Comfort dogs bring healing

Kathy Benner and Nancy Chesley of Heeling House explain how comfort dogs can give people positive healing.
4:32 | 08/15/19

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Transcript for Comfort dogs bring healing
Number what I said earlier to bureaus will as people are really excited down here it's kind of weird soccer's it's me. Because of our next guest we're joined right now. By healing house this is an organization. That works we therapy animals and service animals their base during the DMV carrier we have with this right now Kathy manner and Nancy Chesley thank you both for coming in. This afternoon he you know we said did that when everything going on. Right now and we've we've had to mash shootings we we we've had so many we got a tough summer. Finance the simplest way to say it organizations like yours go into areas around the country where. People need help so. Toppled about what you do and and that type of situations. That you folks I do unify his series where you believe you can help. So we are 501 C three nonprofit and we train both. Air service and therapy dogs we go into all kinds of different environments are going to schools in the therapeutic centers and hospitals. And also into places where the things that's been happening in. That have been pretty tough on people so we bring the therapy dogs and a helps out a lot. Hagee takes just had paid more should I mean I just kind of want to hold ten foot lake who witnessed mention his whose service dog to and it's therapy dogs there's a very big difference between ten yes. There are still so he is actually one of art therapy dog we have about 25 therapy dog teams. In her organization. And she has been specifically trained to go visit all I swear I'm listening. A hockey I can over Easter. That she does have all kind of people so young and old all different shapes sizes. And she's figured there to bring comfort and support to Lieberman need. And and is farms once these animals are trained to do. First how long's attorneys. Now that's something that's important right so these two have actually been in training they were eight weeks old because they were both targeted to do this for further her career yet why is. So Jake it's actually and and training to get service dot Celtic yes a custody is alacrity it'll have he's just over year old. Such he will either go to a child with autism I'm or somebody that has. Have hit hi guys. Don't tell my life for kind and alert alert psychiatric service dot. So what we've been doing with him so far is just doing basic obedience and a lot of socialization. He's been treated you know it be okay in environments like bats and be friendly to whoever else cutting -- needs someone like me now what about and so he says no he actually Ella Nancy talk she has had a history of being. A handle or partner and I don't death has not work. Com I think handler with dogs and they see as a therapy dog did I miss my dog and the dog stays with me to using your home yes the and then Michael on assignment where healing house assigned to meet clients. That we visit who can also then. Follow the protocol of the facility that we're visiting and also what they want us achieve some of its purely comfort him and some of it is Zoe let's pay attention except. Connect like yes. And some of it is. What we want to do is therapeutic inner act it means so an example would be with young children as autistic children. Zoe has been learning to play the piano. And you're Spanish. It's a place called the economic playing Powell IRA type chizik she is and and the kids sang along. Oca we roll the die soon and the kids dude jumping jacks and Zooey rolls three they just jumping jacks well and so chili house has a great program that allows us to have the children to be interactive. But it's more motivational wagons with the John. Then opposed to somebody just like myself for cap OK now we'll have a minute left asked why the two do you get involved in the organization does what what what would loses. Personally given to view free. So my background is as I was a dog trainer first comment just was treating basic pet dogs. I'm just saw what an amazing opportunity would have it was to be able to train specific tasks that help people and I absolutely love it would never ever want to do anything else. Something the same story trio well. I had a wonderful professional career for over thirty years and worked with a great company and had the opportunity to retire. But I'd been doing nests on the weekends for many years and so now this allows me to do it. Full time as any multinationals such grief of filming you didn't want to learn more about healing house then mentioned their right here in the DMV area a great organization.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Kathy Benner and Nancy Chesley of Heeling House explain how comfort dogs can give people positive healing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65001654","title":"Comfort dogs bring healing","url":"/Politics/video/comfort-dogs-bring-healing-65001654"}