Dem congressional candidate Harley Rouda speaks with ABC News on primary day

Harley Rouda is a Democrat running for Congress in California's 48th Congressional District
3:18 | 06/06/18

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Transcript for Dem congressional candidate Harley Rouda speaks with ABC News on primary day
Thanks again asked my pleasure. So we're in Orange County grade what in the world makes Democrats think that they could flip a seat in this traditionally Republican on claims for a lot of. Reasons one changing dynamics that we've seen a lot of Republican registrations are going down Democrats coming out. In PP or no party preference coming up as well. If they shipped in Republican Party with Donald Trump's leadership taking the Republican Party way too far right for the people in this district. A lot of attention on how many Democrats are in this race and some intra party fighting you received the backing from some national. Democratic Party folks in DC but one of your. Opponents of his primary race received the locals to eight. Endorsement he does you should drop tell when he won that endorsement are you gonna be a spoiler tonight. I just the opposite we have every faction of the Democratic Party behind us we have as you pointed out red to blue by the teacher policy. Indivisible one of the country's largest grassroots organizations and this is the only campaign in the country that's the backing of both. We have Syria or suvs here caught behind us we have the entire democratic congressional delegation we have three times as many labor endorsements in the other fifteen candidates combined. If anybody should dropped out should've been a guy who had 24 delegates that he should be. The CDP. Nominee. What does it say about a Democratic Party they can't decide who their one candidate in. I think that's the beauty of democracy right people can run for office so we have sixteen people who believe they can make a difference we get eight Democrats six Republicans. One libertarian in one independent on the ballot ultimately the voter gets to decide if that's what should be. What is your first to move if you make it to the general election are you running. Tennis center to try to win some independent voters or is it still a get out the vote to try and bring new Democrats out in Orange County. Yeah for me it's always been running for the greater good. And I would like to see all voter stop focusing on whether to Democrat or Republican it focus on the candidate it and if their values match up with your values support him. Vote for forget the labels. One big topic of conversation here in California. Nancy Pelosi break your thoughts on her you to back her first speaker if Democrats are to flip the house in November. Yeah I did ask that question a lot and the reality is I've got one mission right now and that's to defeat dean a war barker. In November and then make it to congress figure out where my office says and then we'll go from there. That the political and and I love the build Dodds that's when he ready to go as a writer and after. Thank you really did happen every single day between November. And honestly I do. He what you like her but I would tell you also there's a lot of people like here and the reality is I do need time to 21 defeat or barker in to get there in make a proper decision based on all the facts is certainly am not a position to make any decision right now. And what are you gonna say to voters if in fact a Democrat does not make it on the ballot. It November. That we worked as hard as we could we ran a clean campaign and we should all be very proud of how we conduct ourselves is there frustration about the possibility. I think some people are frustrated king's I feel very confident we're going to have the second seed were Bok will probably be number one vote getters its use incumbent for thirty years. And I'm confident will be number two. Well thank you for it and as they can't take the opportunity.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Harley Rouda is a Democrat running for Congress in California's 48th Congressional District","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55677050","title":"Dem congressional candidate Harley Rouda speaks with ABC News on primary day","url":"/Politics/video/dem-congressional-candidate-harley-rouda-speaks-abc-news-55677050"}