Creigh Deeds Initial Crime Scene Details Released

Virginia state senator was stabbed multiple times and his son was pronounced dead at the scene.
3:00 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for Creigh Deeds Initial Crime Scene Details Released
Good afternoon. And -- mr. Rendell on the public relations director for the Virginia State Police but today as Sargent Thomas Moammar. Lieutenant Dave Cooper and captain Keith dizzy pragmatic steel division. -- provides you with an update. And -- a tragic circumstances. Surrounding the stabbing a Virginia State senator -- deeds and the death of his son at their bath county residents that occurred early this morning. As you can imagine the investigation is still ongoing. 725 Tuesday Virginia State Police troopers about county sheriff's deputies responded to 911 call -- a residence. -- 26 vineyard drive in the community of Middleboro which is -- -- canning. During the course of the investigation which remains ongoing state police is determined that senator deeds. And his son Austin see -- laws went by gusts -- for years of age. Had an altercation at the deeds residents. -- was stabbed multiple times about the head and upper torso. -- is able to leave the scene on foot. As he was coming down the hill of his residence towards route 42 he encountered a cousin -- lives nearby the cousin was driving along the highway there stopped. Picked up -- -- and drove -- to his residence. Where rescue responded to that residence and attended to the to the senator. Senator -- was then transported by ambulance to a nearby relatives farm. Where a brilliant lifeguard twelve which is -- rock -- county was able to land and then transport the injured senator. City university of Virginia medical center in Charlottesville for treatment. The senator is still at the hospital this time just received an update about -- Forty minutes ago he is listed in fair condition. His son gusties was found inside the residence. Suffering from life threatening injuries associated with -- a gunshot wound. Despite the troopers and first responders efforts he did -- the scene. His remains were transported. Later today to the office of the medical examiner in Roanoke for autopsy and examination. Investigations. Is still ongoing was still have investigators at the scene the residents there about canning. They remain there for a couple more hours as they continued push forward with this investigation. Obviously the the motive and they in absolute circumstances surrounding what led up to the altercation is still very much the focus of this investigation. And will continue with the assistance of the -- county sheriff's office. I also like to mention the dean's family is asked us to pass along. -- request to honor their privacy during this difficult time. They do not want any contacted by any immediate as you can imagine. They're having to deal with a great -- got a lot to deal with right now and we ask that you do abide by the family's request. But this time -- we'll take some questions. An exam to AMP tell us whether he's been -- me. One. As as a so we're still piecing together the exact. Where at this time we're still piecing together the exact circumstances that led up to the altercation and then followed afterwards. But based on the evidence we have right now we are looking into this as an attempted murder and suicide. Now this is not. An absolute determination because it's still very much ongoing investigation but we are looking at that at this point. Yeah. Evaluation Indiana on Monday. -- -- -- When he is you probably -- state law actually prohibits any kind of confirmation or denial of the CBO or any kind of mental health issues in Virginia so we can neither confirm nor deny this time. -- -- And no way weapon has been now recovered at the scene but we're not releasing what -- at this point. Granted them. I -- honestly I don't know I haven't had chance to touch base with the sheriff who probably -- received a 911 calls. If you dial 911. It goes directly to the sheriff's office suit did receiving initial 911 call. About this incident and -- name they requested our response to the scene. So I don't know if they've been. Called -- that residents before not. -- -- Yes -- yet the upper upper upper torso I can't get any more specifics about the injuries due to hit and -- we're not coming on that exact sequence -- again -- still just a matter -- and this and we're still piecing together the exact sequence of events and and will hopefully have not. More information later on as we're able to piece together that evidence. I know this morning it was able to talk with our with our investigators I was able -- you know provide some statements and so forth but anything else I just don't know. -- -- Actually haven't tried to piece that together -- -- in -- as you can imagine our investigators there are busy at this point so I haven't been able to not contact them and and so forth but they're looking into it they have that information but I just don't have in mind right now to release him. No there was no one NFL's in the residents at the time of the altercation this. Now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now state -- actually prohibits us from acknowledging any kind of emergency. A detention order or temporary detention order prohibits us it's considered a confidential and therefore we can either confirm or deny. I've no idea that's it. -- On -- I don't know if it was or not be from what I understand I've talked to our first sergeant folks at the scene. The residents is roughly 75 yards. Kelly crow flies so to speak. From route 42 you can't really see the residents. From the roadway so it is it is -- again it's a hill he came down -- hill. And that's -- you it was spotted by the cousin who lives in a nearby -- nine. I don't know how that information we would -- -- anyway saffron. Could be negatively. Yes there. -- -- -- Those -- the very same questions that our investigators are looking into and trying to piece together based on the evidence they're collecting today at the same. -- I just. I just forgot to ask the investigators for the most part -- without a lot of information and trying to piece together today. To provide you the latest information in and really the concentration is up. Piecing together what happened here so. I just actually don't have that information. -- home. Where. I don't know I haven't been to the hospital I don't know what kind of conversations that if that is taking place between him and his family -- Or our investigators and so forth -- not been privy to those conversations have been previously. I I think I -- -- a few minutes ago I don't know that's something that you may have to contact the sheriff's office about. I don't know -- That is that is his -- senator -- to residents. And and he -- there with his wife at his current wife and his son -- So -- -- here for us. He went down the road because it came along they went together. Now they went to cousins house. Yes then -- -- the cousin's house and that's where rescue responded. Facilities and only only son. Season and her life. Although -- and get them there rent rent. Correct yes the senator -- his current wife and their son Gus. Presided at that residents 26 vineyard drive in Middleborough but at the time of the altercation only senator deeds in his son -- the residents. It's still an ongoing investigation we're willing. Looking -- citizen and -- leaning towards it being an attempted murder suicide. But at this time you know it's not countries' resolve a lot of questions and waiting for a lot of evidence to come back. From the Latin of course we're still awaiting autopsy and examination from the -- medical Examiner's office. -- you identify a firearm use. Whether or not long. We have recovered a firearm but we're not releasing the caliber either make or model of -- weapon at this time. -- -- No we're not coming -- that either. We're looking into a lot of different possibilities Emily not gonna get any more specifics about motive for the circumstances strains can take a couple more questions. 124. I'm sorry -- four years old and senator deeds is 55. That's all still being determined as well basically and there's a lot of forensic evidence -- -- collected from the scene ballistics evidence that has to be analyzed and tested to the state lab. There's still a lot of work to be done to make exactly timeline -- of when and how things actually hurt -- Word we're just not we're not getting into that specific details this time I'll take one more question. Know what I was an out of this -- We're not coming exactly where the altercation took place -- -- saying it happened at the residence. -- weapon has been recovered a firearm has been recovered. We're not -- where's the where the sun but -- where the guns. Gunshot one good thing. Or it's. What if that isn't right it's. We're not gonna comment on -- so I guess if we have any of -- island and that's our standing in. I don't know I'll -- -- -- that Korea. Yes yes so -- think you guys if we -- more updates wolf we'll provide I don't know if we're gonna have another press briefing for say at this point it's. A lot of analysis sassy place they spent most today collecting evidence obviously -- -- to the next phase. The agents will be finishing up at the scene out there. So I don't know for actually do another press briefing today they'll they'd probably updating you by email got a pretty much everybody's email and -- south. Thank you guys appreciating.

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{"id":20941879,"title":"Creigh Deeds Initial Crime Scene Details Released","duration":"3:00","description":"Virginia state senator was stabbed multiple times and his son was pronounced dead at the scene. ","url":"/Politics/video/creigh-deeds-initial-crime-scene-details-released-20941879","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}