is from youth. SN Ibaka as marvel. But even written use like the bands. I'm going beacons do you believe I refused yes Don junior is mountaineer. I think. Yes it's been an apple but mountain you know let go President Obama looked. No renegade he why. The girl. It's looked at a my memories not. It was a radiance there's something and someone who took pictures would have gone one of those would have been here. Renegade dangerously close to Sarah Palin going role models there have started part of. First term McCain go. You know. Collected simple message. You listen. Clear pounded tweet that casualties yet solved but I actually say we don't today. Let's there's the fire department putting out that when I don't know fire and and our crew appears to be state. But nonetheless. Not only to communicate emotional setting. To see at least it is for me and you have to remember Washington DC is also a city that's suffered terrorist attacks so. To be setting fires and causing. That kind of disruption and violence. Certainly does not sit well. I wouldn't think. Most Americans. And sure enough but what a powerful image whatever those two pictures side by side that this bit. This is the American electorate that president trump. We'll now be serving so be interesting to see how he can hit out whether he tweets about the protesters at it tomorrow if he chooses to acknowledge it. Or to make any kind if conciliatory. Gesture in the days that followed to the many people are going to be showing up tomorrow and protests as president. He may you remember he tweeted that he thought the Platt burdens of being. The you might have some opinions that we read about a 140 characters. Such as the legal work. One of the options was to actually. Have moved through her front burner who threw citizenship.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Firefighters extinguish a burning vehicle as President Trump's limo passes the nearby parade viewing platform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44933353","title":"Car Fire Blazes Blocks Away From Inaugural Parade ","url":"/Politics/video/car-fire-blazes-blocks-inaugural-parade-44933353"}