DACA recipients get reprieve

ABC’s Devin Dwyer reports on the Supreme Court’s decision to block the Trump administration’s effort to overturn the deferred action program for young immigrants.
7:06 | 06/19/20

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Transcript for DACA recipients get reprieve
It has been a long time coming today's Supreme Court ruling is one that 650000. So called dreamers have been waiting for. And will not soon forget at least for the immediate future. They will be able to stay in some cases in the only country they've ever known winning service doctors and teachers your neighbors and friends. Many who've been quietly living in fear. This morning the Supreme Court ruled the trump administration can not immediately and the deferred action for the childhood rivals program President Obama created by executive order. Our Devin Dwyer has been at the Supreme Court all day and has more on that ruling which immediately impacts so many lives. At the Supreme Court today a victory for the dreamers. We hear this thing I'm not gonna continue to fight terror complement. Hundreds of thousands of young immigrants in this country given an infusion of hope. Yeah. What is taught Jimmy isn't Donald Trump did not think the process moved into the program and in any event in the use movement of mimicking M people of united we dream is stronger and ready to take on other talented. Chief Justice John Roberts with the court's four liberals delivering a political earthquake. Rejecting president trumps 2017 rationale for ending daka as arbitrary and capricious in violation of federal law. It's not administration lacks the power antique is action is it that the process that he used to do so was fatally flawed. Justice Roberts writing we do not decide whether darker or its rescission are sound policies. But saint a reasoned explanation as required adding here the agency failed. President Obama created docket in 2012. To extend home. Permits him protection from deportation. To more than 700000. Undocumented immigrants crux of the US these children. There are Americans and their heart. In their minds. In every single way but want. On paper. Four years later president trump vowed to terminate the program a decision announced in 2017. But then attorney general Jeff Sessions. Such an open ended circumvent tin of immigration laws. Was an unconstitutional. Exercise. Of authority by the executive branch. But the Supreme Court today by a vote of five to four Sid the administration failed to consider the conspicuous issues of hardship by Darko recipients but those serving in the US military and studying in school. Soccer recipient Chris year Rivera is a fourth year med student at brown. Today's decision is. Completely monumental. This decision means I will be able to play residency programs. And hopefully as you may do it becoming a surgeon. In dissent justice Clarence Thomas said the court was making a huge mistake. Party to trumpet administration rescinded daka the same way the Obama administration created it unilaterally into a mere memorandum. Adding this solution respond in seek must come from the legislative branch. Was always meant to be a temporary solution. Kind of lasting protection for dreamers really would require legislation the administration and the dissenting justices basically said this is something that that it trump administration how the power to do. Congress is tried and failed more than a dozen times to an act protections for dreamers. That despite strong public support for Dhaka and legal status for young immigrants president trump who once said he had great heart for dreamers today blasting the supreme court for horrible and politically charged opinion. In vowing to try again at Indian Dhaka spreading now we have to start this process all over again. Are you worried that he may try to end the program to gamblers. This we know that this is a temporary victory it's a victory but temporary everyone can vote needs to Columbus Obama to into the dome on time doesn't get to make that decision of picking doc again again. Presumptive democratic nominee Joseph Biden today. Pledging to immediately work to make protections for dreamers permanent but sending the bill to congress on day one if he wins the White House. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer telling dreamers at the court he wants them to have citizenship. Telling us he is a simple message for the president. Lay off adopted kids and their families America wants them protected. The Supreme Court wants them protected just lay off. For now a sigh of relief after a tense years long legal battle squarely at nine that I wanted to see in order for deportation and now I am sad. Dreamers in every corner of America determined to raise their voices. People don't realize that our entire lot it's our middle on this program. We don't know any other country. It's been happening in more here during this damning that we. On your workers so we aren't teaching this that we aren't editorials. Still we are finally. A victory Nazis for them but for their families. We've disclose a lot of information about her family's and. Is this buys mounting for us tonight this by includes them now a political fight with high stakes in the November election. Country hasn't. Gotten anywhere near solving its immigration problem this is just another band Dade. Tom Waits is nice for the moment but it it's not enough. And Devin Dwyer joins us now live from the court scene like out there today and wouldn't even hearing from dreamers about the path forward. Lindsay no question a celebratory mood out here earlier today big crowd I've dreamers this was a huge shot of confidence in the arm for these kids there's been. So much anxiety over the past few months while they waited for this decision to come down. And so many dreamers told me today that this fight is not over they are now taking it to congress in fact across the street. They talked about the promises they have heard over the years from members of both parties about fixing this solution they are tired of the lip service they say. And there's a good sense of hope while one for him or even telling me if in fact Donald Trump were to win. A second term they are still hopeful. The debt situation just getting past this election will create some space. For these parties to come back to the table and finally do something about their status and DeVon in practical terms what does this decision really mean for those nearly 650000. Doctor recipients and their families. Yet Neitzel all of those people that have registered with the government cleared background checks paid the 495. Dollar fee for two year permit. How will retain that status they will be able to we have without the fear the immediate fear of deportation and that as we've heard today was very good news. It also means thousands of these kids will be able to continue but colleges and universities many of them in graduate programs 8800. Rather. Are dreamers serve in the united states military some of them in harm's way and of course. 27008. As you said at the top are currently working in hospitals right now helping to fight. The Covert nineteen pandemic they will stay in place as well the bottom line Lindsay. Is that all of those kids with status can renew that status that renewal program will continue. And that's very good news for them twenty Devin Dwyer outside of the Supreme Court thanks so much for your reporting is always DeVon.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"ABC’s Devin Dwyer reports on the Supreme Court’s decision to block the Trump administration’s effort to overturn the deferred action program for young immigrants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71335472","title":"DACA recipients get reprieve","url":"/Politics/video/daca-recipients-reprieve-71335472"}