David Holmes describes call between Amb. Sondland and President Trump

Holmes gave details of the July 26 call in his opening statement during the House impeachment hearings.
4:35 | 11/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for David Holmes describes call between Amb. Sondland and President Trump
When the meeting ended the two staffers and I accompanied ambassador song went out of the presidential administration building master solemn that it said that he wanna go to lunch tonight. Told a master Simon and I'd be happy to join him and the two staffers for lunch if you wanted to brief me out on his meeting with mr. your Mac or discuss other issues. Ambassador silence at that I should join. The four of us went to a nearby restaurant and sat on an outdoor terrace. I sent directly across from master Simon and the two staffers sat off to our sites. At first the lunch was largely social ambassador song and selected a bottle of wine that he shared among the four us. And we discussed topics such as marketing strategies for his hotel business. During the luncheon master Simon said he was gonna call president trump to give an update. Messer solemn place to call on his mobile phone I heard announce himself several times along the lines of court and Simon holding for the president. It appeared to be he was being transferred through several layers of switch ports and assistance. And I then noticed a master silence demeanor changed. And I understood that heaping connected to present trial. Well master silence stone was not on speaker phone I could hear the president's voice through with the ear piece of the phone. The president's voice was loud and recognizable. And a bass or someone held the phone away from his ear for a period of time presumably because the loud volume. I heard ambassador song and greet the president and explaining was calling from Steve I heard president trump and clarify that a bass or someone was in Ukraine. Massa Siler replied yes he was in Ukraine and went on to state the president's a Lansky quote love address. I dinner president trump asks so is gonna do the investigation. Master Simon replied that he's gonna do it adding the president is a lens he will do anything asked him to do. Even though I did not taking notes of these statements I had a clear recollection that these statements were made. I believe the my colleagues receive a table also knew that ambassador Simon was speaking with the president. The conversation then shifted to ambassador Simons efforts on behalf of the president to assist a rapper who was jailed in Sweden. And I can only hear masters on one side of the conversation. Master solid told the president that the rapper was quote kind of efforts there. And should have pled guilty. He recommended that the president's quote wait until after the sentencing oral Lee make it worse. And he added the president should just let him get sentenced play the racism card and give him a ticker tape when he comes home. Bass are silent further told the president that Sweden quote. Should have released him on your word but that you can tell the Kardashians are track. After the call ended a master Simon remarks that the president was in a bad news as ambassador Simon stated it was often the case early in the morning. I then took the opportunity to ask ambassador Simon for his candid impression of the president's views on Ukraine. In particular I asked ambassadors on line if it was true that the president did not give a expletive about Ukraine. Bass or Simon agreed that the president did not give an expletive about Ukraine. Asked why not the bass Osama stated of the president only cares about big stuff. I noted there was big stuff going on loot in Ukraine like a war with Russia. Ambassador Simon replied that he meant big stuff the benefits the president like to bide an investigation to mr. Giuliani was pushing. The conversation and moved on to other topics. Upon returning the embassy I immediately briefed my direct supervisor at the deputy chief of mission about ambassador Simon's call with president trump. My subsequent conversation with a bass or sop. I told others at the embassy about the call as well. I also emailed an embassy officials sweetened regarding the issue with US wrapper that was discussed on the call. July 26 was my last in the office and about the long planned vacation that ended on August 6. After returning the embassy I told a master tailor about the July 26 call. I also repeated repeatedly referred to the call from the conversation with a mass or someone. In meetings and conversations. Where the issue of the president's interest in Ukraine was potentially relevant. At that time. And bass or solemn statement of the president as statement of the president's lack of interest in Ukraine was a particular focus. We understood that in order to secure a meeting between president trump and presents a Lansky. It would have to work hard to find a way to explain Ukraine's importance to president trump in terms that you found compel.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Holmes gave details of the July 26 call in his opening statement during the House impeachment hearings. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67198387","title":"David Holmes describes call between Amb. Sondland and President Trump","url":"/Politics/video/david-holmes-describes-call-amb-sondland-president-trump-67198387"}