Chicago mayoral race winner makes history

Lori Lightfoot is the city's first black female and openly gay mayor.
3:25 | 04/03/19

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Transcript for Chicago mayoral race winner makes history
Like I said in the beginning in Chicago is making big history today the city elected Lori Lightfoot she's the first black woman mayor who is also the first openly gay person to hold the positions I wanna go to Creag wall with ABC seven Chicago. Political reporter he's on the phone. A credit can you just Ellison who she is in what we should know about her this is pretty historic. Yet Kimberly good morning initiative includes crew costs here you know it happens. Colonel or export and what of the orchard at. Looked into corruption if you're at Chicago police commissioners and an able disciplinary action against them but. Political newcomer to Chicago who really. Bloomberg who are growing out of this race she does to your heart you know an afterthought. Ian Aaron Crow you're the first election round she came from one. Campaigned on the theme of bringing school used to City Hall we've got a number of a high profile corruption scandal you're during. The amp. Critical but they're and that and and cook and the political machine reported that corruption cycle and pretty sure needs transparency. But accountability to city government and that merton. Which Chicago voters who are that are there were 26%. Over it won't current. Politician he heard of the Cook County Democratic Party and the county board president who cracked point. How big is this for the city I mean you sort of mention it there but just being the first black woman the first openly gay person what does this mean. For this city. I think both those artists go work first clearly and then. Don't dump played better all book but I think. It was quite put Khmer speaker bring him and they're really that we were all fifty ward here in Chicago he cut across. You know you TrueCrypt. If you're. Still just what's he can't vote in Britain saying it's just where it is and with everybody and I don't think. Mr. Huckabee or. Lack real quick as neutral. People like her message. But that that Arctic where it is certainly can't lose now been elected. Yeah one of the major things. Plaguing Chicago is the gun violence so did she have solutions firm that big issue there. And other issues. Yeah I recommend a huge issue. Of the chronic if you in Chicago per per decade and then going back seat but walker respect. You know her background is not on the police ordered that the federal prosecutor. You know made have made her someone who had a lot of appeal to. Bringing home on. Here between the police department and the community here and here Oates wrote a couple of you know talked about the need to get crime under control earned only who was born happen overnight. FTSE. Here is true or what the police superintendent here now war are. Here remember it was Abu warrantless constituents' support but the superintendent here every parent center to find solutions. Bureaucratic name of the water priority there have to be so because it'll many other things in on how worried do tamp down that problem. All right Craig thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Lori Lightfoot is the city's first black female and openly gay mayor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62142580","title":"Chicago mayoral race winner makes history","url":"/Politics/video/chicago-mayoral-race-winner-makes-history-62142580"}