Community partners fight Ohio's opioid epidemic

House of Hope offers treatment to an increasing number of people addicted to opiates, and Hot Chicken Takeover is employing people in recovery.
5:06 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Community partners fight Ohio's opioid epidemic
Central Ohio is ground zero for that OP or an epidemic that has ravaged the country over the past seven years take a look at these numbers simply it historic epidemic of OP you're an addiction and overdose deaths Ohio ranking right up there. Behind West Virginia as the state with the highest OP or death rates in the country nationally. Number since 2000 to 2017. Have skyrocketed up 200%. That there are signs. That we started to turn a corner our producers Janet Weinstein and Allie Smith traveled 22 community organizations here in the greater Columbus area to find out how they are addressing this crisis in finding success in their own web. Two years ago I was couldn't stop using drugs and alcohol as living in a homeless shelter. I was in and out of jail. Cool and couldn't hold down jobs no money no hope no friends. Fairly wanted to. And now. Because of my time here I worked for the house of hope now a mentor sober houses from. It's it's surreal to me still. And we treat the disease of addiction we don't treat drug. Instead of just doing treatment we really embrace recovering. So when when the government relief. The house call at r.s six front bench presidential we have recovery housing that they had there been paid to pay rent. Started with with alcohol. Alcoholics. Over the course of about three years ahead some sports injuries had about four back surgery so I became heavily addicted to opiates that time. This place means the world to me. It'd save my life. What frankly the day that I stepped foot here my wife just they don't want me. In the game was could have been gone home. For a long time I was just so physically dependent on that are could not stop that was my bet on that side. I have seen a lot of friends of course fall into the disease. Over the last couple years specifically had six or seven people that I know very well die quest the last. Two years. Once completed treatment we have an employment specialists here that the gentleman will help with Reza masonry helped get them a job. We work very closely with a lot of agencies the ground Clovis. Hutchison takeovers one of them we are here. To help. People get. So and but a life society. So how to take over Serbs. Nashville style hot chicken. And so it's deliciously fried southern chicken that's enroute with a spicy and apprehend. I'm so we serve that my grandma's recipes for side dishes. A large percentage of our work force our men and women in sums. State of recovery there's a sense of ownership often and an aspiration for what might look like differently and it makes them. Fundamental difference to their. Have members on teams that are looking forward not not. My business so much better right now but I'm mark and I have worked my point. Now working at my home team day. Is is very exciting. I think that's what I want children thought every time had to think that's him. I would give him carcasses which I hope you. And my kids are 98 sentencing that back to back every year had a day. And every year that I had a few fixes. My hope is we'll go. But I with a big incident and I didn't know that out of the visited hill stop giving this ride. How when Alice aren't after that it was like they just. Going downhill. We have a great seeing Martinez like family you know. Michael wherever was Latin swing and hit it right back several. We don't know they don't complain of body not just let me hear I believe this. So many years of horrible amounting statistics it's great to see such an uplifting story early Smith. Was one of the producers are also from western rail Ohio Ellie you talked to so many of those in recovery success stories all this what do they have to say about. Or can be applied nationally. Yet it hit long term it's really up to doctors and the pharmaceutical company is to educate patients. When they get prescriptions for drugs that has opiates and them to know what those risks for addiction are. In the meantime they are in places like house of hope where. Asking for funding from the government from individual donors so that they can get our people and and her country. And I'm so this a cot you can take over. As advocating for other businesses to employ a B is I'm second chance and let opportunities and to get people who are recovering from addiction and street. Back on the job back into new routines healthy living and make is a pretty good fried chicken and irritates of that secondly said it was not that. Thank you so much for your report.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"House of Hope offers treatment to an increasing number of people addicted to opiates, and Hot Chicken Takeover is employing people in recovery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66298632","title":"Community partners fight Ohio's opioid epidemic","url":"/Politics/video/community-partners-fight-ohios-opioid-epidemic-66298632"}