Consumer advocates support new federal rule on drug ads

Television ads will be required to include drug's list prices, which will allow consumers to comparison shop, experts say.
3:43 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for Consumer advocates support new federal rule on drug ads
And joined now by two consumer advocates in the drug space sleep Purves is a director of health services research for AARP also. German at least say gill of consumer reports an expert. I'm drug price is great to see both ladies thanks for for joining us today we want to start with you. I take it that your organization sees this as good news for consumers how significant do you see this development today. We absolutely do theater in advance them we were backed the part of the administration's proposal and we do see a lot of value. Giving consumers more information barbarian to sit and increasing transparency in the prescription drug phase and we think this is a great step forward. And do you think it all we ever particularly for for older Americans who are subjected to a lot of these TV ads and did you think that this disclosure will. It anyway confuse people when they see those high prices. I think the primary source of confusion all be actually how expensive these products really are. The reality is right now a lot of people have absolutely no idea how expensive are prescription drugs are until they arrive at the pharmacy Connor. And this is going to be incredibly important in terms of informing conversations between patients and their priest drivers. At the point there deciding how much truck to take. Our police say you've got a lot of work with folks in gay giving out tips on how. We should use this information when we go to our doctors what do you suggest to people as they start to learn more about the actual list price of these drugs what we should what which we do with that and that information. Seriously even typically we just consumers to comparison shop. Checking pharmacies in their area making phone calls going online looking out polar discount coupons and like to lower their costs. I have to say for drugs and advertise. They're typically is no generic equivalent and it may not even be other options in that category so this list prices are particularly important people pay attention you. Four out of every ten Americans without health insurance through their top. Actually how high deductible insurance plans and they are paying potentially apple is price or portion outlets price in order to actually get their insurance again so. Our tips really are for wind and many other drugs that are. They other generics or other options caught and it ASCII and asked me to sue if it hit believe they're not asking your position. Hey isn't there a less intimate version of this medication or another alternative but how can that currency with your doctor most people don't think they're doctor. We'll know how much a drug cock. It's always worth asking and checking into any other. That's great advice always worth asking for sure row quickly to you both again Lisa's start with you here I did ask the secretary at the end. There his thoughts about importing drugs from other countries are going to be cheaper where you guys fall that is that is that a good idea should more states be looking. To allow sales from overseas. Shares of the policy arm of consumer reports has actually long. Really supported the idea of Americans be able to import reimport drugs from Canada but it within what we really. Honed in on the idea that the safety of the fighting has either the FDA has not. Really been tasked or resource with this issue mean we would decades really focused under an. With in the ninth date not later coming from other countries so I think that would be a key provision. Before anything like that would be. Helpful or say from people. And the purpose is not something that AARP supports as well. Yet they appear the longtime supporter of the idea every import fees and importation. I'm elect a secretary our primary concern is ensuring the safety and quality of the products that are imported that we want to ensure that the FDA is involved to help make sure that any products that are brought into the country remain faith for the people who are taking them. Partly purpose of AARP and leasing deal with consumer reports really appreciate your time thanks so much for coming in.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Television ads will be required to include drug's list prices, which will allow consumers to comparison shop, experts say.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62916252","title":"Consumer advocates support new federal rule on drug ads","url":"/Politics/video/consumer-advocates-support-federal-rule-drug-ads-62916252"}