Clinton Takes on Iowa in 2016

ABC News' Liz Kreutz talks to Clinton supporters in Cedar Rapids.
14:36 | 01/04/16

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Transcript for Clinton Takes on Iowa in 2016
I relentless break here in Cedar Rapids at the new in the city market an African. Next town hall. Earlier Hillard and it and Davenport college job fair we're back in her second event this is her first Hillary Clinton. I'm Dave back in Ireland 4618 it's also big day here at fort eat out that I and now it's like buffalo down time for highway. They're coming out here realizing they got anything to. Because. Check neighborhood. All around as markets public. He had night. They're telling local. Organic products and from the globe from happening may not and Hillary Clinton is not experience. Aren't. The events days like the other part rising lately. Yeah. You know around during. I. Here that I really. Chat you. It's like young kids but I have ever popular. The girl right here. Is that they. Raise rates and wondering if I'm right and I thank you I was shocked at the great grandmother they eat. Expanding. So did not fun. So how are ahead and bring wrapping room. You know army. Fever and your cedar avenue. What are you guys thinking. Alien popping. Talk to you. Bet I. What about giving you feel like you know you guys live here I'm on the road. All the time then leave your talking but then an anti thinking it clearly. So what's your prediction. I think really isn't funny movie younger people which seem to believe we're learning. The older generation. It's only people can call. Clinical. On the opening day. And I who. It's definitely the youngest sad voter right over time. Anyways but what we're better than it is very into the crowd here it is. Turn it around. A. I like that I thought it. Henry here. Great enough. I'm very proud we have this area. I'm 80 executive editor. Your critics say it's an economic opportunity and got fans. Immigration reform and air quality and in the right. We're touched our problems partly offensive. It's a rock up on the we're here to capitol. And I feel like I'm front even. In. An ABC news. Dot com library yeah. Citing it partly out next time you need to. And you're gonna not work. I'm no hard. If somebody what you are now searching I'm looking hard. I have a particular interest in fine thing. And we're wanting of people who have good. People who will make an effort to keep it in the ground that it oil hole in the ground and do more wins like. They are searching and finding things are you leaning towards. Neither Hillary and four. Better chance at equity company could well. They cared. Because fan I would stop making money on the big oil. She's got my let's. Without yeah. Right after that happened. And and I get. Just one more question. I'm pretty happy yeah. It's happened again. Yeah about bringing up Bill Clinton that is right. And I you know. You're talking about back. Thank you guys and I am. Say that more often than not when I'm not he's an event that Hillary Clinton friend today isn't proud this means democratic. Crowd but more often than not Hillary Clinton supporters. All the time we hear about coming. I'm. How are you guys. Happily gave their front in the area Eric nearby. Maybe next time even more than. Still kind of night. Your birthdays are you. Definitely I mean I think Eminem. I'm. Between Hillary and any. I I like it let bringing hat and I worried that. You would be great indeed I have this. Honestly I'm granting. Can't looking like. You know one where. Kind of and management and like I need Anthony. Hillary either side I did they. O'Malley a it's not even. Bob and for about the same reasons I'm really truly sorry. Obviously some earnings because I want a victory again Rick being active well educated and do. Shopping areas to. You know ideally a lot of young people are here in the world. Larry Sanders went about it. Flood of young. I'm from burning any. So I think really. I've never met him. Theory how. Bring your radio host the gun at Saint Paul I've gotten any calls from. Over and over again cannot. He had no idea that that allotment and I don't know what the details appointment of Italy on. As regular landline and England acclaim and finally. But I live in new York and having inherently. There. Important that and anyways thanks yeah I love you thank you. I'm okay amnesty is anyone else you can talk to us rain turning country the reporters on. Either act. Fox primary here and reporter me. Make an. I'm brand. Here are back. Usual contracts. I'm very happy. Harry we're hoping sweet sixteen we bring you. Campaign back I think you have pain and they. Thanks. I've had so many ways I think we're Gannett things but that none of the great outfit and day right here at. Making it a good shot. So hang. Here you. No I'm. News a lot of fun and easy right now I'm eyes. Hillary and bill Grammy night the night news when he came to mitigate risk. Actually I hanging. What you thought didn't have my last campaign. Yes his good sense and I think Europe long the lending back Donaldson clapping his. Yeah I'd like me. If there live. Peg. I've been that bad out. You get me. Again. Kelly thank you. How he's got a great. Does your. Flying in. Pain any good shopping tip line going and tonight I'm Mike is I think we're about ways to go. Like my equipment run. Greater lengths I think I am hey. It when you. I'd beg beg to send it. My it is very. Every few fouling out the ring. I think bring out the event was time. Eight were a factor of probably in the next 510. All I'm standing right here on Plus live. Don't look now but it won't be on Twitter. I EBD live here that would drive me I am so glad you think next time I'm.

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{"duration":"14:36","description":"ABC News' Liz Kreutz talks to Clinton supporters in Cedar Rapids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36086145","title":"Clinton Takes on Iowa in 2016","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-takes-iowa-2016-36086145"}