This day in history: Jan. 23, 1998

New details emerge about the relationship between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
3:07 | 01/21/19

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Transcript for This day in history: Jan. 23, 1998
Good evening the White House crisis pretty much dominates the news again tonight the president's crisis team has spent the day trying to figure out the best way for him. To defend himself against charges of illicit sex and cover up throughout the country people are sad or angry. Frustrated fed up. There's enormous pressure on mr. Clinton to explain himself. Today someone with specific knowledge of what it is that Monica Lewinsky says really took place between her and the president. Has been talking to ABC's Jackie Judd. The source says Monica Lewinsky claims she would visit the White House for sex with mr. Clinton. In their early evening or early mornings on the weekends when certain aides who would find her presence disturbing were not at the office. According to the source Lewinsky says she saved apparently is a kind of souvenir. A navy blue dress with the president's semen stain on it if true this could provide physical evidence of what really happened. And what was Lewinsky told to say about the affair after receiving a subpoena from lawyers for Paula Jones. Our source says Lewinsky claimed that while President Clinton and Vernon Jordan never used the word lie. They did say to deny the affair because there would never be any proof if both parties denied it. When Lewinsky asked what happens if there is evidence of an affair she allegedly was told to just say it's not you. ABC news has obtained documents which confirm that Lewinsky made efforts to stay in contact with the president after she left the White House. These are bills from a courier service which Lewinsky used at least seven times between October the seventh and December the eighth. For deliveries former pentagon office to the White House. The packages were sent to the southwest gate with a contact number for Betty Currie the president's personal secretary. One source tells ABC news the packages contained love letters. Another package sent to Vernon Jordan's law firm we are told contained a list of jobs that Lewinsky would be interested in. Jordan yesterday admitted he tried to help her find work. Lewinsky we are told remains here inside her Washington apartment her attorney William Ginsburg today accused investigators. From independent counsel Ken Starr's office of putting the squeeze on Lewinsky to win her cooperation. After he had the the wire material. He lured. Miss Lewinsky to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Pentagon City. And with the help of four or five FBI agents and three or four US attorney's managed to detain her although she was technically free to go. 48 or nine hours without an attorney. Starr's office denies any wrongdoing but more importantly both sides now seem ready to move on. We've learned Peter that tomorrow starring Ginsburg will meet about cutting a deal. And getting Monica Lewinsky to cooperate in this criminal investigation.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"New details emerge about the relationship between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60526494","title":"This day in history: Jan. 23, 1998","url":"/Politics/video/day-history-jan-23-1998-60526494"}