Congress moves bill for first time in 10 years to address climate change

Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., and Rep. Matt Gaetz R-Fla., discuss the nuances of the Paris climate deal.
4:54 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for Congress moves bill for first time in 10 years to address climate change
For the first time in a decade that US congress moved a bill. To address climate change here's speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi on the floor. It's time mr. speaker and denial of due out this. And start listening to the facts this is about science science science. Is that an overwhelming number of an 86% of Americans know that this is a crisis. They know that human behavior has an impact on it and they want us to act. Can't refuse to president from her house you know this it overwhelmingly passed. This was a piece of legislation called the climate action now actor would force the United States to rejoin stay in the Paris accord also forced president trump. To come up with a plan to combat climate change hasn't had no chance of going anywhere in the United States senate controlled by Republicans but it was. What's this symbolic today. And we are seeing a number of those presidential hopefuls are Ari running against president trump. Lay out their own plans are really ambitious goals and they don't work laid out a plan just this week that calls on. The United States to be net zero emissions by twenty safety we're seeing a lot of conversation on the democratic side. I was struck by this one number in a Harvard youth poll of young voters under thirty. Younger voters thought that is in terms of foreign policy fighting climate change was as important as fighting terrorism. And domestically fighting climate change was one of their very top issues. And it's a top issue for a growing number increasing number of Republicans surprise in the us well we're starting to frame this. As a national security issue at least in congress they are sort of plane off this surge of of support among young people between forty crowd I caught up. A little bit earlier with that Abigail spam burger congresswoman democratic congressman of Virginia she's one of the sponsors this legislation. And congressman Matt gets. A Florida he's a Republican who oppose the bill here's a little bit of our conversation. So you're one of the sponsors are of this legislation what does it actually do it is asserting our commitment to news here's president from home without. That's for acts that's tracked and so he took that unilateral action and we are affirming that Wheatley the United States. Should be partners court why is it actually trekked for security is still global changes and national security threat it's been identified as such for many years at this point one just rising seas or is that it's rising sea levels should be issued fitted for the needy former. And for our ports for our ability. After the navy to ensure that we have a past offenses it's also when you look at increased poverty instability that's caused because of unique weather events. Cases of salmon what do you tell people that are really skeptical about the ripple effects of climate change you don't have to believe there is whether or not global climate change has a national security impact when the CIA is telling you it does win the Department of Defense toes telling you that it does. You know I think perhaps we should listen to them. IA didn't come to congress to argue with the thermometer. And as we see global temperatures rising and we see the impacts of climate change on our military on the strategic decisions we have to make it seems. Foolish to deny the obvious signs of climate change see you agree with Democrats that say this is a serious national. Security concern right now. Absolutely Democrats say. This is a symbolic vote. You'll it is a symbolic vote and it won't do anything and also my opposition is rooted in my belief that this is just a bad deal have you staked out any common ground anything you'd think that can get through this congress gets hammered president from to make a difference. While I agree with Alexandria costs you Cortez that we need to improve our elect corporate. I tend to think that we're gonna have to have everybody worked on that together public and private sector she'd use a more public sector approach but we share the goal. Of improving a grid that today leaks dirty energy off of the so we create dirty energy and then plowed on -- the doesn't work also trade Alexandra Costa Cortez mentioned to me. That she agrees that China cannot continue to hollow out the American innovator at no consequence and so getting tough on trade. Might be an area where the far right far left have some agreement. We're here to here in Britain and there may be have a common ground the smallest of small aspects of climate. Climate change policy there from not mad gates of Florida who is pretty far right he was called for the abolishing the EPA but as you heard it shocked me name dropping. Alexander Acosta Cortez are right or of the green new deal twice. I asked him if perhaps as the summit in the works between the two of them he he wouldn't commitment but maybe there is a glimmer of hope that. Actually that theme in this debate forward yet recent a lot of movement from the Republican Party in Florida in particular on this issue. And yet and yet mariners did a separate hurricanes DC rising sea levels. And DDD eight. It'll be interesting if some of those borders diesels coastline state really start to move the conversation.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., and Rep. Matt Gaetz R-Fla., discuss the nuances of the Paris climate deal. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62788626","title":"Congress moves bill for first time in 10 years to address climate change","url":"/Politics/video/congress-moves-bill-time-10-years-address-climate-62788626"}