Community gathers for Rep. Scott Taylor's town hall in Virginia Beach

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports from Kempsville High School where Rep. Scott Taylor addresses the community.
7:25 | 02/21/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Community gathers for Rep. Scott Taylor's town hall in Virginia Beach
Friday evening and Mary Alice parks you're watching ABC news digital I and down in. Virginia it's sort of the southern tip of Virginia and mere act and act. Town hall congressman Scott Taylor a public and a new freshman Republican from this area is holding its how to finally healed quick look at the room. And hope and apartment actually to spot didn't behind me. We're about to get started and it's a mix of people here that I will say it looks to be primarily Democrats a lot of slopes. I mean that parenthood T shirts with science about planning to keep. Obama care there's science of chance you've heard earlier about making sure that immigrants felt safe here but I can't spot in the crowd to meet that we had. A pretty cool he went out I ask my. And you are talking so certain it's easy you're telling me they. Thank east you can just a really diverse areas with folks that didn't necessarily vote. One way or the other. It that you look can help Republicans make you don't like it can really in the exterior here and rightly have a candidate tigers up. I hear the art god. Reading about. Permanently dark and that is. We are already having. We will be high tech. Yeah. Card reading I'm I'm. We feel like. We are cry. Are you. Bob and we. Ten our prices. And let it bother. I'm board. They're going to be having. You're talking money. Yes I'm here in. I'll I didn't. Proud. You're I'm me I I how they get it right I want not surprised if not much in the news when it collapsed. Carpenter. Yeah. And merely an. Indeed it. It appeared to be. We had on her leg. Did anything yeah I. Think I mean again. Out they into it well a lot of people were telling me they're there wrote down there's Ditka. There was a lot of back and forth earlier this week about whether folks never coming to these town hall we're actually from the district's. That the congress and representatives being bused in were they coming as a part of a larger movement and self a lot of people here you'll see are wearing. There's Dick Collins to say that they are real constituents in the area and looking you're. Little sticker that's where you Lynn. OK so mind am on ABC news you're leading some of the chance earlier. We tell me let these signs I guess they're quiet. Conversation. A conversation with the. That would agree wit. Exuberantly. Waved back green's. And you can passing them out I can see this whole round. McCain and what what price records debut I was just talking to a woman. But there really concerns about the kinds of health care really struggling to pay for health care for her family I see a lot of you parents grandparents eastern in this round. What went right back at him. Indian my primary concern. We need and a chance here. And to. Investigation. Into the Russian involvement in them into our election process it that is the very core of the bedrock of art. Did if that we aren't sure about. Sure about it. Consistent so by reason I ask you what let's listen already see you think it might. I'm military and I have the privilege of having my Medicare and my medicines taking yeah that I have time. In my neighborhood we don't have. And they just can't afford to. We need to know that it appears. We kept saying. There's going to be. As everybody. On his. Hey you. And I'm Eric knocking him. With thanks it was worried that the conversation today just being. Disrupting. We hear cheering and chanting are you letting it be at congress since. That's why I was. Wyatt I'm. Conversation. It's just read and agree or agree or disagree and conversation not unlike that we're hearing. Think that would. Congressman. Congressman Taylor has the same job I was twelve years her. Had this new job. I know that he was receptive to armistice. Did everything. Haitian people came into our office. Did you are you Democrat yeah. Did you vote for Hillary Clinton. What do you think I'm month. Let it what do you think you got. The and in the yeah. Like I'm. So they'll make. Okay so it looks like they're back to get started you. Behind really. I'll create a bathroom and remain standing here on this. And the congress and.

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports from Kempsville High School where Rep. Scott Taylor addresses the community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45621767","title":"Community gathers for Rep. Scott Taylor's town hall in Virginia Beach","url":"/Politics/video/community-gathers-rep-scott-taylors-town-hall-virginia-45621767"}