COVID-19 in Montana

John Felton of the Yellowstone County Health Office discusses positive cases in the state.
5:01 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 in Montana
One of the big challenges as they were just talking about. In administering this action's gonna getting it out to large swaths of the country including including rural areas and getting people to take fish so joining us now to talk about that John Shelton he's the president and CEO of river stone health in Montana. In Billings were my daughter is currently living so John I'm I'm gonna ask you from your standpoint they're how confident are you at this point about the take is they say about people it. I'm getting the vaccine about being willing to get it an in getting in into the arms of people in Montana what are your concerns. I saw its anatomy I don't think the role it is really important. I think there's a lot of anticipation about acts are really inking art so. I'm anticipating lot of a I think the challenge in in rural America is going to be at the distributions. So much and has not been spoke system. A larger communities will get doses in need you to share them. The region. And that takes a lot of regional clinic. Or Chilean police and our region were pretty good at it but it now. I. States like Montana Wyoming and who really knew guys were originally scared mostly from the corona virus pandemic which recent weeks is that follow the Billings numbers almost every day you've seen. A record numbers of infections and sadly deaths as well so how sedan. Inside the health care system that can you describe first what you're witnessing. People are really tired I think I'm the general population is tired of the iris on your or workers have been working. Really unbelievable hours since the iris a right to Montana. And middle arch. Nor are hospitals somewhat Asian and art history hostile Billings. I'm. Today we are hundreds ordered oh lead in Asia urged in the U adults. The study also honey presence. In the region to press. Did you know out of those and I got boarding when Indian unit and Reuters out. Don't go our our have been working really hard and got a lot of Asians. I think the other thing is you know dead. Your workers aren't entirely spared. The ball head and. Our own stab wound to become Miller are quarantined in exposed. Do you shared doctor shroud she's concerns about this post saying Thanksgiving surge. There I do you think. We've talked about people being tired of them are of the virus even monument Montana ends and others have put themselves at risk. This holiday weekend. Yeah I think we probably saw more armed mark gatherings and Bentsen wouldn't it you seen this year she's concerns. If we believe that history gives us insight into what's wrong. We saw increases after the Memorial Day weekend or holiday. Immediately you. We've really been urging people you enjoy Thanksgiving. And later holidays. In a different way. And your cameras and your friends and try to do it in in very small groups and technology. Our concern is is just reviewed her illness should reeks mixed. Well see. Another big increased. At. And on all these issues on ongoing vaccinations. And on the spread of the virus itself funeral of the country's been going through really. In this divided way haven't what divided along our political and regional cultural lines do you see it there Q do you get a sense that there's. That there's an argument over something that really should have brought us all together. I just keep each other six. I don't think is any doubt any any new denying that this virus be highly politicized. From what I am saying though. Is. We have we have orders and our community related UNC. Percentages. And end the governors issued statewide mandate. The massing amended I've seen it like seen over the last few weeks. It seems are racially that more people are wearing now asks. Are being more cautious about their keeping distance. I think we're we're reaching the it is so widespread. They're pretty much everybody knows somebody who has the virus. By a remembered it. And we are seeing oddly better better compliance. Vaccine looks like it's going to be great. It's gonna tape. He's don't give up on an airport. Gets your. Sure sure well. Thanks very much John Charlton and good luck to the people of river stone how thin dealings. As well all thanks from your image.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"John Felton of the Yellowstone County Health Office discusses positive cases in the state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74468774","title":"COVID-19 in Montana","url":"/Politics/video/covid-19-montana-74468774"}