2 congressmen parachute out of plane in honor of D-Day

Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., and Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., discuss their plane jump and the need for more veterans and bipartisanship in Congress.
4:25 | 06/10/19

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Transcript for 2 congressmen parachute out of plane in honor of D-Day
Finally today. After an extraordinary week commemorating the 75 anniversary of plain out over in France I get a chance to catch up with today with the only two members of congress who jumped out of a plane to gather. As part of those commemoration in festivities over the weekend Jason Crowe democratic Colorado. Michael Waltz off Republican of Florida to veterans. Who told me. They think we need more bipartisanship in congress and veterans. So what was it like congressman crows the second you took the leap out of that plane of that we can was going through your mind. Well you know I I gave us an army paratrooper in the army Eamon you jump out of that plane you count. Count to five and you just wait for that that's shock when the parachute deployed so from the shock came there's always that sign of relief when you know the parachutes there. I had gotten freefall anymore and then you just look out over the fields we saw the same fields and you see the coastline that is our thought about those paratroopers have. Your personal Waltz and this was an extraordinary anniversary an extraordinary show. Solidarity between Americans and the French when you jumped out and were in the air looking out what what really think. So yeah I had the honor of jumping out of one of the original planes that led to 101 airborne. Invasion that the C 47 Dakota. So that in itself was incredible actually used this was indeed actually use it not just used that led it was the point plane the number one plane for the 101 airborne suit just to be in that plane was incredible. To jump out of it of course throw is glad pair chute opened. But then at my immediate thought wise to our forefathers who did it at night. Under fire. Landing in those fields not knowing where everyone was the Germans deliberately flooded some of them so they drowned. Upon landing in just an appreciation for. What they went through and how momentous that task but a walk in their footsteps was incredible rumor has it congressman Waltz you you jumped out with a couple little extra grid goodies in your back we ask that Jackson show and tell back here so it. Of course the helmet that we jumped with vintage world war two and the bag. We had in there. A bottle of French wine. Rap so that it survived this was given to me by the host that our French hosts the night before. We stayed in at 800 year old manner near share forward. And their relatives were there win when the invasion occurred and they are just so grateful to America. And then of course some horse soldier Bergen yeah which is distilled by some retired green berets from the and they that we're and the invasion of Afghanistan. You were to a very rare breed in our congress. Right now to veterans who served you know what it's like to jump out of that plane not a ceremonial occasion I say the more veterans in congress the batter on both sides of the aisle. We are focused on mission. We're focused on our country or focus on finding common ground to get things done. In taking it back to the jump that we just did you know on those planes rolling into. Nobody cared about. Party or race or religion and it was about survival is about accomplishing a mission for American for freedom and that's what we're trying to bring. Back to the table. We have a lot in common as veterans we have we have background we've served our country. You know we we disagree on policy and issues and that's fine U we can have a disagreement we come at this from a different very different perspective that we were sent here to Washington. To try to find common bonds to kind of refine where we can agree that common ground. Where we have traditionally historically used to move forward in and that's what what what what we're doing we're working very hard to try to find that overlap and that area of agreement to work together. I think that the importance of having veterans in congress with some dirt under her fingernails is not necessarily the technical aspects of the military or foreign policy. It's the ethos that we bring. We truly have skin in the game we have lost. Classmates and and Brothers and sisters and arms for this country so we are focused on line gating the mission accomplished. And I think that part frustrates me when people are here for the wrong reasons. Buy it again the more veterans on both sides about the battered. And we salute the 96 veterans that serve in a 116 congress and all who served and have sacrificed.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., and Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., discuss their plane jump and the need for more veterans and bipartisanship in Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63616304","title":"2 congressmen parachute out of plane in honor of D-Day","url":"/Politics/video/congressmen-parachute-plane-honor-day-63616304"}